Uranus In 12 Signs

Uranus Related Jobs

Taking advantage of sudden and unforeseen events, the knack of mesmerizing others, occult forces, electrical gadgets, short-cut methods, inventions, progressive projects, originality, reforms, oratory, exposures, astrology, electricity, computers, reforms, automobiles, mental creativity, science, research, psychology, humanitarianism, technical writer, astronomer, air conditioning technician, aerodynamicist, psychiatrist, telephone repairman. The potential to fascinate and charm people. A charismatic aura that sways the emotions of others. Love of addressing groups. Enters into unusual ventures where originality and inventiveness can be unleashed in making quick decisions to solve problems or devise better timesaving shortcuts. Quick to grasp the ideas of others. Aptitude for installing and adjusting delicate instruments, working with electrical devices.

You are strong-willed, independent, original, perhaps a bit eccentric,
freedom-loving, and intuitive. You have an exciting and stimulating
personality which tends to draw people to you. You may be willful,
high-strung, nervous, and anxious. You may experience feelings of
unrest and loneliness, perhaps because of the uniqueness you feel.
Seeking new and unusual ways of expressing traditional ideas appeals
to you. Listen to your intuition because it is probably very strong,
or could be developed to a high degree. You can become a leader who
will pioneer new paths for others to follow. You may be ahead of your
time. You may not pay as much attention as you should to your physical
state and appearance because of the myriad of thoughts that occupy
your mind.

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