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The native with Aquarius lagna is becoming individualized. As the soul travels from stone, to plant, to animal and then to human existence it is still not ready to return to Spirit. Not until the consciousness becomes individualized is it ready to return home. Being individualized is to be aware of one's differences, similarities, pluses and minuses and accept them completely. This is to be psychologically healthy. This is what occurs in Aquarius, which, lorded by Saturn, gives this through struggles that allow one to see who they really are and forces them to accept it. The native will therefore have personal insecurities that are a result of an acute awareness of their separateness and a great awareness of their differences. Through detachment the native learns how to let go of any insecurities that cause them to act like they are more or different than they are, or that prevent them from doing the things they are inspired to. Accepting themselves as they are is an important factor to their wellbeing and happiness.
The evolutionary goal is to develop the qualities of the opposing sign, Leo. The Aquarius native must learn to see the uniqueness of their personality. That in standing as an individual they are playing the role offered to them in this incarnation. Doing this with detachment allows them to fully enjoy their lives and be free from the psychological suffering that Saturn, as the lagna lord, may give. Partnerships tend to be with those that support the native's individuality, or with more dynamic, magnetic, or self-centered people that help the native to recognize their own individuality when confronted by their partner's.



Ketu in the 6th indicates a native who believes that happiness and security can come from overcoming the difficulties the world offers through effort and human intelligence, and that worthy success comes from making appropriate efforts. Rahu in the 12th house breeds a growing discontent with all worldly activity and the desire to become free from duties and works. This is a result of not gaining the expected happiness through the efforts indicated by Ketu.
Rahu indicates that the native is becoming free of their works and material concerns and desires freedom from worldly struggles. For this to happen work must be completed as indicated by Ketu's placement in the 6th house, and the native must become free from the attachment of how their efforts may improve their life. Ideally this produces a karma yogi; the native does his work with detachment, with no thoughts for the fruits, but performs his activities so that he may become free from them. If the native does not look upon their duties in a manner similar to this, then eventually discontent will set in and escapist activities will be pursued. These escapist activities are generally the pursuit of addictions, sex, or excessive expense.


Ketu in Cancer indicates a native who in recent past lives has created security by stabilizing, or controlling their emotions and reactions to the events in life. This makes for a more introverted personality, and one more attached to going inward to find comfort than to tackle things externally in order to create security. There is a tendency to over-control the feelings and reactions, which may cause eruptions or moods to be triggered when the native can no longer take it. It is because the emotions are controlled, rather than enjoyed with detachment, that these moods occur. The native needs to learn to allow the emotions to flow freely, to let the feelings feel what they may, without any fear of the pain that may be involved with this. The greater the emotions and reactions are controlled as a result of what the outer environment brings the more out of control and chaotic the external environment will be. Rahu in Capricorn indicates this out of control, chaotic outer environment and instability. Through Rahu in Capricorn the native learns to create balance and stability in their external lives that reflects a balanced internal security. A controlled inner security, the security indicated by Ketu in Cancer, is not a balanced security, and the imbalances will be revealed by external factors being unstable through Rahu in Capricorn.
Rahu in Capricorn also indicates a tendency to fear the many terrible possibilities of the world that are a natural part of life. In order to overcome these fears a tendency to overly control the environment arises, which results in nothing but more stress. As the native truly becomes secure inwardly, these fears are alleviated.


The influence of Rahu to the Sun indicates an evolutionary urge to develop the personality, individuality, creative will and expression. The native is generally self-willed and appears magnetic, powerful and confident. What the native actually feels, however, is entirely different. They generally feel very insecure and not stable or grounded in themselves. The expression of confidence and power is what they hope to realize, which only happens when they become secure in their individuality. The native projects strength and power, though experiencing doubts and lack of confidence in an attempt to compensate for their weakness. This can never result in their really feeling confident and the result is a breakdown of all that they thought was important to their self-development, in other words an identity crisis.
The urge to develop their creative will causes them to look upon everything that comes their way as an opportunity to manifest their goals or desires. In natives exhibiting self-centered tendencies this may create a personality that believes that everybody else is there for them.
Generally the native has not had his masculine side validated for the qualities that are true to ones self, one's svadharma. This causes inner frustration and turmoil with regards to what one's focus and purpose in life is. Not feeling confident and secure in one's svadharma creates stagnation of the best sides of oneself. Oftentimes the native has had a role placed upon him that was not true to his nature but instead an ideal someone else had for him. This ideal often includes some concept that the native is better than others are or special. This helps to reinforce an expression of confidence and strength over the insecure core of their self and individuality.
In time the native gains opportunities to develop their personalities along their natural lines and to learn that they are no different, better or worse than others, but only different in the roles they play. It usually takes them a long time to feel secure and comfortable with themselves and their place in life.


The influence of Rahu on Mars indicates a native who is in need of developing the healthy use of their will and power. The native usually has an explosive potential and many power struggles with people. The native may have a lack of confidence in using their will. This may create abusive situations in life as well as anger and frustration whenever one's will is thwarted or challenged. The insecurity revolving around the use of their will that causes their self-esteem to feel threatened may lead to aggressive and abusive behavior. The native needs to learn a proper application of the use of the will, part of which is to know when to use it and when not to.
Rahu influencing Mars indicates ideas in the mind that something must be had at any cost, the option of not having or not winning is out of the question. This may cause over aggressiveness or excess impulsiveness.


