Tarot School

1.The Magician


Consciousness of the power in our life, the first concrete steps in a matter, will strength, will directed to a specific aim, strength for the guidance of the vigor in wanted direction. Knowing what one wants, strength of the influence, initiative, talent. Many-sidelines, readiness to take a risk upon oneself.This card always describes about a tricky person.One who asking question intimate about the nature of that person like a magician.

2.The High Priestess


Feeling for the darkness, intuitive knowledge, feeling for hidden potentials in us, patience, sense and indulgence. Influence of a clever woman with a talent for intuition.searching out deep thinking.tied up in difficulties.having negative thinking,shows out of selfishness,having habit living alone in dark,see always towards the sky.after asking many time speak rarely.

3.The Empress


Passion, emotional and pleasure-full attitude towards the life, sexuality, Motherliness, animated development and growth. Fertility, abundance, domestic stability, joy of the senses.always try to become a rich person,not have tension about family.careless about himself.sleepless in nights.

4.The Emperor


Power of the society, authority, putting through of the laws, meeting with the law, stability and arrangement, supervisor, father. Self-control, conquest, ambition,ruling to others,ego minded.

5.The Hierophant


Conformity with the behavioral rules, inclination for the obedience, insight, confidence and certainty. Good advice, declaration, lesson.

6.The Lovers


Love, a valuable relationship, emotional relief, free decision, love and faith. A time of the choice. Trust in inspiration, not in intelligence.

7.The Chariot


Strong will, to put a situation successfully under control, success, confidence and ventursomeness. Triumph through personal effort, triumph upon obstacle in the life.

8. Strength


To encounter problems with hope and vigor, controlled passion, hold emotions under control, strength, vitality, vigor and force. Occasion, put plans into the action. Victory of the will over the low drives. Reconciliation with an enemy.

9.The Hermit


Withdrawal from external occupations, to be on the way of knowledge, work on own evolution, to be quiet and withdrawn, check oneself. Necessity to approach the things slowly in order to search the correct way.

10.Wheel of Fortune


Modification of the life circumstances, power of the fate, meaning of Karma, leave the question to the fate. Events of great importance, one has no personal influence on them.



We get, that what we have earned, honesty, just action, just decisions, sportsmanship, objectivity, strive for the balance. Judgment, arbitrage award. Defense of truth and integrity.

12.The Hanged Man


Independence, to be loyal to oneself, deep connection with the life. Adaptability, flexibility of the spirit. Crisis and stagnation.



Time for the modifications, to give up old habits and rigid attitudes. Finishing a stage in order to be able to begin a new one. A finished matter. Destruction that means luck in the misfortune because it makes the way free for something better.



Balance in all things, decision in favor of the middle way, correct action, to be able to combine different elements harmoniously, composure and inner balance. Success through careful control of the labile factors.

15.The Devil


Narrow materialistic viewpoint, to be caught in sorrow and depression, inability to act correctly. Excessive obsession, trample on own moral principles, temptation, dependence and weakness. Necessity to sublimate the base self and to convert his strength into positive vigor.

16.The Tower


Time for the vehement riot, difficult experiences, flash-like inspiration, shockwaves and revolution. Suffering which is caused by fateful strengths.

17.The Star


Hope, cure, sense for the entirety, confidence, hope and luck. Insight into future possibilities, horizon enlargement.

18.The Moon


Strange feelings, dreams, fears, fantasies, abandonment of external occupations, insecurity, anxiousness, nightmares. Only intuition can bring us forward.

19.The Sun


Luck, joy, sense for the beauty of the life, vigor, optimism, heat,
liveliness, confirmation. Success in spite of all obstacles and adversities.



Inner impulse to carry out an important modification, recognition that something important has changed, following ones inner voice, resuscitation, liberation, redemption.

21.The World


Success, reach a destination, satisfaction, climax, a happy completion. Successful end of a matter. The end of one life stage.

22.The Fool


Open possibilities, infinite life vigor, courage, optimism, self-confidence, the beginning of a project, behaving oneself openly, animatedly and spontaneously. Unexpected influence which exercises great force upon all events.the begining situation.Your present situation is characterized through frankness, liveliness.

23.Ace of Wands


Strength, vigor, joy of the life, good beginning, venturesome, enterprise and chance for the self-development. Creativity, fertility, originality, virility. Vigor of the element fire.

