Remedies Of Stars In Different Dashas Of Life

Jupiter (Retrograde)

Jupiter is the star of life,making sense about living of life,gives breathing power.Jupiter in third house,this house related to Mercury,and also making sense about communication power of person,making sense for the dress up cloths,making sense to make relations for the life livings,third house always connected with seventh house,this house gives results of life mate,and partner of life,business,opposition in court causes etc.Third house makes relations with 11th house this house also related to friends,and elder co born.Retrograde Jupiter always gives reverse results in above fields,person want quick response of each kind of job,relations,etc.and by this nature every known person gives response like selfish by nature.Topaz is the best remedies of this type Jupiter if person wear topaz in first finger of left hand.

Mars (Retrograde)

Mars in birth chart has values of blood,if Mars retrograde it means the heating values of blood low by nature,the blood of mother also full with environment always heated in the matters those related to family maintain.Remedies of this Mars is Coral in pendent.

Saturn (Retrograde)

Saturn is the star of karma and always makes strength for living area,education and body labor,but Saturn is retrograde and not able to make body labor,this Saturn can make jobs those called mind job,Saturn having place in the area of education,and education area in the basic area,person can make job related to basic education area,this area also called as area of amusement, person can handle basic parts of amusements,this area also called area of games,lottery,quick money jobs,and person can handle basic jobs in above jobs.The stone is white sapphire for the Saturn,and middle finger of right hand.

Moon with Rahu

Moon is mother and Rahu is dark clouds,mother always in tensions,matters related to risks in outer world,matters related to helps from government,matters related to jobs and career and matters related to gains and outer helps from people,tensions also makes body illness when no money possible for the free flow.Gomed is best for the Rahu,and it will helps to mother in mind tensions,if person can provide Gomed to her mother.

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