Sun In Amsa Of Mesh Aries

Sun in the 1 Amsa of Mesh (Aries)

1st amsa related to house of Ketu(Lonely pole) and this house indicate the image of Mother family,father of person,or son of person make birth in the house of mother's family or maintained by the family of mother.The reason of birth,father busy with religious and social works,these works related to maintainability and supporting to the nature of religious mind there are not good achievements in the fields of physical works,person and his father always depends on others,some land created by father or person,but that land useless for the agriculture.

Sun in the 2nd Amsa of Mesh (Aries)

2nd amsa related to house of Ketu and Venus(Decoration going on the pole),both are responsible for this house,when Sun gives light,to Ketu,then Ketu start to light on the living and other place,when Ketu start to light then Venus support him for the physical wealth.this combination and nature of Sun always busy in the political and physical fields,for example a unused land laying in the property of a person,then a birth of a child in this degree,after birth,the Sun like government acquire that land for the use of people,the cost of that land goes high.Here unused land is the symbol of the Ketu,and Sun is the symbol of light,and Venus paying good cost.

Sun in the 3rd Amsa of Mesh (Aries)

3rd Amsa related to Ketu and Venus(Decoration going down from pole) (down),when lord of second amsa starts to make progress then amsa of 3rd start to give losses in the progresses,when person or his or her father or son collect more properties and finance,by the femal kind,by the agriculture land,or by the mythical lines,or by the ornaments,after last stage the decreasing values start,by the making expanses on the walking,traveling,eating,enjoying,or making expanses on the female or male kind.The symbol of this kind person,he or she always make interest in elder life partners,elder partners of business,or persons those living out side of culture,country or cast.

Sun in 4th Amsa of Mesha (Aries)

4th amsa related to Ketu and Sun,(light on the pole),mother always busy in the political and social works,father far from person,a stick with light ends,always supporter of government,and only person that want to make kingdom in the house of mother.

Sun in the 5th Amsa of Mesh (Aries)

5th amsa related to Ketu and Moon (Pipe of water) Forefather's nature religious,maternal grand mother religious,mother suffered by cough diseases,agriculture land of garden with house,career in the water sectors.physical wealth increased by the works related to marketing,or from garment line.

Sun in 6th Amasa of Mesh (Aries)

6th amsa related to Ketu and Mars (Hot stick) Daley in marriage,in the birth charts of the female husband out of range,and in the male chart waiting for the any type work,there are nervous illness to brother,low blood pressure,service in the fields of defiance,manufacture unite of agriculture tools.

Sun in 7th Amsa of Mesh ( Aries)

7th amsa relate to Ketu and Rahu (Electric Pole used) Laziness in the nature,no permanent job in life,always busy in the helping of photography,helper of film line,helper of eclectic and power fields.

Sun in the 8th Amsa of Mesh (Aries)

8th amsa related to Ketu and Rahu (Old unused electric pole),tensions of past karmas,story telling of past life,perfect in history,not strength for making new works,always busy in the smoking or drinking,no use in family.

Sun in the 9th Amsa of Mesh (Aries)

9th amsa related to Ketu and Jupiter (Flag pole of Religion in up condition) person always busy in the works of advertisements and having more power of the socity,state or country,good name in the knowledge and works,having full supports to others by knowledge and mind.

Sun in 10th Amsa of Mesh (Aries)

10th amsa related to Ketu and Jupiter (Flag pole of religion in down condition) making sense that person's father always busy in the making un social activities and always busy in the corruption,by this conditions there are more and more mind tension to mother of person,person want to make relations to past family members but father always destroy those relations,after all person think about the past family members and those members think to destroy that person.If person won in the family relations then son of that person start to destroy past relations.

Sun in 11th Amsa of Mesh (Aries)

11th amsa related to Ketu and Saturn (black pole of Yama on the head) this type person's nature to kill every one and rule him,if mother will follow the way,then this type person can make his or her career in the advocate or in the judge services,this type person always fives negative feeling to others,and after making negative feelings to others,person start making own prosperity,if in the birth chart there are Saturn and Ketu having good combination it means that person make high positions by this type nature.

Sun in 12th Amsa of Mesh (Aries)

12th amsa related to Ketu and Saturn (black pole of Yama down to head),this type person can solve troubles of others by the law and nature,has good habits to make work for others,can generate female child and not has strength for the male child,full life fighting for the career,and at last money destroyed by relational,family always make cooperation,this type person greedy,and not want eat good or live good.many illness of cold and diseases related to lungs give more troubles from mid life to last life.

