Today S Fortune


Tension in relations,expanses in communications,affair matters continue with long distance communications.Mother or house or Vehicle or mind having infections with stomach diseases or dusty environment or confusions.No time for the jobs,only timing of jobs seeing morning of evening time,opposite thoughts with superiors.


Money matters and relation matters in confusions.Time of illness started.confusion in relations with life mate.In front many death matters making mind boldness.Water or mind infections also making bad in health.


Because of a loss you are disappointed, you must however think, that there are other possibilities to improve the things!


You will tend today to behaving vainly. A eloquent and self marvelous woman
could attack you without reason.


You should attend today to yourself and work on own evolution. You need silence and loneliness for that. Do not be afraid of getting the advice of a wise person!


You will be able to act today in the balanced way. You will come possibly into a situation which requires fate and clever procurement from you.


You could experience a difficult grief today because something very unpleasant happens. This situation does not require any rash action from you. Withdraw and make the time go by!


You build on wrong hopes! Perhaps you will miss a good occasion through your


You have difficulties to forget a loss. If you remain in this intellectual
state, that could lead to an absolute despair. You must open up absolutely new
interests and occupations!


You can join today fantasy and action in the best way and focus your imagination on concrete destinations of the reality.


Today you can show your practical sense and work in a hard way. Try not to forget the important psychological issues, if you devote yourself only to the practical things!


You will not be able to forget today your physical comfort and safety. You must absolutely attempt to play down your
exaggerated security interest.

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