Yogas In Birth Chart On 29th May 2009

Garuda "Heavenly Eagle" Yoga

The navamsa lord of the Moon is exalted and birth is during the day in the Shukla Paksha.
"One has the respect of his equals, is fair in speech, strong and feared by enemies, and will be endangered by poisoning at 34."

Garuda is the heavenly eagle that is the vehicle of Vishnu. Garuda is the enemy of serpents and fights them at every opportunity; therefore, life is threatened by poison. Shukla Paksha is the bright half of the month when the Moon is waxing.

Kahala "large drum" Yoga

The lords of the 4th and the 9th in angles to each other, and the lagna lord strong.
"One will be learned, of high moral training, energetic, adventurous, handsome, charming, well-balanced, obedient, having the best pleasures of life, lording over a few villages, and endowed with a complete army consisting of chariots, elephants, horses, and infantry."

This good placement of the 4th lord in reference to the 9th lord in the first version of this yoga indicates a happy native who feels that their life has purpose and who is, therefore, energetic and inspired.

Kalanidhi "treasure of 16" Yoga

Jupiter in the 2nd or 5th, joined with or aspected by Mercury or Venus, or in a rasi owned by Mercury or Venus.
"One will be virtuous, honored by the kings, bereft of diseases, exempt from dangers and foes, happy, wealthy, and learned. The native's retinue will consist of an army, horses, strong elephants, conch, drum and other instruments of martial music."

The name of this yoga is interesting as the prime constituent of this yoga, Jupiter, has 16 bright and beautiful moons.

Sankha "conch shell" Yoga

The 5th and 6th lords in mutual angles, and the lagna lord strong.
"One will be endowed with wealth, spouse, sons, and land. Having a life of enjoyment, one is also kindly disposed, compassionate, propitious, intelligent, meritorious, beneficent, and long-lived. One has knowledge of the sacred scriptures, is well conducted, and may live one year after the tale of eighty is completed. One has the authority to discipline or to punish."

The Sankha Yoga formed by the first condition of the 5th and 6th lords in mutual angles supports self-employment or authority and rids the native of performing service. It also indicates a healer or doctor very capable of removing disease in the event that other factors in the horoscope indicate a healer.

Chandra "Moon" Yoga
The 10th lord in an angle, trine, or 2nd from the Moon.
"One becomes a king having special kinds of gems, diamonds and jewels."

This common yoga indicates the importance of the relationship between one's mind and one's karmas. The 10th lord in an angle, trine, or in the 2nd from the Moon indicates harmony between one's mind and karmas. The native's actions will correspond with their mentality and they will be more comfortable with their works. On the other hand, the 10th lord not in these places indicates a lack of harmony, or conflict in the case of the 10th lord being in the 6th or 8th from the Moon, between one's mind and karmas. In this case the natives actions don't necessarily correspond to their mentality, and they don't feel as comfortable with their works. This yoga, by itself, is not a very powerful success producer but it does exert an important influence upon the native's relationship to not only their career, but to all the deeds they are required to perform.

Asubha "inauspicious" Yoga

A malefic in the lagna.
"One will be sensuous, will do sinful acts, and will swallow others' wealth."

A malefic in the lagna indicates immediate difficulties and suffering, as well as harm to the body and health. The houses the planet rules indicate those things that directly harm or hamper the desires, physical well-being and confidence of the native right from birth. Any yogas that the malefic may form create stress and difficulty to the native and harm their health. Even if the malefic is forming a yoga for success, it will still harm and stress the native himself.

Kartari "scissors" Yoga

Planets other than the luminaries, or nodes, in the 2nd and 12th from the lagna.
This yoga is said to give similar effects as the Solar Yoga, Ubhayachari Yoga. The important point about this yoga is that planets in the 2nd and 12th are closer to the lagna and therefore give more significant effects. Any yogas that these planets in the 2nd and 12th form are more powerful and significant. Malefics forming Kartari Yoga will give stress and difficulties along with their yoga effects, while benefics forming this yoga give ease and happiness along with their yoga effects. The planet in the 12th is a source of expense, whether for happiness or for overcoming difficulties, depending upon the planet being a benefic or malefic. The planet in the 2nd is something that is close to the native, causing happiness or unhappiness, depending upon the planet being a benefic or malefic. An important point emerges from this yoga, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, or Saturn forming yogas in the 2nd or 12th indicate more significant yoga effects; just like planets in the 2nd or 12th from the Sun or the Moon.

Budha Aditya "Mercury/Sun" Yoga

Mercury conjunct the Sun.
"One is highly intelligent, skillful, of good reputation, personal respect and surrounded by comforts and happiness."

This is a simple and common yet important yoga. The house that the Sun and Mercury both fall in will be an area where the native will make progress through their skill, intelligence, productivity, and practicality. If Mercury is combust this yoga will still indicate skill, intelligence, etc., however, the results of a combust planet's avastha, Kopa- angry, will cause frustration to the house these planets fall in as well as to the houses that Mercury rules, so the happiness will be marred.