Sun in 13th Amsa of Mesh (Aries)

13th amsa related to Ketu and Mercury (Accountant Hard), memory of this type person maintained by others,this type person always depends on others and always works with the order,expert in service fields,and beloved of grand sister,sister or daughter.This type person always hard in the fields,and only can follow works those created by hard order,mostly this type person can make career in the difference area,and can make estimate,can measure land,and can maintain guns and war related goods.

Sun in 14th Amsa of Mesh (Aries)

14th amsa related to Ketu and Mercury (Accountant soft), Here ketu is the supporter and Mercury is the head of the Mind,Ketu also describes here the son of sister and son of brother,these type person always depends on the persons those are very much making own reactions in the family.Ketu also describes here negativity of daughter and sister,typist and making communications to others is the careers like the fields of Ketu and Mercury,the image of body like long but soft and seeing low age,from the actual age.

Sun in 15th Amsa of Mesh (Aries)

15th amsa ruled by Venus,(Lady with ornaments of gold High position) Venus is the ruler of beauty,prosperity,and physical wealth,this star also ruled to female kind by nature and by beauty,Sun is the ruler of egos,and the mixer of egos and beauty always dangerous for the humankind,person always busy with egos of the properties,wealth,and many more metals,like gold,silver,and diamonds etc.Person has female nature is he is male,person gives more money to poor,person always busy with romance,person can not manged him self by the labor and by the heard work,Venus is the lord of evils,and person always mind the food of non vegetarian,person gives more values to rich persons,and person always has troubles related to next generations,his or her many child destroyed by the nature of making sexual activities in the pregnancy period.

Sun in 16th Amsa of Mesh (Aries)

16th amsa related to Venus (Man with ornaments of Iron),if any body take birth in this amsa the person always lives in the custody of the government or lives in the jail.This type person has values to make murders and that person has not any type mercy in the heart,always busy with making wrong to others,mind not take rest in the night too,it is the lowest natures amsa in the Mesh Rashi.

Sun in 17th Amsa of Mesh (Aries)

17th amsa ruled by the Venus and Sun,(Lady with Political power,and think to hang poor),Venus is the Raja of female and Sun is the hot,there are more and more troubles in the generations,each time abortion created by the hot body of female kind.person can use the strength of this amsa by the making services in the political line,and also gives the services in the finance line for the safty and making good ways to use money,these type person can make name and fame in the aviation and can manage own reputation in the socity.Person always think to make win in the any fields of life.

Sun in 18th Amsa of Mesh (Aries)

18th amsa ruler is Venus and Moon,(Actress) here Venus is the female kind and Moon is the people,Venus is the ornaments and Moon is silver,Sun always gives name and image in the society,Sun gives the fame in the people,this type person always cleaver in the crowed collected ideas,they can make emotion by the situations and they can fight with others in the matters of physical wealth.This amsa always gives fame to person,there are a reading about this kind of nature,there are two illegal relations of father and also son,one sister makes name and fame,there are more fears related to money cheating,mother's financial position good,and she can make supports in the money matters.Person always lives near the river or place of water,diabetic possible in the old age.This type person also can take more helps from government,and can make good name in the living area.

Sun in 19th Amsa of Mesh (Aries)

19th amsa related to Venus and Mars,( Brother with political wife),person's father has short temper nature,many rights received by the person,father has supporting strength through female kind,father has bothers and sisters,uncle of person acquire wealth through his father by force,wife of person or husband of person has more and more power,more wealth with sister or daughter,one brother create good position after marriage.

Sun in 20th Amsa of Mesh (Aries)

20th amsa related to Venus and Rahu,(Flush light from far) father and grand parents always made fame and name in the society,father has properties and wealth,house and physical wealth,automatically enmity created by others,there was illegal relation with father.person feels more troubles,and always in the tension,this type person always make love marriage,and son also.Here Venus is the beautiful and Rahu is bad name female kind,Venus is physical wealth and Rahu is created by illegal works.

Sun in 21st Amsa of Mesh (Aries)

21st amsa related to Venus and Jupiter, (Female in the temple giving speech) is the symbol of this amsa, person always make good sense in the area of the religion fields. For all time busy to organize programs for the religion and faith. Venus is the woman and Jupiter is knowledge, both make genius person, but person always has nature of female kind, and gives sweet voice like female. Sun is gold and Venus is ornaments describes about gold ornaments, jewelry etc. When Sun goes through this amsa it means above things mixed with power of politics.

