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Last Name : Sharma
Email Address : moc.liamg|s71amrahsanadnav#moc.liamg|s71amrahsanadnav
City : Delhi
State : Delhi
Country : India
Birth Day : 17
Birth Month : 09
Birth Year : 1981
Birth Time Hour : 06
Birth Time Minute : 03
Question : Guruji Namashkar,

Mere liye ek rishta aaya hai,ek Lakshmi narayan seva trust delhi se, wo log punjabi hai aur hum log brahman, mein aapko uski details bhej rahi hu. Please tell me what will i do? kahi aisa na ho kisi galat jagah rishta ho jaaye. Please help me.
The details of the match given below:


DOB : 26-02-1981

TOB : 07:58:00 AM

POB : New Delhi



Your birth sign is Virgo,and Mercury is the lord of this sign,Mercury having place in birth sign,with lord of 12th house Sun,and lord of fifth and sixth house Saturn,these all stars are trine with Ketu.Marriage and life related matters always depends on Jupiter,present time Jupiter is passing through fifth house,and making relations with Ketu,Jupiter in your birth sign and having good connections with Ketu,ketu is the star of education and lord of family matters,Jupiter up to one year in your fifth house,and there are more communication related to marriage and managing family matters.
By your sending birth details,this person making communication with the helps of Rahu and Moon,birth sign of this person is Meen Rashi,and this Rashi in seventh from your birth sign,Moon and Rahu always tension creater,Mars,Sun and Venus in 12th house.When Venus and Mars in 12th house,person always gives tensions to spouse,Mars is temper maker and Venus is soft and family maintainer,also Mars from 12th house gives short tempering,Venus in the 12th house,he is a good gainer from out side people like from aboard countries,father and his brother (Uncle) always in tensions from each other,by the borth birth chart there are good guna matching,26 gunas are matching with this person,and only one dosha in this matching it is Bhakoot Dosha (Love).


Last Name : vasudevan
Email Address : moc.orpiw|navedusav.jaravuy#moc.orpiw|navedusav.jaravuy
City : coimbatore
State : tamilnadu
Country : India
Birth Day : 15
Birth Month : 08
Birth Year : 1986
Birth Time Hour : 00
Birth Time Minute : 20
Question : Hi i am in love with a girl named sankareswari (16/02/1987). she is also in love with me. we had sex too. but now she is avoiding me.
Please tell where she will come back or what i want to do for her to come back.


Your birth sign is Taurus and lord of this sign is Venus,Venus in fifth house with Ketu,Rahu is making opposition with Venus,and Rahu is controloing by Mars,Mars having place in house of death,also controlling your house of friends,and your communication and expressing house,Sun and Mercury in the house of expressing,Saturn and Moon having place in the house of seventh,that confusing with your reputation and money matters,and she leave your self,you confused by the way of emotional feeling,but she is not hot water,like in your seventh house Saturn and Moon making ice,this ice first making cool your heart,and you was unable to express your feeling like others.Wait up to Jan.28,2009.She will declaire her answer.


Last Name : swami
Email Address : moc.liamffider|niimaws_v#moc.liamffider|niimaws_v
City : hapur
State : U.P
Country : India
Birth Day : 23
Birth Month : 01
Birth Year : 1974
Birth Time Hour : 10
Birth Time Minute : 10
Question : my future


Your birth sign is Meen rashi and guru is the lord of this sign,guru having place in house of friends and gains through your spouse,this house also related to elder coborns,Sun in this house,and there are same genrations like your father,There are more tensions from your mothers's side,one brother always making tensions related to family and money matters.You are two brothers and one has not generic power in this world,You have two kids in good condition and two are not having living position in this world,like Moon and Mercury both are strength less in your 11th house.In the house of spouse supporter of house hold works is making much negativity in your life.she feels always cold,some times this combination (Saturn and Ketu) gives only connectivities with friend circle,and gives results like unmarriadge situations.

Harjeet kaur

Last Name : aravind
Email Address : moc.liamffider|67anival#moc.liamffider|67anival
City : mumbai
State : maharashtra
Country : India
Birth Day : 26
Birth Month : 01
Birth Year : 1976
Birth Time Hour : 01
Birth Time Minute : 45
Question : mere naam rashi ke bare main janna hai


Your birth sign is Libra and Moon sign is Scorpio,name sign in India always count by the Moon sign,by the vedic astrology your name sign is Scorpio "Na",is the first alphabet of your name.


Last Name : saxena
Email Address : moc.liamffider|66xasjar#moc.liamffider|66xasjar
City : delhi
State : delhi
Country : India
Birth Day : 26
Birth Month : 07
Birth Year : 1966
Birth Time Hour : 11
Birth Time Minute : 45
Question : Respected Pandit Ji, I want to know my future because i m very disturb this time and i have to pay a huge amount in shape of loan. kindly tell my future how can i get rid of my financial problem and which stone will suit to me. I shall egarly awaited your reply. Please also tell me can i get success in share market.
Your birth sign is Virgo,and lord of this sign is Mercury,Mercury is retrograde positon in 11th house,this house related to Counseling, advising, friendship in relation to trade, sales, etc., professional hostess, reception clerk, psychologist, organizational worker, humanitarian, advisor, outreach worker, counselor, visiting nurse, candy-striper, club officer, social worker, lobbyist, psychiatrist, parole officer. Concerns friendly groups of acquaintances who come together in clubs, societies, and organizations. People who befriend and encourage progress of the mentally and physically handicapped or underprivileged. Those who offer helpful advice in an impersonal manner.Retrograde Mercury having trine strength from Saturn this star also having retrograde position,and retrograde Saturn always good in house of Jupiter and Your good time will be start from Feb.2016.Your time of going here and there is starting from jan.2009.Like the post of a helper.


Last Name : kumar
Email Address : moc.aidni-etp|leenus#moc.aidni-etp|leenus
City : delhi
State : delhi
Country : India
Birth Day : 22
Birth Month : 02
Birth Year : 1974
Birth Time Hour : 04
Birth Time Minute : 00
Question : i have no child after marriage (marriage date 25.11.03) & financial problem my wife date of birth 08.09.1977 (time 15.15) city jalandhar punjab also kalsarpyog


Your birth sign is Dhanu Rashi and Jupiter in the third house with Sun Moon and Mercury,there are not any single chances to find baby child,Your prestige will be start by the making adoptaion of a girl child.

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