Vosi Yoga

A planet, not including the Moon, Rahu or Ketu, in the 12th from the Sun.
"One born with Vosi Yoga will be skillful, charitable, of excellent speech, looking towards the sides, employed, equal to a king, and genuine. He is endowed with fame, learning, strength, and a good memory. He will have a strong physique around the waist. Malefics forming this yoga will give contrary effects."

Planets forming Vosi Yoga rise before the Sun; therefore, these planets are those with which the native initiates the experiences in their life. These are potentially the most activating and initializing planets in the horoscope. The traits of these planets will be very noticeable in the native upon first impression.
Generally benefics forming Vosi Yoga are favored. Classical texts give very different results to benefics vs. malefics forming Vosi Yoga:

"One born in a Suvosi Yoga (Vosi Yoga formed by benefics) will be liberal, blessed with all kinds of comforts, wealth, and happiness, a favorite of the sovereign, liked by all, exceedingly prosperous, and famous."

Benefics forming Vosi Yoga indicate that the native initiates their life in a well to do fashion, which includes kindness, fairness, balance, etc. The first impression of the native will be a good one in accordance with the nature of the benefic. Benefics forming Vosi Yoga, which are debilitated in the rasi or the navamsa, will, however, indicate problematic and imbalanced character qualities in accordance with the nature of the benefic, which reduce the native's capacity to initiate the things they want in their lives. Any other yogas these debilitated planets are taking part in will, however, still become more powerful due to their taking part in the Solar Yoga.

"One born in an Asubhavosi Yoga (Vosi Yoga formed by malefics) will be deceitful, sinful, laborious, disabled, defective limbed, always feeling sleepy, lazy and weary. A friend of the wicked, and of unrighteous conduct, he will abuse others. He will, however, quote sastras and scriptures."

Malefics forming Vosi Yoga indicate that the native initiates their life in a more difficult fashion, which includes reckless or imbalanced behaviors, willfulness, selfishness, competitiveness, etc. The first impression of the native will reveal some difficult aspects of their personality in accordance with the nature of the malefic. Malefics forming Vosi Yoga indicate greater hardships in initiating life's experiences than do benefics, however, they also become more productive, so any other good yogas they are forming become more powerful and success producing.
Saravali gives different results for the different planets that may be forming Vosi Yoga, but the important point is that the qualities of the planets forming Vosi Yoga become significant and active:

Mars"The subject will be victorious in war, famous, and will live with his own fortunes."

Mars forming Vosi Yoga by being in the 12th from the Sun indicates a native who initiates life through their will and strength. Courage, strong opinions, logic, willfulness, and possible recklessness are noticeable upon first impression. If Mars is afflicted by being combust, or influenced by Saturn or Rahu, there can be a tendency towards pushiness, forcefulness and demanding tendencies.

Venus"The person will be valorous, famous, virtuous and reputed."

Venus forming Vosi Yoga by being in the 12th from the Sun indicates that the native evaluates the situations in life before proceeding. Diplomacy, grace, charm, respect and care are noticeable upon first impression.

Anapha Yoga

A planet, other than the Sun, Rahu or Ketu, in the 12th from the Moon.
"One born in Anapha Yoga will be a king, a man of influence and authority, well dressed, virtuous, famous, strong, magnanimous, charming, good natured, healthy, blessed with material comforts, and happy. One is calm in disposition, enjoying pleasures of the senses and peace of mind. One will have political wisdom, moral training, know many sastras, be steadfast, honored, and have enormous wealth. He will possess a beautiful body and be capable of attracting the fairer sex."

Planets in the 12th from the Moon indicate the conditioning and attitude with which the native meets life's experiences. Unlike the similar Solar Yogas, classical texts give generally good effects to benefics or malefics forming Anapha Yoga and the other similar Lunar Yogas; they do however give different effects due to the different planets forming Anapha Yoga:

Mercury"One will be capable of discoursing cleverly on music and drawing, be an expert in singing, dancing and writing, learned, eloquent, handsome, of great renown, performing famous deeds, and held in veneration by kings."

Mercury forming Anapha Yoga by being in the 12th from the Moon indicates that the native's consciousness is conditioned through the assimilation of what they have learned, while remaining open to that which they have not learned. They appreciate information, and realize that all information and all ideas have some merit that can be benefited from in the proper place and time. They are, therefore, not attached to their opinions or ideas, and always remain flexible in the light of further information and knowledge. The houses, planets, etc. that Mercury rules will indicate those things and people that that native has learned from.

Sunapha Yoga

A planet, other than the Sun, Rahu or Ketu, in the 2nd from the Moon.
"One with Sunapha Yoga will be a king or equal to a king, renowned for his wisdom and wealth, peacefully disposed, endowed with intelligence, the knowledge of sastras, fame, virtue, self-earned wealth and property."

Planets in the 2nd from the Moon ground and focus the thoughts and contemplations that are stimulated by the native's experiences. These planets indicate how the native feels and reacts to the circumstances and experiences of their life. Classical texts give different effects for the different planets forming Sunapha Yoga:

Jupiter"One excels in every branch of knowledge, is prosperous, has a good family, gets into the good graces of his sovereign and becomes lordly and famous."