Sun in 22nd Amsa of Mesh (Aries)

22nd amsa related to Venus and Jupiter, (Female in temple hearing speech) is the nature of person in this amsa. Person always want to hear and not want to say. The image of this type person is simple. Sun is the fields of politics and Venus is the physical wealth, Jupiter gives knowledge about maintain that. Person can maintain wealth through politics. Person can make career in the fields of political line, person always busy for making static about gains and expanses.

Sun in 23rd Amsa of Mesh (Aries)

23rd amsa related to Venus and Saturn, ( Black Money gains ) person always acquire wealth from illegal ways. When Venus is Beauty and Saturn is rusty, it means person has ugly face, When Venus is physical wealth, house, jewelry, then Saturn gives image in dark or in the save of stone, Sun intimate collected by father, or arranged by government. We can predict about person’s name by this formula like Aries’s first alphabets are Chu, che, cho, laa, lee, loo, le, lo, a, and I , then first alphabet of Venus by female kind, and first alphabet from Saturn gives sense about labor or place type, example “Leela Dhara” when Le related to Aries and Leela related to female kind, and Dhara related to earth. The nature of Aries is technical mind.

Sun in 24th Amsa of Mesh (Aries)

24th amsa related to Venus and Saturn, (Black Money going out) person gives signals about past collected wealth, and person’s son destroy all by the nature. Here Venus is the sign of house and Saturn is the sign of permanent properties Sun describes about son, in the 23rd amsa Sun gives introduction about father and in this amsa Sun gives introduction about son. Here Venus related to female kind, elder sister, elder sister in law, hidden minister, and face of money, and Saturn related to elder brother of husband, friend of uncle, helper, and religious place. Sun also indicate about soul, kingdom, fame, right hand side eye, pink color and pressure from prestige.

Sun in 25th Amsa of Mesh (Aries)

25th amsa related to Venus and Mercury (Beautiful ball going making run) You can appreciate the finer, more aesthetic things of life because you have a well-developed sense of form, proportion, design and beauty. With such skills you could perhaps be successful as an artist, sculptor, fashion designer, craftsmen, interior decorator, creative writer or jewelry designer. This aspect usually gives talent in the arts, whether it be writing, poetry, speaking or musical ability. You may possess a lovely singing voice. You have the ability to bring harmony to situations through your expert use of the spoken word. The way you think and speak tends to bring peace in difficult situations. You are a natural arbiter and diplomat. You may have success in sales of artistic or other beautiful objects. You have a natural eye for color and an ear for music. Your sense of humor, tact, and personal charm are of great benefit to you in any work with people on a one-to- one level. Your emotions are tied to your mental processes and it may be hard for you to express tour feelings without intellectualizing or rationalizing them. If you do not have artistic talent yourself, then you certainly have a fine appreciation of art, in all its many forms. You are a natural at settling arguments and soothing hurt feelings.

Sun in 26th amsa of Mesh (Aries)

26th amsa related to Venus and Mercury ( Ball in the custody of empire) You are loving and well-loved by others. You have charm and are gentle, kind, sympathetic, friendly and helpful. You are considerate of other people's feelings. You have artistic and creative abilities and you like to do everything in a harmonious, gracious and pleasing manner. Aesthetics are very important to you, as are your own personal appearance and attractiveness. Good things happen to you because you attract them, and whatever else you happen to need. You desire comfortable, attractive and even luxurious surroundings. You want your home to be a place of beauty. Creature comforts are necessary for your well-being, at least as far as you are concerned. You don't like getting your hands dirty. You have an appreciation of the arts. You have the ability to make friends easily because of your own friendliness and graciousness. You are affectionate, but may not be demonstrative unless you receive affection in return. You have the ability to say what other people want to hear, for better or for worse.

Sun in 27th amsa of Mesh (Aries)

27t amsa related to Venus and Ketu, (Actor making dance of female) You are innovative, unusual, intuitive, clever, creative, unconventional, unorthodox and you identify with the role of the rebel, the reformer or the weirdo. You are very independent and hate to be told what to do and when to do it. You do not easily adapt yourself to other people's needs and wishes. You have to have the kind of lifestyle that allows you to be spontaneous. You feel that you are different than other people and are somehow outside the mainstream of life. Some people think you're from another planet, or at least ahead of your time. You do not want to feel controlled in any situation, and especially in relationships. You have a great deal of nervous tension and tend to be high-strung. Rest and creative outlets are needed in order for you to keep your balance and not go off the deep end. You have an electric personality that charges up the people who are around you. You are highly sensitive and highly intuitive. You rely on your hunches to choose the right thing to do. You have the knack of being able to determine how to do new things which are big improvements over the old methods. There is a certain genius about you that can be brought out by the proper application of self-control and self-discipline.

