Sun In 12 Houses

Surya (the Sun)

Externally, Surya signifies those people or relationships in our life that are strongly related to royalty, power and the identity of the society. These are presidents, leaders, and directors. Since the Sun is at the center of the solar system, controlling the orbit of all the other grahas, it governs people with power or authority. On a smaller scale, this could be a governor, mayor, and in the family environment, the father. Surya represents those buildings that reflect power and dignity, such as temples, mansions and palaces. Physically, Surya rules the aspects of the body that are most dominant in terms of control (the brain), the maintenance of life (heart) and maintaining the shape (bones). Surya rules the right eye. Internally, Surya represents our tendency, ability or talent to act as a leader or authority. Qualities signified by Surya: are aristocratic, dominant, authoritative, leading, fatherly, strong. Surya relates to square shapes. Surya represents the element of fire, as well as the many ways fire can expressed in other qualities. In the scheme of colors, the bright red is signified. In the spectrum of taste, the pungent taste is the hottest. Out of the three substances, Dhatu ("metals", any lifeless substances), Moola ("root", and plant form) and Jeeva ("life", any animal or human form), Surya relates to Moola. Determining what objects are signified by Surya: Of any living being or thing, whatever part of it controls the rest, such as a control board, is related to Surya. In social structures, that is the leader. Within a computer, that would be the cpu. In a car, the combination of steering wheel and pedals. Among objects that belong to a similar group, such as varieties of trees, the Sun would represent the ones that are particularly strong or dominant.

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