Venus In 12 Signs


Venus presides over (1) white umbrella (2) a good chowrie (3) garment (4) marriage (5) income (6) a biped (man) (7) woman (8) Brahmin (9) Subha (10) Whiteness (11) wife (12) sexual happiness (13) short (14) sour (15) flower (16) command (17) fame (18) Youthful vigor (19) Vehicle (20) silver (21) South-East quarter (22) saltish (23) ogling (24) scratching (25) half a month (26) the quality of passion (27) strong (28) pearl (29) Yajur Veda (30) Vaisya (31) beauty (32) buying and selling (33) love-making (34) watery resort (35) elephant (36) horse (37) variegated color (38) poetry (39) dancing (40) middle age (41) singing (42) enjoyment (43) happiness from the wife (44) gems (45) fond of humor (46) swimmer (47) servant (48) luck (49) variegated lustre (50) a handsome Youth (51) Kingdom (52) scents (53) garland (54) Veena (55) flute (56) amusement (57) lovely gait (58) eight kinds of wealth (all sorts of pleasures) (59) well formed limbs (60) sparing in meals (61) spring season (62) ornaments (63) inclined towards maintaining several women (64) eye (65) truth speaking (66) proficiency in art (67) semen (68) water sports (69) profundity of character (70) Pre-eminence (71) sharp-witted (72) musical instrument (73) decoration for the stage (74) fond of amorous sports (75) broken health (76) love, as chief business (77) greatly respected and highly esteemed (78) fondness for white garments (79) Bharat Natyama (80) Government seal (81) a lord (82) worshipping Goddess Parvati and Lakshmi (83) sexual pleasures (84) gentleness (85) much emaciated (86) day sitting mothers (87) literary composition, deft at writing poetry (88) black hair (89) auspicious (90) mysterious or genital organs (91) urine (92) moving in the region of good serpents (93) afternoon (94) knowledge of the generative organs and the secret connected with it. [Jataka Parijata] Significations: desire or lust, a counselor, has a white form, very benefic, a person of 16 years, a variegated color, pearls, diamond, South-East, a bed-chamber, sour, the element water. Venus has black curled hair. He is dark-brown and handsome. His limbs are very symmetrical and lovely. He has soft eyes and an amorous disposition. He has much wind and phlegm in his composition and is endowed with Rajas or the quality of passion. He has an amplitude of grace, ease, vigor and all kinds of excellence. Information regarding one's wife, vehicles, ornaments, love affairs and pleasures is to be sought through Venus. Venus produces peril through such causes as drink and diabetes arising from the diseases of the beloved women associated with a result induced by addition to females endeared by excessive gallantry. Venus is auspicious in his exaltation sign, in his Varga, in his weekday, when in the middle of a sign, in the 6th, 12th, 3rd and the 4th houses from the Lagna, in the afternoon, in his conjunction with the Moon, in his retrograde motion and when he is in advance of the Sun. Venus is the Karaka(significator) of the 7th house. Venus is harmful when placed in the 7th house. Saturn and Mercury are the friends of Venus. His enemies are the Sun and the Moon. Jupiter and Mars are his neutrals.

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