Vrishabha Lagna (Taurus)

People with Taurus rising tend to be strong, persistent, slow to change, determined, stable, quiet (until pushed too far - then there will be trouble), practical, stubborn, non-aggressive, patient, affectionate, loyal, hard-working, passive and unassuming in general, and fixed in their convictions with a general slow pace of mind. Taureans can be led or coaxed, but never pushed or driven. Resources and possessions, whether people or finances are very important to you. You want to build and make things grow, but you can't be hurried. You want to get your hands on things and see the practical results of your own hard work. You are good at taking what others have started then carrying on. Success comes to you by sheer persistence and will. Your love of sweet or rich food can incline you to put on weight. Try to be less rigid in all you do. Tame any jealousy and instinct to possessiveness. You hate and fear sickness and pain. Spiritual lesson to learn: Detachment. Venus rules Taurus so Venus will be important in your chart.

Present position of Taurus

The native with Taurus lagna is in a process of considering the value of that which their life consists of. They look at themselves, what they have acquired, and their lives to see if it is worth it, and if not what needs to be fulfilled in order to make it worthwhile. There is an emphasis on developing that which they consider of value, which generally are those things that provide physical security, wellbeing and joy. Though naturally pragmatic, the hardships and struggles of the world reveals to them what is important to them, what they get out of what they do, and what they want to identify with.
The evolutionary goal is to develop the opposing quality of Scorpio. What is valuable as well is that which there is an emotional or inner need for. It is recognizing that it is the inner security which things give that is valuable, not merely the material security. Generally they must suffer some loss and crisis in order to realize this, which turns them to look where their needs are not being fulfilled. This generally gives partners that create some crisis in their lives, or a partner that suffers some crisis, in order to awaken them to their need for inner security.

KETU IN THE 2ND HOUSE, RAHU IN THE 8TH HOUSE: Ketu in the 2nd house indicates a native who is strongly of the thought that they will be safe and secure so long as they are capable of creating security for themselves through their own resources or resourcefulness. There is a strong tendency to maintain self-sufficiency. This self-sufficiency may come from money, knowledge or skills. If it is knowledge, then the native will desire to gain all the knowledge they can about those things they are involved in. That way they feel that whatever happens they can handle it and they therefore feel secure. Rahu's placement in the 8th house, however, causes crisis in their lives that force them to benefit from others' resources. Others' resources being not only wealth, but skills or knowledge as well. When crisis come there is great hesitation and fear towards benefiting from other's resources. These events, however, help them to break free from their attachment to their own self-sufficiency and to realize that if they are unable to freely benefit from others' resources then they themselves limit their resourcefulness, as others' resources are really just an extension of their own.
Another manifestation of Ketu in the 2nd is that the native is generally quite skilled, but the placement of Rahu in the 8th makes it difficult for them to develop others' skills and resourcefulness. If the native has a skill or resource that can benefit another, they will easily take care of the other's concerns. What is important for them to learn, however, is to teach the other to develop their resources, so rather then do it for the person, they need to learn how to show the other to do it for themselves. This may be very frustrating to the native since they can do it more simply and efficiently than they can demonstrate it to the other.
In regards to relationships, this nodal position has some important needed areas of development, and that is in the area of trust. Rahu in the 8th tends to cause some fear of bonding in a relationship as the native's trust in others is generally not well developed. It is usually, in fact, even discouraged through painful events in their lives. The native needs to learn that if they are unable to trust others it is because the really do not trust that they themselves can handle all things. Once they are able to trust others, then they will really be secure in the knowledge that they can take care of themselves. It is this strengthening inner security that is needed when Rahu is in the 8th.
Rahu's placement in the 8th also indicates that the native is in need of learning to determine the value of a relationship, and what it consists of. Not realizing this will create a relationship between two people that has no mutual focus upon what the relationship should provide. Recognizing the worth and value of a relationship is important for the longevity of the relationship, not having that, Rahu will end the relationship.

KETU IN GEMINI, RAHU IN SAGITTARIUS: Ketu in Gemini indicates a native who in recent past lives has created security through the use of their intellect. Through experimentation, study, and thought the native has managed to create a paradigm that allows for life to take place in a safe and secure manner. In this lifetime, Ketu causes the native to experience doubts about what exactly they know. When confronted by information that is contrary to what they believe they know, there is initial resistance, as new information is threatening to their security paradigm. After some time to think, however, they experience doubts about their knowledge, or understanding, that creates an identity crisis over what they know. They eventual result of this is a deepening of their knowledge, but also the understanding that they have learned so much that all they know for sure is that they do not know anything.
Rahu in Sagittarius indicates that the native must define a belief system or philosophy that takes care of those areas that they are unable to understand, or create rationality for. The doubting of their information, through Ketu, forces them to develop faith, and intuition through Rahu. The doubting of their information indicated by Ketu in Gemini also forces them to accept the information given by others, or teachers, indicated by Rahu in Sagittarius. However, as long as they doubt their own information, there will be a corresponding doubt of others' information as well. The key is do develop the faith and understanding that allows them to believe that, though, they will never know everything, they will know what they need to fulfill their role at a given moment.
Ketu in Gemini generally suffers from indecisiveness. This is a result of Ketu waiting for that last bit of information to close the case, but the last bit never comes, there is always room for doubt, in fact it is the nature of the intellectual mind to doubt. In the end they must learn to act on faith, the need for which is indicated by Rahu in Sagittarius.