24.Two of Wands


Boredom, satiety, to exclude oneself through success, indifference, hesitation, and lack of commitment. But also: To be able to implement ideas through strength of will, wisdom through experience. Creative potential growth in an enterprise or sexual relationship. Meeting or get-together that may or may not lead to something more important. Creative will in its most exalted form. The adventurer in us moves because we could have more than we have, or be more than we are. And out of restlessness and unformed power one idea leads to another and often the first one is not the final one.

25.Three of Wands


Open up new interests and fields on the firm basis, stable foundation and view on long-term perspectives. Dreams, to be able to realize ingenious ideas. Optimism and satisfaction out of actual accomplishment, the establishment of primeval energy has strength and virtue. Here we have cultural meetings, outgoing with inner visions getting the appreciation hoped for in achievement. This fertile and flexible growth from solid groundwork is a cause for celebration.

26.Four of Wands


Quit old life structure with courage and optimism; joy, harmony and peace. Achievements on the spiritual field or in the art. This domestic fire is a constant and active energy. One finds security and confidence in creative abilities, friendship and strong ties. So we have open opportunity or closed security.

27.Five of Wands


Test of strength, contest, fight playfully, challenge, competition.
Examinations that must be passed, unavoidable conflicts.

28.Six of Wands


Victory, success, recognition. The fulfillment of great hopes and wishes.

29.Seven of Wands


To feel challenged for fight, quarrel. A time that requires effort and persistence.

30.Eight of Wands


to realize the plans, bring projects and situations to a satisfactory end. Favorable influences and unexpected impulses, fever, stress. Hopeful alternation, acceleration in all matters.

31.Nine of Wands


Fight out of habit, fight against invented resistance, to hurt oneself through problems and conflicts, hardened and defiant attitude. But also: great strength, bravery and stability.

32.Ten of Wands


To overload oneself, to take over too much responsibility. Suppression, victory of violence. This card indicates all dualities and opposites. And the state of oppression, new obstacles, difficult engagements and exhaustion can no longer function; imagination must have fresh stimulation to awaken again with a new idea, a new goal and a new gamble.

33.Page of Wands


Beginning of enterprises, receive a message or information, a chance, an impulse that carries away. A human being capable of enthusiasm who vigorously supports his friends or superiors.

34.Knight of Wands


Enthusiasm, action for the sake of action, adventure. To commit oneself to all sides, to fall impatiently and full of passion into new experiences. A watchful, active man whose reactions are sometimes unpredictable and confuse.

35.Queen of Wands


Accepting aims in life with heat and passion. Receptivity on the field of feelings. To act temperament-full, vigorous, courageously. A friendly, understanding, generous, independent woman who supports her fellow men with pleasure.

36.King of Wands


To use controlled vigor in reasonable projects, to be able to dominate other people. Success and social responsibility. Temperament-full, vigorous, courageously act. A strong, courageous, tradition bound man who tends to fast action and has good mediating capabilities.

37.Ace of Swords


Truth, real knowledge, intellect in connection with the intuition, making of an important decision or clarifying a difficult problem. Progress and success in spite of the obstacles. The strength of the air element.

38.Two of Swords


To shut the eyes in order not to see something, to close oneself from other people, blocked feelings, doubts and indecision. But also: hold opposite strengths in the balance, peace and justice through the balance. An idea communicated to another, awaiting response or proposition. A new contact with possibilities, with excitement, interest and uncertainty - a desired movement strength gained from change. It can also be a conflict of opposing principles, a created standstill, a state of tension which demands a choice of some kind. The unpleasant reality must be faced, the conformity, the fight in suspense, the mistrust needs balance and inner peace.

39.Three of Swords


Grief, sorrow, disappointment, necessary quarrel, conflict. It is the conflict of the two, consequences of human choice, resentments, pain from separation or heartbreak. There is discord, struggle, doubt and sorrow and out of mind-chaos it is heavy, dark and one is lonely and thinks danger comes from outside. This destructive step from the two leads toward creative separation and with the relief when poison comes out healing is possible.