Sun in 28th amsa of Mesh (Aries)

28th amsa related to Sun and Moon ( Day of 23rd December) The tendency here is for you to be rather one-sided. It is difficult for you to be objective and you have little or no appreciation for other, different ways of approaching life. You feel yours is the best way and you can't imagine how anyone else could be doing something different than you. It is hard for you to put yourself in other people's situations and understand just what things are like for them. You try, but you just don't have that ability. You tend to be impulsive. You need to learn to use your willpower to control the fluctuating emotional turmoil’s that stir within you. You can be extremely sensitive at times and you do not always take into consideration how your actions will affect other people. You are not unkind, just oblivious. Your vitality and constitution are generally strengthened with this aspect. In any case, though, there is the need for occasional rest to allow your system to recharge and recuperate. The vitality of the Sun can burn up the constitution of the Moon. You are apt to work on many projects all at the same time and it would be good if you could learn to develop more persistence. Oh, and a little patience, also.

Sun in 29th Amsa of Mesh (Aries)

29th amsa related to Sun and Moon (Steam in Room) Your selfishness and interest in your own affairs keeps you from being sympathetic to the needs and feelings of others. You feel at cross-purposes with yourself because your conscious intentions and desires conflict with your subconscious emotional needs and drives. You feel pulled in two different directions. This is a major reason why you find it hard to be decisive. You vacillate on whether or not you should do this or that and this causes you a great deal of inner stress. You can't seem to make up your mind on anything. You try to do the right thing, but you aren't sure what the right thing is. You have problems with satisfying both your need to be an individual and your need for caring relationships and a sense of belonging. Because of the mixed messages you send out, people don't always know how to respond to you or know what you really want. This can cause confusion and conflict in relationships. You need to find the right balance between your emotions and your will. Come to an awareness that your energy flow fluctuates like the ebb and flow of the tides. When your energy is at a high, you should try to accomplish as much as possible during that time. When your energy is low, then you should pace yourself accordingly and not overtax your physical body. You often fluctuate from being extremely logical to being extremely sensitive. Many times you are unaware of other people's emotional needs and, thus, you fail to respond to them.

Sun in 30th Amsa of Mesh (Aries)

30th amsa related to Sun and Mars and also maintained by Sun and Rahu also (Ghost of Day) You are more concerned with your own self-preservation than with the needs or interests of others. You have a fighting spirit and are in competition with those around you. You need to learn how to cooperate and to compromise. You enjoy picking little fights and going head-to-head with others over almost any matter, no matter how trivial. Your desires get the better of you because you lack self-control. You are selfish at times, you often feel that you need to fight to get what you want, and you tend to have a "me-first" attitude that angers or irritates others. You have a need to be right, even when you aren't. You have difficulty in forgiving others and in saying you are sorry. You have a great deal of energy and vitality but you must be careful that you do not dissipate it in unproductive or sensual living. You are hasty, impatient and sometimes reckless. You have a need to think before you act. You do not like any form of restraint and you rebel against taking orders. You have trouble with superiors because of this and this can affect your career. You have a fiery temper and a tendency towards accidents and fevers. You need to be careful of overexertion as you tend to do things until you simply burn out. You become frustrated easily and you throw fits if you do not get your way. Your impulsive actions can lead you into many difficulties, including perhaps becoming a compulsive gambler. You become frustrated
easily and this triggers impatience and anger, which you tend to take out on the ones closest to you. If you can learn how to properly channel all that drive and energy, then there is no limit to your accomplishments and success. But this will take self-discipline, self-control, restraint, patience, persistence and willpower. You need to realize that your own personal desires may not be in line with your Spirit's desires and that is what is causing all the stress you feel inside. Seek your Higher Self and you can then turn a lot of these negatives into positives. The obstacles that occur concerning the obtaining of your personal desires are to help you remain in agreement with your Spirit's desires. You have the necessary confidence and courage which are of considerable help to you in flowing with the obstacles that this aspect brings into your life. You simply need to develop more self-control.

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