Saturn In 12 Signs


(1) laziness, etc. (2) obstruction (3) horse (4) elephant (5) skin (6) gain (7) proof of witness (8) distress (9) sickness (10) misunderstanding (11) misery (12) death (13) happiness through a woman (14) maid servant (15) asses and mules (16) outcast (17) one with disfigured limbs (18) haunting woods (19) handsome look (20) gift (21) a lord (22) a portion of life (23) eunuch (24) one born of the lowest caste (25) birds (26) the three sacred fires (27) a servile duty (28) unrighteous conduct (29) one without manliness (30) telling lies (31) long lasting (32) wind (33) old age (34) tendons and muscles (35) strong at the end of the day (36) Sisira ritu or winter (37) great anger (38) exertion (39) born of a very low mother (40) bastard (41) Golaka (42) dirty clothes and house (42) wicked mind (44) friendship with the wicket (45) black color (46) evil (47) cruelty (48) ashes (49) black grains (50) gems (51) iron (52) nobility (53) a year (54) Sudra (55) Vaisya (56) one representing the father (57) learning the trade of another class (58) crippled (59) sharp (60) a blanket (61) facing West (62) life saving drugs (63) downward look (64) living by agriculture (65) life saving drugs (63) downward look (64) living by agriculture (65) arsenal (66) a student belonging to another caste (67) external position (68) fondness for the North-eastern quarter (69) serpent world (70) downfall (71) lost battle (72) wandering (73) a spear (74) lead (75) misdirected strength (76) a Turk (77) worn out (78) oil (79) wood (80) Brahmin (81) the Tamas (82) travelling through forests and over mountains (83) hard-heartedness (84) fear (85) long standing distress (86) hunter (87) ugly hair (88) entire sovereignty (89) alarm (90) goats and the like (91) buffalos and the like (92) indulging in sex pleasure (93) dressing oneself for amorous appeals (94) worshipping god Yama (95) dog (96) theft and (97) cruel-hearted. [Jataka Parijata] Significations: misery, the servant, is dark in form, eunuch, malefic, a person of a hundred years, the color black, iron, a stainless sapphire, West, a heap of rubbish, astringent, the element air. Saturn has stiff hair and limbs; he is lean. His body is dark as Durva grass. His composition has phlegm and wind in it. He has large teeth and eyes of a fine reddish brown. He is intent on dark designs and disposed to inactivity. Saturn occasions distress, by leading to acts which the evils of poverty breed by means of friends and thieves as also by diseases affecting the joints. It is Saturn that settles a person's period of life, livelihood, the cause of death, his adversity and prosperity. Saturn is predominant in Thula, Makara, Kumbha, in the 7th house from the Lagna, in his passage to the south of the Equator, in his own Drekkana, weekday and Dasa, in the concluding portion of a sign, in planetary war, in the dark half of a month, and in all the twelve signs when retrograde. Saturn is the Karaka(significator) of the 6th,8th, 10th and 12th house. Saturn in the 8th house from the Lagna gives invariably what is agreeable. The enemies of Saturn are the Sun, the Moon and Mars. Jupiter is neutral towards Saturn. Venus and Mercury are his friends.

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