40.Four of Swords


To withdraw from difficulties, illness, isolation, stagnation, meditation, contemplation. Rest, to insert break. A quiet time of withdrawal and contemplation, a period of introversion and reflection, of emotional recuperation after the outbreak of conflict in the Three. It means accept solitude and rest from sorrow so peace of mind and liberation can happen. Here we have conventional thinking, being confident that one's traditional approach will resolve all demanding situations. Dogma, law, truce and compromise for social harmony.Negative: Isolation, prison, loneliness, rigidity and conformity of mind, inflexible views and ideas, bigotry.

41.Five of Swords


Defeat, loss, disgrace, humiliation.

42.Six of Swords


To go through a difficult situation, modification, trip or removal. A temporary solution. Rescue from the plight.

43.Seven of Swords


Fail in a project, fraud, cunning and malice. Win through cunning, to cheat or to be deceived.

44.Eight of Swords


Feel tired, to be humiliated and suppressed, have strong inhibitions. Difficulties, imposed isolation.

45.Nine of Swords


Experience a difficult grief. Having doubt, fear, shame, worries and distrust.

46.Ten of Swords


To feel completely knocked down, sudden alternation, a tremendous solution. Abandonment. War, corruption, collapse and sorrow bring mental desperation.Suddenly we see the broken heart, the fear of madness and destructiveness, energy of accumulated anger - all our negative thinking.

47.Page of Swords


Look distantly from the high level onto problems. Opportunity to clarify something but also to cause conflicts and quarrel. A watchful, astute human being who has good negotiation qualities and lets himself with pleasure into complicated matters.

48.Knight of Swords


Throw oneself into the problems courageously and with greatest eagerness, in good belief that they can be solved fast. Cold atmosphere, aggressiveness, combativeness. A courageous, strong, but sometimes stubborn man, who can fight perseveringly and well.

49.Queen of Swords


Tackle problems courageously and sincerely, to be able to free oneself with the clear head from confusion, doubt and fear. To be able to act functionally, objectively and reserved. An intelligent, versatile, watchful woman who has the talent to hold the opposing group in the balance.

50.King of Swords


To be witty, critical, clever, be able to liberate oneself from confusion, doubt and fear with the clear head. Decide justly, act substantially, objective and reserved. A sensible, ingenious, intellectually opened and versatile man, an advocate of right, arrangement and modernity.

51.Ace of Pentacles


To feel secure, to be able to enjoy in everyday life, chance to find inner or external fortune. Prosperity, physical comfort. The strength of the earth element.the begining situation.Your present situation is characterized through frankness, liveliness.

52.Two of Pentacles


To take everything easy-minded, to deal with the life playfully, to behave flexibly, light-heartedly and frivolously. Imminent modifications and news, particularly with reference to business and money. Getting excited with the possibility of a material project. Someone is making an offer that could later bear fruit. Exchange, developing, creating together, building up, use of natural, present, available power to invest effort in new projects. Willingness to try several things at once and to take risks to utilize talents. It needs flexibility and change is the support of stability. It means willingness to put money and energy to work and shifting resources, play with money. Transformation, friction, progress, renewal.

53.Three of Pentacles


Consider wishes and ideas of other people and adapt oneself to the needs of the environment. A very able man, master in his field. Self-confirmation, recognition, attain praise through job. Establishment of the idea of the universe. Work of a physical or constructional nature brings perfection. But it needs hard work and quarrel to strengthen a position and make it permanent and risk before one can count oneself materially secure. Also seeing one's own limits and consequences, see your capacity, use your business skills, work on your character to handle the future.

54.Four of Pentacles


To be dependent on physical comfort and safety, not to be able to let something go, an exaggerated security interest. But also: physical stability, good business… Achievement of financial and material security. Being established and successful in one's career or ambitions. The manifestation of self-worth through material values. This character has integrity and confidence, claims his own territory, house and property and maintains his comfort and position in life.

55.Five of Pentacles


To have to go through times of need, crisis and privation. Unemployment, loss of safety. Way out of a difficult situation within reach.

56.Six of Pentacles


Relationship which forms a clear hierarchy, generosity, readiness to help and friendliness. Solvency, good financial basis.

57.Seven of Pentacles


Pick fruits of his job, wait patiently for growth and success. Overcoming of inactivity as assumption for a success.

58.Eight of Pentacles


To be able to work on the realization of the plans well and in a concentrated way. The beginning of a wise activity. Useful modification in physical matters. The work is rewarded.

59.Nine of Pentacles


Being able to make correct decisions and to make a necessary steps. Experiencing success, profit, pleasant surprise, sudden improvement.

