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Gemini as the lagna indicates a curious and experimental approach to life. Gemini natives tend to be multi-talented, and are in a state of determining which of their talents to focus and cultivate. They make their way through life through trial and error, experimentation as it were, based upon that which they understand through their active intellects. They are friendly, communicate, and fair in nature. Most importantly, their intelligence and knowledge direct their life.
The evolutionary goal is to develop the opposing quality of Sagittarius. To believe and have faith in those things they do not understand or are unable to measure with their intellect. They must also learn to focus their minds and intellects on those things that will serve some purpose and that are not merely entertaining. This tends to give partners who are more philosophical or idealistic in nature, or partners who teach the native faith through their lives, or by demanding it as a result of not being as rational and explanatory as the native may desire.



Ketu in the 9th indicates that the native in recent past lives created security through faith in their belief system. There has also generally been a focus on teaching what one believes. Rahu in the 3rd indicates that they must now test their beliefs through trial and error, to find out what really works for them, as well as displaying their skills, knowledge and talents through active participation rather than through teaching. Rahu here usually indicates a skilled personality and one who is quite focused and directed with the use of their skills, strength and energy.
Ketu in the 9th also indicates that the native has been quite broad in his approach to life and his understanding. Rahu in the 3rd indicates a need to focus on what is of greatest concern, to narrow their approach so that they can effectively complete what is of greatest importance to them.


Ketu in Aquarius indicates a native who in recent past lives has attempted to create security by identifying with groups and peers of like-minded individuals. This has created security in the world, but now leaves the native feeling less secure with themselves as an individual. The native's security and self-esteem is conditioned by what their peers think, do, or say about the them. This results in a lack of satisfaction with oneself and the need to develop one's individual inspirations.
The opposing placement of Rahu in Leo urges the native towards self-inspiration and a self-esteem that is based upon their own nature, and not on the views of others. This self-inspiration may be so powerful that the native is unable to see any other goal but their own, or may even think that others should do the same as they. This is the height of insecurity.
Eventually, Rahu brings to attention the native's personal insecurities, which reveal that they are not entirely secure amongst the group. If they were so, they would have no personal insecurities. Ultimately, they need to feel secure when they can be themselves, with their differences and similarities, amidst the group, pursuing their own inspirations, while allowing others to do so as well.


The influence of Ketu on Mars (with rasi aspect) creates a nativity that in recent past lives has established a security foundation based upon one's strength and will. In this life the native generally has some insecurity and doubts revolving around the use of their will and this causes their will to become humbled. They are generally inclined towards peace, but they may actually have violent thoughts, which may even surprise themselves. There is generally some inability to harness their will according to their demand and this may cause great frustrations and explosions in temper. Often, there will be thoughts of great adventure and heroism, when it comes down to the real thing, however, the native either withdraws, with doubt, from the challenge, or experiences some lack of fulfillment even if becoming the victor in the challenge.
Mars and Ketu are both violent planets that tend to break and injure things; therefore the areas of life that are under the influence of both Ketu and Mars tend to suffer some injury or damage. This completes the karmas of breaking, fighting, etc. from the past lives.


The influence of Ketu on Jupiter (with rasi aspect) indicates a native with some deeper spiritual attachments, ideals, or devotion. Living a life of ideals, spirituality, etc. in the past incarnations has resulted in the ego experiencing a heightened degree of security in the world. Ketu's job as liberator is to now free the ego from any attachment to living a life of ideals. This almost always results in the native at some point in life finding himself in some circumstance that prevents them living out their idealistic nature. This generally creates guilt, self-blame, and self-criticism that may be fed by the blame and criticism of others as well. These events serve to free the native from any attachments to doing good, which otherwise could impair one's spiritual growth. The conjunction to Jupiter appears significantly more powerful in this respect.
The influence of Ketu on Jupiter indicating the native having attempted to gain security in recent past lives due to their belief system may also create a huge need to see their beliefs manifested fully in this life. This need is never met, which causes the native to doubt their beliefs. This creates room fore the native to advance their understanding, though they are generally not inclined to advance their understanding until circumstances force them to.
Ketu, though a malefic, is beneficial for the spiritual life, thus Jupiter influenced by Ketu also tends to deepen one's insight, knowledge, and spiritual devotion and generally indicates a spiritual or philosophical person of some sort.


