Predictions By Vedic Astrology

Here you see North Indian type birth chart. The style of counting birth chart from right to left. here number 3 is placing in Lagan means it is Ascendent. Number 3 means it is the number of Rashi (sign). Rashi is Mithun (Gemini) and this rashi's number is 3. You count number from right to left, first number 3, it is lagan and see number 4 it is house of money and physical wealth that earn by the body. Here is Cancer sign (Karka). Next you see number 5 it is Leo sign, and called in Vedic astrology Simh Rashi. It has place in third house. Third house always makes showing values of person related to birth chart. then you see number 6, it has place in fourth house, this house related to mind mother vehicles and also known as the life up to 25 years. This sign related to Virgo, and named in Indian Kanya Rashi. Means person related to this birth chart has many troubles related to living,related to mother and related to house and mind vehicles etc. by the effects of this sign. first birth of child also makes sens by the this sign,and area of education and personal business also seeing by the this house. Next you can see number 7th, it related to Libra sign and this sign makes balanced mind and education by the reashi effects.Person always think in balance and can represent the values of memory by the balance, This house related to kids, quick money gains amusement games and memory power. After this house you see number 8, it has place in 6th house,this number related to Scorpio (Vrishchik Rashi). This house related to enmity daily jobs this house also makes sens about laborious jobs, diseases also related to this house. Younger sister and brother of mother also related to this house.this number related to house of death or house of graveyard,and if there are not any supports of the good star to this house it means person related to this house always in troubles with paranormal strengths. Doctors not in condition to rectify the disease, if person start to make check up different doctors then different reports of medical reports possible. After this number number 9 having place in 7th house,this number related to Sagittarius sign (Dhanu Rashi). this house related to life partner and also related to fighting of whole life for the person who related to this birth chart.

This sign always makes good karma in life and life mate always good by this sign,Jupiter is the lord of this sign,this sign also related to relations of jobs. second brother or sister also related to this sign. Number 10 is the sign of Capricorn (Makar Rashi). this sign has place in house of death,this house also related to risk and makes meaning of life's time. After this house number 11 related to Aquarius sign (Kumbh Rashi). this house related to luck religion and aboard living. The part of higher education also related to this house.

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