Prediction Of A Person Birth Date 21st Oct 1975 Time 23 56 A


To Cancer lagna, life and their well being is very dependent upon their mental attitude. They make inner adjustments to the varying factors of life and their ability to do so decides the quality of their life. They feel everything and are sensitive, but the degree of happiness they have depends upon their ability to feel what they feel with the understanding that feelings are just a reflection and therefore a particular feeling should not be considered more preferable than another. If they are unable to do this, then their feelings may be a source of suffering in their lives. Their actions are largely motivated by their needs; the degree that they need to have their needs fulfilled by external sources determines their happiness. The degree to which they understand that their needs are responsible for their happiness or unhappiness, and not the external fulfilling of those needs, determines their level of happiness and contentment.
The evolutionary goal is to develop the opposing quality of Capricorn; they must learn that even though they have within them the ability to fulfill all their needs, that this leads to a corresponding external fulfillment of the needs as well, and that those activities are an important part of their development. Along with this they must also learn that if their needs are being threatened by external factors, that they still have some work to do with maintaining their own capacity to fulfill their needs. This generally gives partnerships with those that are more capable of fulfilling their needs through external factors, or partners that force the native to develop their ability to fulfill their needs externally.



Ketu in the 10th indicates that the native in recent past lives has developed security through their ability to manage outer conditions or through obtaining status of some sort. In this lifetime external forms of security will not be as fulfilling, and those things that provide external security will be short lived.
Rahu in the 4th creates upsets and instability in life that scars the very core of the native. There is great fear, instability, and emotional weakness. The native now needs to develop their inner security.
Ketu in the 10th house also indicates attachment to one's karmas, with those actions they perform. In recent lives these actions gave a degree of security, in this life they utterly fail and the native has no choice but to develop their inner security, the need for which is indicated by Rahu in the 4th house.


Ketu in Aries indicates that the native in recent past lives has created his security through personal initiative, strength, and will. Much of this was done with only the goal in sight, the consequences, or price was generally not considered. In this lifetime the native will experience doubts that serve to curb their impulsiveness. Also in this lifetime events will transpire that force the native into situations that require courage and strength to fulfill a goal that has a high price, a price that may be higher than the native may want to pay. This, though, is usually the result of the previous karmas of impulsively or willfully pursuing a goal, without thought for the consequences.
Rahu's position in Libra indicates that the native is in need of developing the talent of seeing that every action has a price, and that that price must be willingly paid. The key to living a happy life is to determine the price of their desires and actions, so that they will know what they are getting themselves into, or if indeed they even want to pursue their desired actions.
Ketu in Aries, indicates a native that has acted through its own initiative, strength and will. As a result of this they may view the many things that happen in their lives, or that effect others, as their own fault, or due to them. Rahu in Libra has to teach that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, the law of karma. Much of what happens is not due to them, or their fault, but only the natural workings of the law of karma that allows all men to reap the due rewards of their actions.


The influence of Ketu on the Moon indicates a deeper, probing, mentality that generally suffers discontentment in the world. When Ketu influences the Moon, the mentality is not so superficial as to be able to simply enjoy the pleasures of the world. The mind is always looking deeper, beneath the surface, and thus there is always a nagging discontent and questioning. This creates an introverted mindset, which in a spiritual nativity is conducive to spiritual practices. In other nativities, this may cause introversions and frustrations that may have violent or explosive eruptions. Generally it is found that natives with Ketu influencing the Moon have an interest in psychology.
Another noticeable trait of Ketu's influence to the Moon is to make the native very emotionally controlled and rigid. When they are in a negative mood, there is not a lot anyone can do to cheer them up, they pretty much have to suffer through the mood, after which they will get up feeling just fine. In fact the depths of their moods rarely correlate to what brought the mood upon them. There will usually be associated sub-conscious and past life feelings stirred up by that which triggers the mood. After the mood, the native will appear as balanced and controlled as usual, but one of the reasons the moods are so severe is that the natives do not flow with, and reveal, their feelings, until a buildup has occurred, and then the deep mood. These natives also have an ability to cheer anyone out of a mood; this is due to their ability to not let any feelings come through except those that they want to reveal.
In recent past lives, those with Ketu influencing the Moon have established a level of security and safety in the world by controlling their reactions to the many painful things in life. Controlling is one thing, feeling is another, so there is usually some pent-up pain in the native that is released when a mood is triggered. The developmental goal is to purge the mind from subconscious pain, remorse, regret, etc. and to develop a spiritualized mentality that truly remains at peace amidst the varying conditions and reactions of life, rather than a mentality that controls the feelings and reactions.