Jupiter forming Sunapha Yoga by being in the 2nd from the Moon indicates that the native finds faith and meaning in life's experiences, which conditions their consciousness to react with optimism and happiness. The houses, planets, etc. that Jupiter rules will indicate those things and people through which the native finds faith and a belief system that gives purpose to their lives.

Durudhara Yoga

Planets, other than the Sun, Rahu or Ketu, in the 2nd and 12th from the Moon.
"One born in Durudhara Yoga will enjoy luxuries and freedom, be charitable, of good behavior, endowed with wealth, conveyances, cattle, horses, and excellent servants. He will enjoy various pleasures arising from the possession of produced articles. Taking freely to the joys of life as they crop up the native is bountiful and in a state of bewilderment. He is an excellent speaker, liberal, virtuous, valorous, wise, fond of battles and may become an army chief. He will be a king and will sacrifice his possessions. He will come to grief by maintaining his family members."

Durudhara Yoga is simply a combination of Anapha and Sunapha Yogas. The principles of Anapha and Sunapha Yoga should be applied towards understanding the influences of Durudhara Yoga. Classical texts give different results for the different planets being on each side of the Moon and forming Durudhara Yoga; the effects of two planets being on each side of the Moon are somewhat similar to the planets being conjunct:

Mercury and Jupiter"One will be wealthy, virtuous, famous, learned in sastras, eloquent, poetic, facile in composition, associated with good men, and capable of making sacrifices."

The effects of Anapha, Sunapha, and Durudhara Yogas are less if the Moon is weak by having less than 20 virupas of paksha bala. This occurs when the Moon is within a 60-degree orb of the Sun. In this event, the Moon has little light. The light of the Moon indicates the receptive ability of the Moon; when it is less the Moon gains less from the planets forming the Anapha, Sunapha or Durudhara Yoga.

If a planet forming one of Anapha, Sunapha, or Durudhara Yoga is combust, then that planet no longer purely influences the Moon. A combust planet becomes angry, and has a sense of failure. These tendencies will then influence the Moon and the mind will, therefore, be prone to anger, frustration and weakness relative to the combust planet.

Sama "mediocre" Yoga

The Moon in a panaphara (2nd, 5th, 8th or 11th house) from the Sun.
The native's wealth, intelligence, knowledge, and skill shall be middling.
These are important yogas that must be used correctly or else they will be misleading. A casual observation of only a few horoscopes will reveal that there are wealthy, intelligent, and knowledgeable personages with the Moon in an angle from the Sun, and those of lesser abilities and wealth born with the Moon in an apoklima from the Sun. These yogas obviously, therefore, do not impose a restriction upon the native's wealth or intelligence. The Moon gives growth of all things and the light of the Moon is dependent upon the Sun, therefore, the growth and realization of any productive yoga, whether one that grants success, wealth, marriage, children, or anything else, is dependent upon the Moon's placement from the Sun, which indicates the level of preparedness with which the native meets the fructification of a productive yoga. These three yogas are not meant to indicate the full measure of the native's wealth, intelligence and skill, but only to indicate the measure of wealth, intelligence and skill the native has upon the initiation of a productive yoga with which to bring the results of the yoga to fruition.
When Sama Yoga (mediocre yoga) is present the Moon is in a panaphara from the Sun. Panapharas represent receptivity of an activity. Therefore, in horoscope with the Moon in a panaphara from the Sun, the native is relatively well prepared to be receptive to what is to transpire upon the fruition of a good yoga. The results being they are relatively well prepared and have a reasonable amount of the resourcefulness, education and skillfulness required upon the initiation of a good yoga to smoothly bring things to fruition.

Following are a few important yogas from the book Core Yogas that Kala is not smart enough to find yet, but which are well worth checking for manually:
Kalpadruma "tree of plenty" Yoga
The lagna lord, its dispositor, the dispositor of that, and the navamsa lord of the last must be in an angle, trine, own rasi or exaltation rasi.
"One will be a pious, strong, and merciful king endowed with all kinds of wealth, and fond of war."

This yoga further illustrates the concept of dispositors, including the navamsa dispositor. The more times a dispositor of a dispositor is well placed, the more auspicious the original planet in question becomes. Kalpadruma yoga, like Parijatha Yoga, helps the native to fulfill every desire.

Parijatha "celestial coral tree" Yoga

The dispositor of the lord of the lagna lord, and the navamsa lord of that dispositor, must be in an angle, trine, own rasi or exaltation rasi.
"One will be a sovereign attentive to their duty and engagements, of compassionate disposition, destined to be happy in the middle and latter portion of life, respected and obeyed by other kings, fond of war, and possessing elephants and horses."

The Parijatha is a celestial tree that has the power to grant wishes. This yoga, therefore, helps the native to fulfill every desire. This yoga emphasizes the importance of the navamsa dispositor of a planet, which is just as important as its rasi dispositor.

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