Vedic Astrology Lesson 22

When I went to Google and searched New Age, 5 million sites opened up. When I typed Pagan and searched, out came one million pagan sites! You can imagine the tremendous spiritual renaissance & demand for philosophies that are Druid, Celtic, Norse & Vedic. The New Age was ushered by Free Masonry & other Western mystic schools of thought. It is closely related to the Vedic !

The Effect of the 8th lord in many houses

The 8th house is very important in VA. It represents Death and the causes of Death. If the 8th lord is weak, longevity of the native is threatened. If on the other hand, the 8th lord is powerful, then high longevity is decreed, provided there is no malefic aspect on the 8th house .

Effects of the 8th lord in the First House

As the 8th lord is in the ascendant, the native will scoff at religious rituals & practices. They may be afflicted by physical ailments right from childhood. May have to suffer bodily complaints from diseases or disfiguration. They may have a physical constitution which appears weak. They become the victim of governmental displeasure. Also the displeasure of their superiors. They are adamant and very determined in their goal and they work incessantly for it.

The Effect of the 8th lord in the Second House

As the 8th lord is in the 2nd, the native is not robust physically. They have to consult an ENT doctor. They may have to put up with food of inferior quality. It is better that they preserve and protect their wealth as regaining it becomes difficult. Normally they will not look elsewhere for fulfillment as they get good ego satisfaction from their partner. They will have to incorporate patience and perseverance when their partner becomes emotional over some imagined affairs.

The Effect of the 8th lord in the Third House

As the 8th lord is in the 3rd, ear problems are to be expected. Consulting an ENT doctor is good in order to avoid problems pertaining to ear. It is difficut for them to entertain personal friendship. They do not like social occasions & will withdraw themselves within. Only if they have identical interests do they mingle with anyone. Tension builds up as they do not discuss their feelings, fears & mental agony with anyone. It is quite possible that they may suffer from hallucination. It is possible that a monetary windfall awaits them from literary work.

The Effect of the 8th lord in the Fourth House

As the 8th lord is in the 4th, the native miss maternal proximity. They may be away from home. They are full of love and selfcontrol. They have a habit of giving these emotions only to those who are close to them. They are in two minds about a person whether he is a god or a demon. As a result their mental peace is far from satisfactory. Fiscal problems are accompanied by domestic bickerings. They may be worried on account of parent's health. Problems related to house will be automatically solved by them. Reverses in profession and the displeasure of seniors may have to be faced with true fortitude.

The Effect of the 8th lord in the Fifth House

As the 8th lord is in the 5th, the native will be subject to dire vicissitudes. Their good actions and altruistic behaviour may go unnoticed and this gives them the creeps. Their mental processes are dynamic and sudden. They are extremists by nature and are intense about everything - intensely ruthless, intensely loyal, intensely compassionate and intensely cool. They do not do anything half heartedly. Child mortality and sickness of children create worries in their psyche. They have to achieve mental equanimity in order to avoid nervous debility.

The Effect of the 8th lord in the Sixth House

As the 8th lord is in 6th, the native will experience Vipareetha Raja Yoga results. Affluence and the fulfillment of all desires are some of the resultant results. As the 6th rules diseases they may be attacked by illhealth at times. There is phobia in them about future health hazards. It is quite possible that they may lose money due to theft and litigation. Maternal uncle's health causes concern. They overcome all such troubles due to sheer will power. They ulimately win over enemies. They can be extremely domineering and proud.

The Effect of the 8th lord in the Seventh House

As the 8th lord is in the 7th, the native should incorporate courage to face disharmonies in married life. They and their spouse are different in motivation & personality and they have to understand that different minds have different perspectives. They may not know much about their spouse and their mental makeup also is not known to their partner. Both of them may not take the trouble of finding out either. They do not at all like to lose and do not believe in strategic retreat. Their longevity may be curtailed and they may suffer in health.

The Effect of the 8th lord in the Eighth House

As the 8th lord is in the 8th, tremendous longevity will be conferred. They may have to face scandals & even criticism. They will have the active support of their partner. In early life their father will have to pass through a crisis.The jealous will invent stories & create problems for them. But they will overcome all these with the active support of their partner. They will have self control. When their enemies try their patience they will need plenty of it. Otherwise they may indulge in unethical and sinful acts. People will wonder how they got out of the net of their enemies.

The Effect of the 8th lord in the Ninth House

As the 8th lord is in the 9th the native is averse to surrendering their personality to one Religion or one individual. They may not as a result get complete loyalty from others. They have to understand that their spouse wants to know what they are doing most of the time. They appear to be always youthful and charming. Too much independence early in life can create its own confusion. This is a lesson which must be learnt and this applies to your children also. Relations with father may be strained. Unluck and luck fluctuate.

The Effect of the 8th lord in the Tenth House

As the 8th lord is in the 10th, the native tend to be with their parents. They may have to face stiff competition from a cunning subordinate. They are capable of coping with any problem situation. But once they are warned it creates doubt in their mind and this doubt destroys the ability to solve the problem. Despite the obstacles they face they will achieve progress in their career. In order to handle the cunning subordinate they may go and adopt unfair and deceiptful practices. This may pave the way for the wrath of the Govt or the Law. Avoid unfair means.

The Effect of the 8th lord in the Eleventh House

As the 8th lord is in the 11th, the native will achieve more ego-satisfaction during adulthood despite having miseries during early childhood. They will be hailed as accomplished raconteurs. It is difficult for anyone not to fall in love with them. They also have to use exceptional talents to maintain that. Undoubtedly they have immense self control. They will need it and will have to use it when their spouse tries their patience with lack of adaptability and understanding. Their partner becomes a challenge to your managerial skills. Relations with elder brother may be strained.

The Effect of the 8th lord in the Twelfth House

As the 8th lord is in the 12th, the native will be seized with an abnormal desire to spend on unwanted things & dissipate his/her energies. Tremendous appeal will be generated by them which few members of the opposite sex can resist. They have to understand that they are the cause if they are caught with bad health and deteriorating bank balance. They are capable of achieving good matrimonial rapport if they and their spouse take the trouble They may have to face many troubles & turmoils as life becomes plagued by miseries.

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