Point Of Life

Point of Life.

A progressed point, obtained by advancing 0 Aries at the rate of 7y per Sign. A planet at this point is presumed to affect the native according to its nature and strength. The theory appears to recognize the importance of the equinoctial degree as an individual point, and to associate it somehow with the Uranus motion, and the progressed motion of the Moon.

Point of Love.

As this represents the position of Venus in a Solar figure, and as Venus never has a greater elongation from the Sun than 48 , this Arabian Point can never be in other than the 11th, 12th, 1st or 2nd Houses.

Polar Elevation.

The Elevation of the Pole, or the Pole of the Descendant, is relative to the north or south latitude of the place for which a map is erected. Proceeding northward from the Equator the North Pole appears to rise up toward the zenith. The elevation of the Pole at London is 51 30' - the latitude of the city. The Poles of the Houses increase as they recede from the Imum Coeli and the Mid-heaven, which have no polar elevation, toward the Ascendant and Descendant. The cusps of the intermediate Houses, have polar elevation proportional to the positions at which they cut the Prime Vertical or Circle of Observation - the circle in which a person stands when facing South.

The formula whereby to ascertain the Pole of a planet, is one-third of the planet's semi-arc: the difference of elevation of the two cusps:: the planet's cuspal distance: its proportional polar distance. To ascertain the cuspal distance of a planet from the Oblique Ascension of the cusp, subtract the planet's Oblique Ascension or Descension under the pole of that cusp.

To find the Oblique Ascension of a cusp - add 30 to the Right Ascension of the Mid-heaven for each successive House eastward.

To find the Oblique Descension, subtract 30 for every House westward from the Mid-heaven.


Literally, that quality or condition in virtue of which a body exhibits opposite, or contrasted, properties or powers, in opposite or contrasted, parts or directions.

(1) The opposite point in the zodiac to the Sun position in any nativity may be spoken of as its Sun's polarity; usually employed in the harmonization of two maps.

(2) Since opposing signs are said to complement each other, any diameter can be termed a polarity. It is through this principle that Air and Fire signs are deemed more harmonious, since belonging to the same polarity. Similarly with the Water and Earth signs. This polarization of two groups through the polarization of one member of each group is illustrated in Solomon's Seal (q.v.) a six pointed star produced by the juxtaposition of two triangles.

(3) In any one nativity, polarity as used by Leo refers to a relationship between the Sun and Moon positions; viz., Sun in Leo, as polarized by the Moon in Libra. The basic thought is probably that a life revolves around an axis which has as one pole its Sun destiny, and the other pole its Moon desires, the character of the polarization dependent upon the degree of harmony or disharmony that exists between the signs positing the two luminaries.

Maurice Weymss classifies the polarities as follows:

Polarity:….Signs……………….Root Instinct….Simple Instinct

Electric:….Aries and Libra………Food obtaining…Acquisitiveness

Crystalline:.Taurus and Scorpio……Reproductive…..Constructiveness

Energy:……Gemini and Sagittarius..Imitative……..Mimicry

Solid:…….Cancer and Capricorn….Precautionary….Acquisitive

Gaseous:…..Leo and Aquarius……..Communicative….Sympathy

Liquid:……Virgo and Pisces……..Herd………….Service

Precession of Equinox and Pole

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