The influence of Ketu on Venus (with rasi aspect) indicates a nativity that has developed great tact and diplomacy when dealing with all mundane affairs of life as well as having enjoyed much of the pleasures the world can afford. In this life the native experiences a general discontent with worldly delights, even though there is an initial expectation of fulfillment from these things. In a spiritual nativity this influence may be conducive to developing spiritual devotion.
Venus is a planet of pride, under the influence of Ketu, humility is being developed and pride is never excessive.


The influence of Rahu on Saturn indicates a native that has difficulty in developing and maintaining security and stability. Those things the native feels attached to, or hopes to acquire security through are often taken away. Outer instability generally results in nerve-wracking conditions, and there is generally some inner instability and tension that makes the experiences of life less enjoyable. The only thing the native can really do to combat this is develop a dispassionate and detached mentality, which is particularly hard for them.
Rahu influencing Saturn also generally indicates a lack of consistent, long-term focus in life. The native will usually have a happier life once they are focused and secure in their path.
Rahu and Saturn are both separating influences, the house that they are both influencing will usually be an area where the native experiences complete or lengthy separations.


The influence of Rahu on Mars (with rasi aspect) indicates a native who is in need of developing the healthy use of their will and power. The native usually has an explosive potential and many power struggles with people. The native may have a lack of confidence in using their will. This may create abusive situations in life as well as anger and frustration whenever one's will is thwarted or challenged. The insecurity revolving around the use of their will that causes their self-esteem to feel threatened may lead to aggressive and abusive behavior. The native needs to learn a proper application of the use of the will, part of which is to know when to use it and when not to.
Rahu influencing Mars indicates ideas in the mind that something must be had at any cost, the option of not having or not winning is out of the question. This may cause over aggressiveness or excess impulsiveness.


The influence of Rahu on Venus (with rasi aspect) indicates a native with a very powerful desire nature that causes disruption with what they want, particularly with regards to relationships. There is generally a tendency to experience powerful hypnotic attractions to individuals of the opposite sex. These attractions are the result of one aspect of the person to whom the native is attracted to seem like the all, when in fact it is only one small aspect that the native is attracted to. This small aspect is something that the native is attempting to develop within himself at the time of the attraction. The result is a tendency to "fall in love" before seeing the person completely for what they are, which results in eventual disappointment or discontentment. Maintaining balance and harmony in relationships are found to be difficult for the native and they need to develop some discrimination with regards to whom they fall in love with, as those people they fall in love with rarely validate their love or fulfill their desire.
Venus represents conscious desires. Rahu represents subconscious desires, primal desires, hopes, wishes, fantasies, strange longings, etc. Putting these together may result in a very compulsive desire nature, which has little chance of fulfillment. The resulting discontent may eventually serve to motivate the native towards some spiritual fulfillment, provided there are strong spiritualizing factors in the horoscope.



If Jupiter is exalted, the native is happy, optimistic, kind, and forgiving. The native also feels innately that their life has purpose and meaning.


When Mercury is combust the individual experiences feelings of vulnerability when making requests. The self is identified with the function of speech and feels hurt and rejected when his requests are slighted or denied. The ego is fearful of having its request denied and therefore feeling rejected on a personal level. Even legitimate requests such as asking for a well-deserved raise, requesting from loved ones and returning an item to a store become difficult. After some time the individual feels taken advantage of and unfulfilled at which time anger and resentment set in. The individual must recognize that they must take direct responsibility for getting their needs and desires met by communicating them clearly and strongly. They are generally only able to communicate their desires and needs more overtly through hints, or in a joking manner. Combust Mercury presents the most trouble in personal relationships where a clear communication of needs and desires is important for maintaining harmony and in business affairs where money must be asked for. In essence, when Mercury is combust the native is angry because they are unable to maintain a fair exchange with others.
Generally the issues revolving around a combust Mercury develop in this lifetime when the native, as a child, felt rejected when making requests for things from the father, and the father answering something like this, "What do you want that for, its stupid, a waste of money, etc."

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