Secrets Of The Sapphire

The Kaula tantra called Brihad Nila Tantra, or the exposition of the Sapphire Blue Saraswati and the Tararahasya or the Secrets of Tara, talk of this Saraswati, the spouse of the creator of the universe or the Brahma-Shakti, or creative aspect. She is the wife of Brahma and in the Natha Kuala tradition of tantrism a part of Dattatreya who is an amalgam of Vishnu, Brahma and Mahesh. Dattratreya is the patron guru of the Natha tradition. In the Hindu Tantrarajatantra, where Her mantra is given as Om Tare Tuttare Ture Svaha, identical to the Tibetan version, she is called Kurukulla.

Tantric ritual around her abounds because she is considered secret, powerful and immediate in giving boons. She is invoked by tantriks as Nilasarasvati, Aniruddha Sarasvati, Ugra Tara, and Tarini. She is important for the tantric as in the form of Nilasarasvati she immediately bestows the fruit worshipping her on the upasaka as she is the shakti of the alphabet, the Matrika Shakti.

She is important in Tantrik cosmology because mantra, words and music are considered to be the very source of the cosmos. As Matrika Shakti she deludes the entire human race with Her Maya of letters, and words. This has been expressed in a Tantrik form, but, practically speaking, it is sufficient to say that much hypnosis (Maya) comes about through a web of words. People can be killed by the use of the mantra. Thus Her power and place in the Tantrik pantheon is quite justified, and Her mantra is described as a Siddha-Vidya, the cause of Maya and enchantment.

According to the Todala Tantra the sadhaka has to start the Tara ritual by meditating on Tarini, who is visualized as being as bright as the rising sun in the apogee of a sphere of light, a place surrounded by beautiful maidens with fans and bells. He has to meditate on being one with her absolutely absorbed in her surrounded as she is by a gentle zephyr laden with scent and perfume and incense. This he has to do under the wish fulfilling tree that is placed in the center of the island of glittering gems.

With this he enters a realm of magic and high ecstasy before he prepares for the vamachara or the left handed worship of Tarini for supernatural boons including power over people's mind. Therefore this is also called a miracle tantra.


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When a sadhaka starts or even aspires to the kundalini he has to undergo a process of mental cleansing. For a modern sadhaka one wonders what the first niyamas would be. The first is to unlearn normal ways of everyday thought. This would mean immediately plucking out judgmental and analytical thought processes. This would immediately lead on to the fourth brain circuit of sexual thinking. This would also mean meditating at the plateau level for at least 38 minutes everyday. This should be able to generate news ideas.


The sadhaka has to unlearn traditional ways of thinking. The aspirant is given full freedom to let sensations and dreams float through his mind. Gentle spiritual music helps. The physical world is not negated but used to bring energy to all circuits. So physical energy is never negated in preference to mental energy. Tantra realizes that the brain functions mostly with one circuit along with two parallel circuits that are only playing supporting roles. The Freudian thesis of Id, ego and superego also functions in this fashion. So the kundalini yoga or tantra actually support this classification. The fourth brain circuit denies rationality.

If semen is allowed to be expelled, the kundalini is not activated because the loop is then controlled entirely by one sexual circuit. As sexual energy builds, the third brain circuit increases its energy level to maintain control. The third brain circuit opens a pathway to the fifth brain circuit. The semen also opens a pathway to the fifth brain circuit and the two brain circuits working together increase the activity of the fifth brain circuit. The kundalini teacher therefore preserves all these three circuits by rigorous cleaning of the mind through discipline.

The sexual brain however needs to be given full sway for its play within this field of energy. The aspirant therefore visualizes a golden light all around him like a shield. In case of distractions and too much traditional thinking, the aspirant is asked to visualize a mirror-like shield reflecting energy back to the source. This is the correlation between the yantra and the brain circuits. The mantra and the yantra both help in meditation on free energies of the universe with the goal of affecting top emotional and sexual control.

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