KETU/MOON: The influence of Ketu on the Moon (with rasi aspect) indicates a deeper, probing, mentality that generally suffers discontentment in the world. When Ketu influences the Moon, the mentality is not so superficial as to be able to simply enjoy the pleasures of the world. The mind is always looking deeper, beneath the surface, and thus there is always a nagging discontent and questioning. This creates an introverted mindset, which in a spiritual nativity is conducive to spiritual practices. In other nativities, this may cause introversions and frustrations that may have violent or explosive eruptions. Generally it is found that natives with Ketu influencing the Moon have an interest in psychology.
Another noticeable trait of Ketu's influence to the Moon is to make the native very emotionally controlled and rigid. When they are in a negative mood, there is not a lot anyone can do to cheer them up, they pretty much have to suffer through the mood, after which they will get up feeling just fine. In fact the depths of their moods rarely correlate to what brought the mood upon them. There will usually be associated sub-conscious and past life feelings stirred up by that which triggers the mood. After the mood, the native will appear as balanced and controlled as usual, but one of the reasons the moods are so severe is that the natives do not flow with, and reveal, their feelings, until a buildup has occurred, and then the deep mood. These natives also have an ability to cheer anyone out of a mood; this is due to their ability to not let any feelings come through except those that they want to reveal.
In recent past lives, those with Ketu influencing the Moon have established a level of security and safety in the world by controlling their reactions to the many painful things in life. Controlling is one thing, feeling is another, so there is usually some pent-up pain in the native that is released when a mood is triggered. The developmental goal is to purge the mind from subconscious pain, remorse, regret, etc. and to develop a spiritualized mentality that truly remains at peace amidst the varying conditions and reactions of life, rather than a mentality that controls the feelings and reactions.

KETU/SATURN: The influence of Ketu on Saturn (with rasi aspect) indicates a nativity that has experienced security as a result of being an authority in some manner or field. In this life, Ketu's goal is to free the native from the need of being an authority figure in order to feel secure. Ketu does this through confrontations with those that cause the native to doubt their capacity as an authority figure. These doubts result in the native having the only choice of learning to be happy and secure without being an authority figure.

RAHU/MOON: The influence of Rahu on the Moon (with rasi aspect) results in some weakness in the mind that is in need of strengthening. This is generally the result of the mind not being centered in the heart, instead being centered externally or remaining unfocused. When the mind is centered externally there is discontent and depression that comes from the lack of fulfillment the world has to offer. When the mind remains unfocused there is a higher degree of psychic disorders, and/or a lack of clarity and concentration. Rahu influencing the Moon may give heightened psychic sensitivity but usually this is also accompanied by a weakness that make the native more sensitive to psychic disorders.
Other weakness of the mind caused by Rahu may be various types of mental derangement, but for any serious difficulties other malefic influences must also be indicated. In the horoscopes of natives with strong spiritual tendencies, Rahu influencing the Moon may give strong attunement.
The discontent that Rahu casts upon the Moon is also a cause of addictions. Addictions also serve to make the mind unfocused, which results again in psychic disorders. Rahu may also give a tendency to live in the imagination, in the realm of fantasy, wishes and hopes, which ultimately lead to discontent and depression because in the end the native still lives in the real world.
In female natives the conjunction of the Moon with Rahu creates a strong feminine magnetism, and a strong emotional transparency that is attractive to men. However, the woman herself feels ungrounded and insecure and is usually not emotionally healthy enough to enjoy a relationship.
The need for the native, when Rahu is influencing the Moon is to learn to keep the mind anchored in the heart, the one place of true satisfaction for it. With natives having spiritual tendencies this is an eventual possibility.

RAHU/SATURN: The influence of Rahu on Saturn (with rasi aspect) indicates a native that has difficulty in developing and maintaining security and stability. Those things the native feels attached to, or hopes to acquire security through are often taken away. Outer instability generally results in nerve-wracking conditions, and there is generally some inner instability and tension that makes the experiences of life less enjoyable. The only thing the native can really do to combat this is develop a dispassionate and detached mentality, which is particularly hard for them.
Rahu influencing Saturn also generally indicates a lack of consistent, long-term focus in life. The native will usually have a happier life once they are focused and secure in their path.
Rahu and Saturn are both separating influences, the house that they are both influencing will usually be an area where the native experiences complete or lengthy separations.

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