60.Ten of Pentacles


Not being able to see hidden possibilities, not being able to rise above routine; wealth and contentment. Physical safety through achievements of the ancestors, inheritance, family luck. Wealth - inside and outside and the ability to pass it on. This may be a material inheritance of wealth or property or it may be an artistic achievement. On the other side the world is upside-down with inhibition and one has to take all consequences of life, there is futility of material gain, unless put to good use. See yourself, show yourself and use what's there, give it, spent it for the potential to sense the reality. Family, inheritance, economic welfare and having fun together means a period of ongoing contentment and security, a sense of something permanent having been established.

61.Page of Pentacles


Working on the realization of own tasks with fascination and interest, to become a good offer or proposition. An economical, conscientious and responsible human being.

62.Knight of Pentacles


Show the practical sense and work hardly, devote oneself to the practical concerns; permanence and persistence. A practical, tradition-bound man who can uncompromisingly support law and truth.

63.Queen of Pentacles


Be self-confident, have indigenous, good-natured and pragmatic attitude. A sensitive, emotional woman, who loves comfort and luster, and supports and encourages her people.

64.King of Pentacles


To be satisfied, finish tasks without a lot of trouble, enjoy success, have an indigenous and pragmatic attitude. A man methodical, trustworthy, very skilful at material matters.

65.Ace of Cups


Experience a happy time, to receive joy and love, joy and love. A chance to experience happiness and harmony. The strength of the element water.

66.Two of Cups


To begin an important relationship, a friendship or love. Bringing something successfully to good settlement, experience harmony and understanding. Close a contract. Good cooperation. Love, happy relationship, harmony and melting, receptivity, sweetness of youth, vitality and feeling, flirtation, a holiday romance with no commitments - all this represents a desire for openness and honesty. It is an initial meeting between active and passive, man and woman, projecting itself on to something or someone outside.

67.Three of Cups


To be pleased, celebrate joy and success. A wish went into fulfillment.It is a completion of the initial attraction, feelings are expressed, accepted and shared and then it is a spiritual union with another. The healing power of true unselfish love. New dimension of life is unfolding, the feeling of joy and promise, birth of a child.

68.Four of Cups


Be dissatisfied, sad, annoyed and uncourageous. Fulfillment that reached its climax and changes into stagnation. Confidence to deal with everyday emotional situations and the conventional ability to sense sympathetically other people's feelings. But one can call it also control of feelings, a blissful state of ignorance and so abandonment brings new desires.

69.Five of Cups


Have to get over a bitter loss. Grief, problems and worries.

70.Six of Cups


To make animated relationship to the past, nostalgia and beautiful memories. Harmony, good health. A good attendant, teacher, consultant.

71.Seven of Cups


Imaginations, day dreams, zeal and illusions. Confrontation with several options.

72.Eight of Cups


To leave a secure and stable situation and to go on, to carry out a hard departure into the uncertainty. Break off the past ties, in order to reach something new.

73.Nine of Cups


Enjoy joy of the life, to be cheerful and careless. Physical stability. Pride, complacency, vanity.

74.Ten of Cups


Joy, luck, harmony, love, a peaceful and secure environment. Loving another person opens the heart to love life itself, life has meaning and purpose and a larger, brighter world appears before one's vision - the connection with our own soul. Here comes ecstasy of the reunion of the lovers, conscious union of two loving but separate partners. It is an immortal status, not only personal and sensual dimension but a spiritual one as well.

75.Page of Cups


Dedicating oneself to the fantasies and imagination, experience praise or recognition. A poetic, careful human being who gives advises frankly, studies with pleasure or meditates.

76.Knight of Cups


Pleasant and harmonious atmosphere. Difficulties to implement the ideas of the imagination through the action. Friendliness and harmony. A friendly man, capable of enthusiasm, who has high ideals and is accessible for new ideas.

77.Queen of Cups


Being able to join fantasy and action in the best way and to direct fantasy and action towards concrete destinations of the reality. Have an intuitive, sensitive, emotional attitude. A romantic, loving, emotional woman who can fascinate.

78.King of Cups


Discipline dreams and imagination. Draw attention to the outside world and take over the responsibility. Have an intuitive, sensitive, emotional attitude. An imaginative, artistic or scientifically talented man who has good negotiating abilities and is very much suitable as a manager.

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