Sun In Different Houses

Sun in 1st house

You are important to yourself and will spend much time and energy on
your own personal affairs. It's not that you do not care about
others, it is just that you have your work to do and it is very
important to you. You want to shine and be noticed for who and what
you are. You may want to lead or be in a position of dominance. You
are confident, independent and responsible. But watch for tendencies
to be power-seeking or dictatorial. Be alert to false pride and try
to be more humble. Give proper credit to others for their

Sun in 2nd house

You need to feel a strong sense of personal or self-worth. A desire
for power through personal possessions, talents and money may engage
your energies. Money comes and goes easily. You are generous and
ambitious, but can be extravagant and grasping. You must watch a
tendency to be possessive of or "lord over" people and things. If the
Sun is afflicted by aspect, perhaps you do not feel loved or feel
worthy of love.

Sun in 3rd house

Knowledge is important to you and you chase as much of it as possible.
You enjoy passing on the knowledge you have gained. Although you are
probably very open to new ideas, there yet may be the desire for
scientific proof before anything can be believed. Your mind enjoys
creating and it is thorough and self-reliant. Pride and intellectual
domination may be something you need to work on, especially
intellectual pride. Patience may also need developing.
Misunderstandings can occur with siblings or neighbors due to your
belief that you are always or mostly right. You have a strong desire
to learn and this may take you on many short journeys. You need to
communicate and there may be writing or speaking ability.

Sun in 4th house

You desire to build strong inner and outer foundations, but, at times,
you may have the wish to retreat from society when life becomes
difficult. The influence of either or both parents is strong for good
or otherwise. There is pride in the home and that is where you want
to shine and show your creativity. That is where you can be the real
you. You want to be king of your castle, but just don't be too
demanding at home. No one likes a dictator.

Sun in 5th house

You have a desire to reveal your creativity, either constructively or
destructively. You are interested in all forms of creative self-
expression, such as sports, books, acting, the dramatic, games and
romance. You have the ability to enjoy life and to give enjoyment to
others. Happiness comes from your artistic or creative endeavors.
You need to watch a tendency to be dictatorial or to take unnecessary

Sun in 6th house

You feel a need to serve others or to be of service to them. Or
perhaps it's that you simply want to be served yourself. There may be
a tendency to wallow in self-pity, seek sympathy for any little thing,
or to develop hypochondriac tendencies. You are a faithful, diligent
and loyal employee who is usually helpful to fellow employees. Some
with this position are domineering and develop a false pride with
those they work with or for. You can be an administrator, but you may
prefer to be an employee. If you are in a position of authority, be
careful not to be the office tyrant. You are very happy when you are
busy and you hate being bored. You take great pride in your work and
your workplace. This is where you want to shine and be better than
all others. Worry and anxiety, especially over the desire to do
things perfectly, can be detrimental to your health. You need to
learn how to relax and not let stress and tension get to you. With
this position you should be especially careful to take good care of
your physical body.

Sun in 7th house

You want a partner that you can be proud of. In some way your sense
of pride is involved in the choosing of a marriage partner. There may
be a wish to gain social prestige and to marry someone who can be
admired and respected or someone who is higher on the social ladder.

Your partner must be one who encourages you to be your real self and
one who wants you to fully develop your powers of inspiration,
creativity and will. Your partner may be in a position of authority
and this may help give you more confidence in yourself or more
security within the framework of the relationship. You may be
challenged to display a greater degree of confidence and to exercise
authority more effectively and with greater magnanimity.

You must seek a relationship where both people are equal. A
partnership in which one is "superior" and the other "inferior" is not
likely to be successful. That "always me-first" attitude is not
conducive to a rewarding partnership. A need to feel part of a family
is present.

With this position marriage and partnerships are likely to assume a
paramount and key role in your life. There may be a tendency to look
for a "father figure" and, as you may be inclined to surrender the
initiative to your partner, you are rather more likely to react than
act first yourself, so that your partner may assume a dominant role.

If your natal Sun is badly aspected, then the partners you attract may
be egotistical, domineering, vain and ostentatious. If your natal Sun
is well aspected, then partners are likely to be proud, firm-minded,
self-confident, ambitious, honorable, frank and generous.

Selfish pride and too much desire to have your own way may be the
greatest challenges in your relationships.

Sun in 8th house

You may need or get the chance to transform your selfish and self-
centered ego through the sharing of your personal resources with
others on an equal basis with no strings attached. Perhaps you have
the desire to have others take care of you using their personal
possessions. Your emotions are generally stable and usually are never
portrayed outwardly. There is a striving for self-improvement and
regeneration. Finances are usually steady and there is the
possibility of an inheritance. There is interest in mystical, occult
and psychic realms.

Sun in 9th house

You may wish to find, understand, live and accept a higher ideal or
philosophy. But, then again, you may be one who insists upon
scientific proof before anything can be believed. You can be the far-
sighted thinker, one of high ideals and tolerance of other people's
views or the dogmatic fanatic who just parrots what others have told
you. Generally, there is a quest for truth and wisdom and a love of
travel, not necessarily physical. You may have an aptitude for
foreign languages and a love of foreign culture.

Sun in 10th house

You may have a desire to attain success and power for the benefit of
others or to seek success and power for yourself without thought of
anyone else. You want to shine and be recognized for your
accomplishments. You want to be really good at something. There is
strong motivation towards succeeding in a career and/or personal
achievements. You have the ability to inspire others through your
example. You are ambitious and self-aggrandizement is possible. People
in high places can help or hinder your career.

Sun in 11th house

You probably possess a desire to raise goals to a higher level and to
seek ideas which would be of benefit for the group. Or you may desire
to place your own goals and desires above the wishes of the group.
You have the ability to make friends, many who are influential and
wield power. You enjoy your work with groups. You are responsible,
liberal and broad-minded. You are a humanitarian who would rather be
popular than powerful. You have organizing ability and probably take
the leadership role in group activities or friendly get-togethers.

Sun in 12th house

There is the desire or the need to serve others in this lifetime. At
times this is in direct conflict with a desire to seek seclusion from
the world and/or wallow in self-pity seeking sympathy and service from
others. This life may be a contemplative life due to the need to
reshape negative character traits from past lives. You have an
awareness of the oneness of life. You may lack confidence in your
abilities. You have an empathy with sick or mentally disturbed
people. You may develop or have clairvoyant powers and an interest in
occult subjects and psychic phenomena. You may enjoy playing the

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