Yogas Special Combinations


We have seen in previous chapters the use of divisional charts, houses, karakas, arudha padas, aspects and argalas. Using all these tools, we can interpret charts and draw various conclusions about a native’s fortune.

In addition to these general guidelines, there are several specific combinations that give specific results. These are very important and called “Yogas”. Readers are advised to refer to classics such as “Brihat Parasara Hora Sastram” and acquaint themselves with as many yogas as possible. Dr. B.V. Raman’s “Three Hundred Important Combinations” is an excellent compendium on yogas.

Some software programs list the yogas present in a chart. However, they are sometimes erroneous and one should be familiar with important yogas and be able to judge yogas by oneself, without relying on software. Many yogas are applicable in divisional charts. When we use yogas in divisional charts, we should interpret the results ascribed to a yoga based on the matters signified by the divisional chart.

A few key yogas will be listed in this chapter, but the reader is urged to do more reading. In this book, yogas are divided into the following classes for convenience:

· Ravi Yogas (solar combinations)
· Chandra Yogas (lunar combinations)
· Mahaapurusha Yogas (combinations producing 5 kinds of great men)
· Naabhasa Yogas (classified celestial combinations)
· Other Popular Yogas
· Raaja Yogas (combinations giving power)
· Raaja Sambandha Yogas (combinations for association with kings)
· Dhana Yogas (combinations giving wealth)
· Daridra Yogas (combinations giving poverty)

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