Totake (Remedies)

Stars Remedies.

Rahu Ketu Saturn always gives tension,negativity,and coldness in life.When Rahu in second house,gives tensions related to money and physical things,Rahu also gives habit to drink alcohols,medicines related to addicts.Rahu makes face to dirty like black spots on face,skin troubles on face,etc.When Ketu in the second house it gives long face and always gives feeling,there are nothing in life.When Saturn in second house,much tensions related to money,no money after hard work,when you want to say anything word power always in freeze and no values of knowledge,personal family also out of reach etc troubles makes by these three stars.Here some well known remedies those are very good after using and not much cost in the are area of remedies.

Remedies of Attraction

Attraction is must in life to show value of image of body in life,everything possible by the face if there are good face,smile,good talk,imagine power etc.Marigold is the name of flower,there are two colors of marigold,one like gold color and one like brown color,golden color require for the remedies of attraction.Marigold related to flower of Jupiter and Venus.If Rahu Saturn Ketu makes bad effects on face then take five flowers of marigold and grind them after dry.mix powder of turmeric one teas spoon with powder of marigold.when you goes to sleep,first make pest of both on face and sleep,wash face in morning,do this seven days continue and see results.

Attraction for Husband by Wife

Husband is the Mars in the birth chart of female kind by the astrology rules,wife is Venus and Relation is Jupiter.Saturn Rahu Ketu always busy to disconnect relationship form husband and wife.I find and good Mantra from a siddha,and I serve to troubled ladies those was very tensed from their husbands.Mantra is "Aum Asy Shri Suree mantra swarth Nirman Varn Rishi Iti Shipsa Swaha" daily chanting of this mantra after morning wake up 108 time daily,you find good results after 43 days.Do not break chain of chanting mantra.

Money Provider Remedies

Nature at its boasts numerous funds, which they have knowledge, he takes advantage.Vegetables and stones are the head in the area of nature.The lord of everything those related to physical is female,and male only manage like a worker for the female.Kind of Vegetables,many plants are good luck maker in this world.Like basil is a plant and if some one planted that in house in the are area of north-east,it means there are much money and progress in life,the Sun rise gives first ray of positive in that family.Water also money provider,if some one has running water in north-east area,it means there will be every member of that family in job and every member can earn money for the family.If some one has dirty place in this area that means there daily fighting for the money and each member in bad condition.

Stopping family fighting

By the confusions and family relations there are much fighting start with family members by time to time,it all by the star,and if anybody not thinking to stop fighting it means there are bread in relations,and much tensions to family members.Fighting between husband and wife is also by the effects of Mars and Venus,and it is good in the love time and bad in normal conditions.there are some remedies to stop fighting in family.By the fighting ghostly strength start to enter in home,start spray milk with honey in every corner of house daily when Sun set.Lite a candle of green color and make a prayer to your own Isht as you like most for the removing faults from house.If there are much using wine or any type addict in family then make try to out this type habits.

Buddhi Gyan and Samriddhi

Lord Ganesha is the head of above three kinds of strength.there are seven mantras for the making good life by the Buddhi gyan and samriddhi.

Aum Ganeshay Namha

this mantra can increase power of education,work in office,any you can find good position in your area of jobs.

Aum Gam Ganpataye namaha

In life and career this mantra can remove all type of tensions.supreme knowledge can help you in troubles time.

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