Vedic Astrology Lesson 18

Mundane or International Astrology

All seven planets except Jupiter will be in the constellations of Taurus and Scorpio on 15 May 2002. This combination is dangerous for U S, India, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

All these are in the 12th from U S A' s sign, Gemini and in the 11th from India's Moon Sign, Cancer. Both houses are considered malefic by savants.

Devaluation of the rupee is likely as the planet of finance, Jove, is in the adverse 12th. India will be under Elarata Saturn when Saturn transits Gemini. More emphasis will be laid on disinvestment as a result of the prevailing discontent about the performance of the public sector.

Global recession will continue. U S will be more inveigled in the war against terrorism. Aries rules England ( "London, thou seat of Mars") and England will be under severe economic recession & unemployment as this seven planet configuration occurs in her House of Wealth.

When Jupiter transits Cancer, there will be many political upheavals in India. There were changes of Governments when Jupiter transited Cancer before. Former PM Chandrasekhar quit office & Rajiv Gandhi fell prey to terrorist activities.

US will be affected adversely as all the malefic planets vitiate the 12th House, the house of loss and destruction.

During the months of May, June and July, because of the adverse conjunctions of Mars_Rahu & Saturn_Rahu, the two of the world's largest democracies will be severely affected.

The period of Saturn_Rahu conjunction ( from 05-06-02 to 23-07-02) is very dangerous. It was during the previous Saturn_Rahu conjunction Iraq invaded Kuwait with the U S getting involved in war.

Another country under the grip of Elarata Saturn is Saudi Arabia. After Saturn's ingress into Gemini, there will be political upheavals in this already afflicted nation. In the horoscope of Iraq, the Nodal Axis afflicting the 6/12 positions & the aspect of retrograde Saturn on the Asc & Lunar Asc makes it difficult for the Arab nation to come out of militarism.

We need protection from this…….. Those who can, please chant the Gayatri mantra which is given below, as many times as possible.

Om Bhoo Bhuvah Swah Tat Savithur Varenyam Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi Dhiyo Yo Na Prachodayath.

By chanting the Gayatri Mantra, we are increasing the positive vibrations in the collective subconscient.
The biblical Reign of the Anti-Christ or the Vedic Kali Yuga is very much dominant with Evil & Sin predominating & Ethics & Morality making a strategic retreat. We have to understand that " everything is a blessing in disguise" and that we have to overcome the Negative with the Positive qualities which are already in us!

Jupiterian Transit of Gemini

A Kakshya is defined as the eightfold division of a Zodiacal Sign. The eight Kakshya rulers are Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon & the Ascendant or Lagna respectively and a planet moves through the eight Kakshyas during transit.

During the present Jupiterian stay in a Lunar Kakshya till 27-04-2002, the world will see major breakthroughs in the field of Medicine as Moon repersents Medicine ( Somena Oushadha ). More and more people will turn to Quantum or Holistic Medicine or other alternate forms of Medicine.

Those having Gemini as their Moon Sign should quit the stock market for the next 18 months, as the North Node is in the adverse 12th House. It is worth speculating in computer stocks, even though the IT industry will not turn around immediately. Watch out for biotech stocks!

All Astrology evolved from Electional Astrology & originated from the Vedas, Scriptures which were never written & which were divinely cognised in higher states of Consciousness.

Regarding the Fourth House

The fourth house represents happiness, mother, friends, uncle, house & conveyances. All these significations get a boost if the 4th lord or 4th house becomes strong.

If the fourth house is vitiated by malefics, happiness will make a hasty retreat. Relatives turn hostile and there will be difficulty in acquiring houses or conveyances.

The Effect of the Fourth Lord in the Ascendant

As the 4th lord is in the ascendant the native will have all sorts of domestic comforts, houses & conveyances. They are outspoken & independent, clever and intelligent. Their mother is gentle and tender. They have an academic mind and their qualities will be appreciated in the field of education. They will have the help of many friends and uncles. They will have a well decorated house.

The Effect of the Fourth Lord in the Second House

As the 4th lord is in the 2nd the native will inherit much from their mother or maternal relatives. Their mother in turn must have received much from her own sisters & brothers. They are not the type who are likely to be dominated. Many consider them as a simpletons. This is not a correct analysis They are cunning and quite clever when occasion demands They will have house & conveyances.

The Effect of the Fourth Lord in the Third House

As the 4th lord is in the 3rd the native can expect medium health. Because of their educational background they may get the much needed help from office levels. Subordinates love working for them as they lead by example. They will retain self earned wealth. Uncles may turn hostile. They may have trouble regarding house & conveyances. Even their health may be subject to vicissitudes.

The Effect of the Fourth Lord in the Fourth House

As the 4th lord is in 4th the native will have a good house and conveances. They may be connected with powerful, political people. They have the knowledge to manipulate ideas, men and things with dignity and honour.They maintain a spotless character. They will understand in the fulness of time that Love is a thing to be given & not a game to be won or an election to be fought. They tend to Philiosophy & Religion and love their family members.

The Effect of the Fourth Lord in the Fifth House

As the 4th lord is in the 5th the native will have vehicles & conveyances. They are adepts at maintaining happy relations with people. They will enjoy wealth that is self made. Their partner will appear to be more bossy than them when provoked and even more belligerent. They will have a comfortable life with riches. Their children will prosper well & they may get happiness from them. They may gain due to speculation & whirlwind profits can be expected if they speculate.

