The Snow Girl ! (First Photo From Sarita)

Soul Near Approach of Goddess!

Night after night we made our night halt in the wilderness, and as the darkness fell we gathered sticks of acacia and camelthorn, the dry sapless bushes of the chambal forest, with which to make a fire. They burned up so quickly and brilliantly, but almost as soon they died away. They had so little substance that when kindled they were consumed almost immediately.

I always thought of mind when that happened, and his astonishment at the fire in the forest that did not die down. But what was even more astonishing was that the bush itself was not consumed but remained intact […]

What are we to see in [the burning bush]? Fire that is steady and undying, fire that burns and does not burn away, fire that has no tendency to destruction in its own nature, and fire that is not consumed by its own activity. Surely all that may well be taken as a symbol of the One divine Being whose being derives its law and life from itself […]

But here is a remarkable fact in this Old Testament record that we must consider: The fire of Goddess had no destructive nature - on the contrary it gave life - but immediately I approached the burning bush there leapt out of its flames a voice of urgent command: "Draw not nigh hither put off they shoes from off thy feet, for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground." Instantly, I knew that my life was threatened […] Now why was it that although the fire carried no threat to the forest bush, but rather enhanced its life, yet when I came near, it terrified him and menaced my soul? Burning in this bush and not consuming it was the eternal flame of the life of Goddess, the power of an endless life, the inexhaustible source of love. This is the very Goddess to whom all men aspire, and for whom our mortal souls pant. Human beings grow weary and decay and crumble away into the dust, but here is the fountain of unending life, life that burns like a fire, so gently that it does not burn or consume […]

I draws near, but immediately I am thrust back, and I am afraid because I am a sinner. I am unclean, and Goddess is infinitely holy, and in the presence of sin even Goddess's love is as a consuming fire […] How are we, then, to approach Him? How can we share in the life and the love which He offers to us, who are sinners? […]

Goddess washes the heart of the disciples and makes them clean, and in which through the Holy Supper She gives them to participate in the life and love of Goddess.

Sea Facts!

It is known sea food
Puts you in sea mood
It is known the sea floor
Extends to a sea shore

These are common sea facts
Like when sea waves are calm and free
Crashing to the shore endlessly attracts
Everyone to take of in jest and flee
See not and hear not, there is no evil
Above and below sea level

Most seaports
Have a seaside resort
And most seafronts
Have a sea restaurant

But many rooms with a sea view
Are yet to see a sea rescue
Or watch a sea adventure
With any or at least one sea creature
Like a sea mammal
Or a sea animal

These are common sea facts
The sea has such beauty to attract
With sea shells
Woven from sea spells
To treasured sea beds
And to cherubic sea birds

You need seamanship
To take a sea ship on a trip
Or fly a seaplane
As a sea captain

There have been sea battles and sea bandits
The sea is a venue people love to use to meet
There have been sea monsters and seaquakes
Believe you me some of these myths are not fake
And now I have given you a little sea taste
I urge you not to let these sea facts go to waste

These are common sea facts
On your knowledge they most have made an impact!

Sarita & Sagar

Under the light of the silver moon
We two sat, when our hearts were young;
The night was warm with the breath of June,
And loud from the meadow the cricket sung,
And darker and deeper, oh, love, than the sea,
Were your dear eyes, as they beamed to me.

The moon hung clear, and the night was still:
The waters reflected the glittering skies;
The nightingale sang on the distant hill;
But sweeter than all was the light in your eyes -
Your dear, dark eyes, your eyes like the sea -
And up from the depths shone love for me.

My heart, like a river, was mad and wild -
And a river is not deep, like the sea;
But I said yout love was the love of a child,
Compared with the love that was felt by me;
A river leaps noisily, kissing the land,
But the sea is fathomless, deep and grand.

I vowed to love you, for ever and ever!
I called you cold, on that night in June,
But my fierce love, like a reckless river,
Dashed on, and away, and was spent too soon;
While yours - ah, yours was deep like the sea;
I cheated you, love, but you died for me!

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