Sahamas Sensitive Points


Sahamas are the significant points in the zodiac related to specific matters. For example, “raajya” means kingdom and “raajya sahama” is a significant point in the zodiac related to obtaining kingdom. “Paradesa” means a foreign country and “paradesa sahama” is a significant point in the zodiac related to going abroad. Each sahama has a formula that looks like A – B + C. What this means is that we take the longitudes of A, B and C and find (A – B + C). This is equivalent to finding how far A is from B and then taking the same distance from C. However, if C is not between B and A (i.e. we start from B and go zodiacally till we meet A and we do not find C on the way), then we add 30º to the value evaluated above.

For example, finding (Moon – Sun + Lagna) is equivalent to finding how far Moon is from Sun and taking the same distance from lagna. If we start from the longitude of Sun and go zodiacally till the longitude of Moon and do not find lagna on the way, then we have to add 30º. The list of important sahamas is given in Table 9. For most sahamas, the formula given as (A – B + C) is for daytime charts. For nighttime charts, it changes to (B – A + C). This will not be explicitly mentioned for each sahama and a mention will be made only when there is a difference.

Table 9: Sahamas

  1. Sahama Meaning Formula

1 Punya Fortune/good deeds Moon – Sun + Lagna
Vidya Education Sun – Moon + Lagna
3 Yasas Fame Jupiter – PunyaSaham + Lagna
4 Mitra Friend Jupiter – PunyaSaham + Venus
5 Mahatmya Greatness PunyaSaham – Mars + Lagna
6 Asha Desires Saturn – Mars + Lagna
7 Samartha Enterprise/ability Mars – Lagna Lord + Lagna(Jupiter – Mars + Lagna, if Mars owns lagna)
8 Bhratri Brothers Jupiter – Saturn + Lagna (same for day &night)
9 Gaurava Respect/regard Jupiter – Moon + Sun
10 Pitri Father Saturn – Sun + Lagna
11 Rajya Kingdom Saturn – Sun + Lagna
12 Matri Mother Moon – Venus + Lagna
13 Putra Children Jupiter – Moon + Lagna
14 Jeeva Life Saturn – Jupiter + Lagna
15 Karma Action (work) Mars – Mercury + Lagna
16 Roga Disease Lagna – Moon + Lagna (same for day &night)
17 Kali Great misfortune Jupiter – Mars + Lagna
18 Sastra Sciences Jupiter – Saturn + Mercury
19 Bandhu Relatives Mercury – Moon + Lagna
20 Mrityu Death 8th house – Moon + Lagna (same for day &night)
21 Paradesa Foreign countries 9th house – 9th lord + Lagna (same for day& night)
22 Artha Money 2nd house – 2nd lord + Lagna (same for day& night)
23 Paradara Adultery Venus – Sun + Lagna
24 Vanik Commerce Moon – Mercury + Lagna
25 Karyasiddhi Success in endeavours Saturn – Sun + Lord of sunsign(Night: Saturn – Moon + Lord of Moonsign)
26 Vivaha Marriage Venus – Saturn + Lagna
27 Santapa Sadness Saturn – Moon + 6th house
28 Sraddha Devotion/sincerity Venus – Mars + Lagna
29 Preeti Love/attachment SastraSaham – PunyaSaham + Lagna
30 Jadya Chronic disease Mars – Saturn + Mercury
31 Vyapara Business Mars – Saturn + Lagna (same for day &night)
32 Satru Enemy Mars – Saturn + Lagna
33 Jalapatana Crossing an ocean Cancer 15º– Saturn + Lagna
34 Bandhana Imprisonment PunyaSaham – Saturn + Lagna
35 Apamrityu Bad death 8th house – Mars + Lagna
36 Labha Material gains 11th house – 11th lord + Lagna (same forday & night)
Example 5: Let us consider the annual chart of Error! Reference source not found. and find artha sahama (money), samartha sahama (enterprise/ability) and vanik sahama (commerce).

Let us use the formulas given in Table 9. Formula of artha sahama is: 2nd house – 2nd lord + Lagna. Because the chart is cast for the night time, we should reverse the formula. However, as the note in parantheses after the formula says, this formula should be used for both day & night. Lagna is at 10 Cp 50, i.e. 28050'. The 2nd house is at 10 Aq 50, i.e. 31050'. Lord of the 2nd house is Saturn and he is at 19 Ar 10, i.e. 1910'. So artha sahama = 31050' – 1910' + 28050' = 57230'. We can add or subtract multiples of 360º from a longitude to reduce it to the range 0º to 360º. By subtracting 360º, we get 21230'. This means that artha sahama is at 21230'. This means 230' in Sc or simply 2 Sc 30. Now we have to check whether the C is between B and A in A – B + C. We have to check whether lagna (28050') is between 2nd lord (1910') and 2nd house (31050'). It is – if we start from 1910' and go till 31050', we do encounter 28050' on the way. So we don’t have to add 30º.

Formula of samartha sahama is: Mars – Lagna Lord + Lagna. Because this chart is cast for night time, we should make it Lagna Lord – Mars + Lagna. Lagna lord Saturn is at 19 Ar 10, i.e. 1910'. Mars is at 24 Pi 58, i.e. 35458'. Lagna is at 28050'. So samartha sahama = 1910' – 35458' + 28050' + 360º. We added 360º to make the result positive. We can always add and subtract multiples of 360º from any longitude. So samartha sahama is 3052'. If we start from 35458' and go zodiacally till we reach 1910' (when we reach the end of Pisces, we go to Aries), we do not encounter 28050'. So lagna is not between Mars and lagna lord. So we add 30º. Samartha sahama is finally at 3352', i.e. at 52' in Pi or simply 5 Pi 02.

Formula of vanik sahama is: Moon – Mercury + Lagna. Because this chart is cast for night time, we should make it Mercury – Moon + Lagna. Moon is at 15 Pi 14, i.e. 34514'. Mercury is at 11 Aq 28, i.e. 31128'. Lagna is at 28050'. So samartha sahama = 31128' – 34514' + 28050'. So vanik sahama is 2474'. If we start from 34514' and go zodiacally till we reach 31128' (when we reach the end of Pisces, we go to Aries), we cover a large arc of about 330º. On the way, we do encounter 28050'. So lagna is between Moon and Mercury. So we don’t have to add 30º. Vanik sahama is at 2474', i.e. at 74' in Sg or simply 7 Sg 04.

Use of sahamas

If there are good yogas in an annucl chart involving the lord of the rasi containing an important sahama and lagna lord, then important events related to the matter of the sahama may materialize during the year.

We can also use sahamas in natal charts. When Saturn or Rahu transits close to natal paradesa sahama or jalapatana sahama, for example, one may go abroad. When Jupiter occupies or aspects natal vivaha sahama in transit, one may get married. Thus we can use sahamas in natal charts also.

NOTE: In western astrology, there are Arabian parts (e.g. part of fortune) which are similar to sahamas. In fact, there are a lot of similarities between the techniques in Tajaka system and western astrology.

Some people may suggest that Indians learnt Tajaka system from Arabs. This is possible. However, one must note that astrology as practiced in India is much superior in width and depth to astrology practiced in any other part of the world. Indian astrology is a big superset of which different astrological traditions of the world are but small subsets. One may speculate that Vedic astrology as taught by Parasara, Jaimini, Manu etc was very exhaustive in scope and experts in different branches of it traveled to different parts of the world in ancient times to establish the knowledge there.

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