The Effect of the Fourth Lord in the Sixth House

As the 4th lord is in the 6th house the native will have problems from house & conveyances. They may receive affection from somebody other than their mother during childhood. They are basically careless and indifferent. Thier mother's health may be imperilled. As they are shorttempered it will be better for them if they control their anger. Some of their friends may turn hostile. Uncles and aunts also turn hostile. They may not get much happiness from mother & conveyances.

The Effect of the Fourth Lord in the Seventh House

As the 4th lord is in the 7th the native will shine well in the field of education. They are ready to sacrifice & relinquish their rights on property at the slightest request from their mother. In reality she does not want them do that. Pessimistic they become as a result of adversity. They acquire vast areas of land and they get houses. Their public relations are good. They mix well with people. They will have good friends.

The Effect of the Fourth Lord in the Eighth House

As the 4th lord is in 8th the native will have problems in education They are likely to face difficulties in childhood. They envy their brothers who get greater attention from their mother. They may not fulfill her wishes and this makes her dejected. They may be separated from father quite early in life. They may have to encounter difficulties arising out of litigation. Some of their friends may turn hostile. Some uncles and aunts also. They may have problems regarding house & conveyances.

The Effect of the Fourth Lord in the Ninth House

As the 4th lord is in the 9th the native will be blessed by a loving and compassionate mother. They fear the Unknown. They may inherit paternal legacy. They demonstrate wisdom and a deep sense of humour behind a rugged exterior. They have a hidden desire to be protected by their mother. This is a fortunate combination with regard to father and properties. They will have a good house & conveyances. They will be blessed by many good friends who come to their help in their hour of crisis.

The Effect of the Fourth Lord in the Tenth House

As the 4th lord is in the 10th the native will have professional enhancement and reputation. They will have professional expertise . They will have political success. They will have the knowledge to handle any situation. They will be good at handling chemicals. Will vanquish their enemies . They are quite domineering and have a knack of making their presence felt. Will be blessed by house & conveyances. They will have good friends who help them in their hour of crisis.

The Effect of the Fourth Lord in the Eleventh House

As the 4th lord is in the 11th the native will be wealthy & financial condition will only improve for the better. Will have a lot of friends. They will be helped by these friends. They will have lots of gains as 11th house rules gains and the fulfillment of all desires. A good house guaranteed. Will have lot of mental tensions also as 11th is 8th to the fourth. Lack of mental peace and bliss can result. They will be blessed by conveyances. A well decorated house with all the paraphernalia will be theirs.

The Effect of the Fourth Lord in the Twelfth House

As the 4th lord is in the 12th the native will have to face many ills & unhappy situations in life. The lord of 4 H in the house of loss shows loss of Sukha. Regarding house they may have to face many problems. They may have to encounter litigation and problems regarding house. They may not be happy with regard to mother. Uncles and aunts turn hostile. Some friends also go against them. They will be beset by many problems and difficulties. Expenditure rises and they may have to spend much money on house and conveyances. They may have to face losses in speculation.

Astrology & the Fourfold Yoga (The Science of Cosmic Union)

The Fourfold Yoga has been prescribed for Cosmic Union in Oriental Philosophies. They are:

1. Union via Action (Karma Yoga)

2. Union via Psychic Control (Raja Yoga)

3. Union via Universal Love (Bhakthi Yoga)

4. Union via Wisdom (Jnana Yoga)

Union via Action is for the person of active temparament.

Union via Psychic Contro is for the person of adventurous temparament.

Union via Universal Love is for the person of emotional temparament.

Union via Wisdom is for the person of intellectual temparament.

These four paths are not different from one another. They are all part of the Fourfold Yoga.

Certain qualities are to be inculcated in the seeker if he is to achieve the Ultimate Goal.

Prajna has been defined as the discriminative intellect, the intellect which discriminates between the Real & the Unreal, the intellect which discriminates between Being and Non-Being. This quality should be incorporated by the Intellectual Man if he is to progress in the path of Jnana Yoga.

Love is defined as the greatest of all the positive qualities of man. This quality is to be incorporated by the Emotional Man if he is to progress in the field of Bhakthi Yoga.

Control of Mind or Psychic Control through Raja Yoga should be incorporated by the Adventurous Man if he is to progress in the field of Raja Yoga.

Selfless Service should be incorporated by the Active Man if he is to progress in the field of Karma Yoga.

In other words, since the Fourfold Yoga has been prescribed for mankind , all these four great qualities - Selfless service, love, psychic control & the discriminative intellect should be incorporated by the spiritual aspirant to develop in the field of Yoga.

Astrology & Quantum (Holistic) Medicine

Beginning with a Platonic quotation ( "The treatment of the parts should not be attempted without treatment of the entirety"), Ralf Damwerth writes that Holistic Medicine emphasises Prevention. " To prevent disease is an important matter in Holistic Medicine. It advocates healthy food & good diet, physical exercises and, in general, a natural & ecological life-style.

Concerning prevention of disease, we can learn a lot from Asian cultures. Hatha Yoga, for example, is a brilliant system of maintaining the body & detecting any dysfunctions very early."

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