The influence of Ketu on Venus (with rasi aspect) indicates a nativity that has developed great tact and diplomacy when dealing with all mundane affairs of life as well as having enjoyed much of the pleasures the world can afford. In this life the native experiences a general discontent with worldly delights, even though there is an initial expectation of fulfillment from these things. In a spiritual nativity this influence may be conducive to developing spiritual devotion.
Venus is a planet of pride, under the influence of Ketu, humility is being developed and pride is never excessive.


The influence of Rahu to the Sun indicates an evolutionary urge to develop the personality, individuality, creative will and expression. The native is generally self-willed and appears magnetic, powerful and confident. What the native actually feels, however, is entirely different. They generally feel very insecure and not stable or grounded in themselves. The expression of confidence and power is what they hope to realize, which only happens when they become secure in their individuality. The native projects strength and power, though experiencing doubts and lack of confidence in an attempt to compensate for their weakness. This can never result in their really feeling confident and the result is a breakdown of all that they thought was important to their self-development, in other words an identity crisis.
The urge to develop their creative will causes them to look upon everything that comes their way as an opportunity to manifest their goals or desires. In natives exhibiting self-centered tendencies this may create a personality that believes that everybody else is there for them.
Generally the native has not had his masculine side validated for the qualities that are true to ones self, one's svadharma. This causes inner frustration and turmoil with regards to what one's focus and purpose in life is. Not feeling confident and secure in one's svadharma creates stagnation of the best sides of oneself. Oftentimes the native has had a role placed upon him that was not true to his nature but instead an ideal someone else had for him. This ideal often includes some concept that the native is better than others are or special. This helps to reinforce an expression of confidence and strength over the insecure core of their self and individuality.
In time the native gains opportunities to develop their personalities along their natural lines and to learn that they are no different, better or worse than others, but only different in the roles they play. It usually takes them a long time to feel secure and comfortable with themselves and their place in life.


The influence of Rahu on Venus (with rasi aspect) indicates a native with a very powerful desire nature that causes disruption with what they want, particularly with regards to relationships. There is generally a tendency to experience powerful hypnotic attractions to individuals of the opposite sex. These attractions are the result of one aspect of the person to whom the native is attracted to seem like the all, when in fact it is only one small aspect that the native is attracted to. This small aspect is something that the native is attempting to develop within himself at the time of the attraction. The result is a tendency to "fall in love" before seeing the person completely for what they are, which results in eventual disappointment or discontentment. Maintaining balance and harmony in relationships are found to be difficult for the native and they need to develop some discrimination with regards to whom they fall in love with, as those people they fall in love with rarely validate their love or fulfill their desire.
Venus represents conscious desires. Rahu represents subconscious desires, primal desires, hopes, wishes, fantasies, strange longings, etc. Putting these together may result in a very compulsive desire nature, which has little chance of fulfillment. The resulting discontent may eventually serve to motivate the native towards some spiritual fulfillment, provided there are strong spiritualizing factors in the horoscope.



When the Sun is debilitated the many changing and unsteady things in life having a correlative effect on the native resulting in the native themselves lacking steadfastness in will and activities. Self-assurance is lost, and the native easily succumbs to desires and social trends instead of focusing on his inspirations. That which the debilitated Sun influences in the horoscope is disrupted due to the native's lack of consistency, steadfastness and inspiration.
If the debilitated Sun has its debilitation cancelled, the native develops a strong sense of self that includes an awareness of the unity underlying all life and the balance inherent in all activity. The fiery nature of the Sun, however, will not be expressed.


If Mercury is exalted, the rational mind is precise, practical, efficient and inventive. The native is very capable in the management of their affairs and capable of prioritizing their duties in an efficient manner that reduces stress and worry. There is a high discriminative capacity. Communication is clear and intelligent, providing the capacity to establish proper boundaries and maintain fairness in all associations.

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