The influence of Rahu on Mercury indicates an intellect that through experimentation, trial, and error, is learning to develop the discrimination that serves to help one make the most beneficial choices in life. The developmental need is to learn to gather facts and information to use as a foundation for understanding in life. The experimental nature of this may indicate a native with an original and inventive mentality. There is generally a tendency towards indecisiveness when making important decisions, which the native always feels unprepared for no matter the advice or information they have gathered. This is due to the difficulty in really understanding what they know. Without real understanding, more facts just lead to more indecision.


The influence of Rahu on Jupiter indicates a native in the need of defining their belief system and purpose. There is usually some discontent, unhappiness, or lack revolving around their religious upbringing and this may make one irreligious or disinterested in spiritual values. If there are strong spiritual factors in the horoscope, the influence of Rahu on Jupiter may create an aspiring spiritual personality, but one that is usually more inclined towards preaching and teaching to others, which they do to compensate for their own lack of understanding. They are essentially preaching and teaching to themselves.
The influence of Rahu on Jupiter also indicates a strong need to find meaning and purpose in life. Until this happens, the native usually suffers some discontent and a lack of clear direction. There may be a tendency to become overly enthusiastic about a venture, but only for a short while, after which discontent and purposelessness set in. The native needs to find an inner purpose that gives meaning to life in order to overcome this discontent.
The conjunction of Rahu to Jupiter seems to be much more severe and when under the influence of Mars or Saturn, creates Guruchandala yoga, making one irreligious, a hypocrite and suffering on account of children. In a woman's nativity, this additionally indicates suffering due to having difficulty finding a worthwhile marriage partner. The aspect is not nearly as severe in its negativity. The strong aspect of Jupiter onto Rahu, in fact, eventually alleviates a lot of the trouble indicated by Rahu. The strong aspect of Jupiter indicates that the native will eventually be able to understand the areas Rahu is influencing and learn to do what is needed to maintain happiness.


The influence of Rahu on the Moon (with rasi aspect) results in some weakness in the mind that is in need of strengthening. This is generally the result of the mind not being centered in the heart, instead being centered externally or remaining unfocused. When the mind is centered externally there is discontent and depression that comes from the lack of fulfillment the world has to offer. When the mind remains unfocused there is a higher degree of psychic disorders, and/or a lack of clarity and concentration. Rahu influencing the Moon may give heightened psychic sensitivity but usually this is also accompanied by a weakness that make the native more sensitive to psychic disorders.
Other weakness of the mind caused by Rahu may be various types of mental derangement, but for any serious difficulties other malefic influences must also be indicated. In the horoscopes of natives with strong spiritual tendencies, Rahu influencing the Moon may give strong attunement.
The discontent that Rahu casts upon the Moon is also a cause of addictions. Addictions also serve to make the mind unfocused, which results again in psychic disorders. Rahu may also give a tendency to live in the imagination, in the realm of fantasy, wishes and hopes, which ultimately lead to discontent and depression because in the end the native still lives in the real world.
In female natives the conjunction of the Moon with Rahu creates a strong feminine magnetism, and a strong emotional transparency that is attractive to men. However, the woman herself feels ungrounded and insecure and is usually not emotionally healthy enough to enjoy a relationship.
The need for the native, when Rahu is influencing the Moon is to learn to keep the mind anchored in the heart, the one place of true satisfaction for it. With natives having spiritual tendencies this is an eventual possibility.


The influence of Rahu on Saturn (with rasi aspect) indicates a native that has difficulty in developing and maintaining security and stability. Those things the native feels attached to, or hopes to acquire security through are often taken away. Outer instability generally results in nerve-wracking conditions, and there is generally some inner instability and tension that makes the experiences of life less enjoyable. The only thing the native can really do to combat this is develop a dispassionate and detached mentality, which is particularly hard for them.
Rahu influencing Saturn also generally indicates a lack of consistent, long-term focus in life. The native will usually have a happier life once they are focused and secure in their path.
Rahu and Saturn are both separating influences, the house that they are both influencing will usually be an area where the native experiences complete or lengthy separations.



If Mars is exalted, the native's will and strength are strong and controlled. The native has courage, stamina, and perseverance, as well as efficient use of their energy. That which exalted Mars affects in the horoscope progresses in the face of all odds due to the native's strength of will in making what he thinks should be, or what he wants to be, come to pass.


If Jupiter is debilitated, there is a desire to find something of lasting meaning in the material world; this not being found results in feelings of purposelessness, lack of faith and hope. That which a debilitated Jupiter affects in the horoscope suffers due to a lack of the faith necessary to get through hardships, and also due to giving up because no grand purpose is seen in continuing.
If debilitated Jupiter has its debilitation cancelled, the native finds that meaning and purpose in life can come from the simple things.


If Venus is exalted, the native has the capacity for maintaining mutual respect, from which love grows, in all their relationships. There is great energy for devotion and creating things of great and refined beauty. The desire nature is pure and though the native will be passionate, their passions will be controlled and idealistic. Most significantly, the native will have the ability to determine the worth and value of their actions and desires when it comes to making important decisions. They are, therefore, able to choose an option with the knowledge that they chose the one of greatest worth, confidently and with no regrets.

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