Planetary Significators

Planetary Significators. In external affairs the solar system bodies exercise influence as follows:

Sun: Leaders and persons of authority in government, religious and industrial organizations.

Moon: Public life and the fickleness of the public; fluctuations of popularity, changing fortunes; the common people, and the transportation and distribution systems that serve them; the home and home life; the place of residence; the mother, and women generally; in the State, women of title; the ocean, and voyages by water; water and liquids in general, and persons who follow occupations connected with them; places and houses near water; removals, mystery, romance.

Mercury: Business matters, letter writing, short travels, the neigh- bors and their gossip; schools, colleges, and all places where teaching and learning are pursued; scientific and literary organizations; printing-works, publishing offices, and all who are occupied at these places; buying, selling, bargaining, trading.

Venus: Social activities; women, especially those younger; art, music, literature; beautiful objects, and anything that is prized for its beauty; ornaments; things of luxury and pleasure; jewels, toys, fine clothes, articles of adornment; pictures, flowers, dancing, singing, acting in so far as these express beauty or pleasure, apart from skill or intelligence; all places where these things belong, and where such occupations are carried on; sweethearts, wives, the home and household; conjugal love, as embodying affection rather than passion.

Mars: Steel, cutlery, weapons of war, sharp tools, and those who use them, fires, slaughter houses, mortuaries; brick and lime kilns; athletics and sports, in so far as they express courage, enterprise, strength and dexterity.

Jupiter: Expansion and growth, and their expression in terms of material wealth; occupations, persons, and places associated with religion, law, and education; public functions and assemblies of a state or official character; charitable and philanthropic movements and institutions; social gatherings, theatres and clothing.

Saturn: Restrictions, delay, poverty, defects, darkness, decay; the father; stability in friendship; secrets, misfortunes, sorrows, fatalities; the ultimate uncombined atomic condition of matter; also the state of matter called "earth," and those whose occupations are concerned with it; ascetics of every description, whether religious or not; hermits, misers, and those who fast or starve; workers employed by municipalities or the State; older people; old plans, matters already started; del)ts and their payment; karma; practicality; good advice; widows and widowers; mountainous and hilly places, or open country, especially rocky and uncultivated; caves, ruins; corpses, graves, and churchyards.

Uranus: Those who have power and authority over others, either on a large or small scale - from King, Parliament and Prime Minister downwards; the chief, the ruler, the wielder of authority; inventors, discoverers, pioneers and antiquarians.

Neptune: Democratic and popular movements, mobs, the common people; mystics, dreamers, visionaries, psychics, mediums; perhaps hospitals and charities.

Pluto. Idealistic organizations that attack the social ills; social organizations designed to combat groups of individuals who believe they belong to a privileged class. Ideas that are ahead of their time, that will not bear fruit until readvocated by some disciple thereof in the next generation.

Planetary Significators - Horary.

In Horary Astrology the solar system bodies are subject to the following interpretations:

Sun: The querent - if a man. Rich and powerful relations; the person in authority, from whom an honor or favor is desired; the one capable of saving the querent from embarrassment; goldsmiths, jewelers, reformers, educators.

Moon: The querent - if a woman. The mother, or the woman in the case; servants, sailors, navigators, and those in contact with fluids or liquids.

Mercury: The bringer of tidings; news of that which is lost; artificers, thieves, ingenious and clever persons, who live by their wits; mathematicians, secretaries, merchants, travelers, teachers, orators, ambassadors.

Venus: The person in whom the querent may be interested, particularly if a young woman; embroiderers, perfumers, entertainers, artists, dealers in ornamentation, designers of clothing, interior decorators, lovers of pleasure, managers of places of amusement.

Mars: If favorably aspected, a strong and aggressive friend; if unfavorably aspected, a revengeful enemy; surgeons, chemists, soldiers, munition manufacturers; all who use sharp instruments; rough and uncultured persons; thieves, and such as live by violence.

Jupiter: The wise friend of the querent upon whom he depends for protection or assistance; a person of advanced years noted for integrity; rich and generous friends or relations; clothiers and dealers in essential commodities; mountebanks, dissipated relatives or friends; the black sheep of the family; counsellors, ecclesiastical dignitaries, judges, lawyers.

Saturn: Persons who, through narrowness of outlook, endanger the success of querent; aged and conservative or indigent friends or relatives; day laborers, religious recluses, those engaged in agriculture and mining, paupers, beggars, clowns; sometimes prudent counsellors; if unfavorably aspected, a person with ulterior motive.

Uranus: The querent's friend in an emergency; unexpected elements, persons from afar, inventors, electricians, indicators of change; astrologers, humanitarians, psychologists, mental specialists. If favorably aspected, a person bringing new and important propositions. If unfavorably aspected, losses through impostors or unwise speculation.

Neptune: Those concerned with the investigation of scientific or metaphysical secrets; profoundly wise and eccentric individuals geniuses, prophets, spiritual counsellors; persons of mysterious origin; those engaged in water pursuits.

Pluto. The leader of an organization waging a strike, boycott or lockout, to establish a precedent for some principle; the writer who instigates a reform movement or mass reaction.

Planetary Significators - Mundane. In Mundane Astrology, the significance of the solar system bodies is as follows:

In a consideration of world affairs, the planets supply the initiating factor, whether personalities or environment; the aspects, its favorable or unfavorable action; the signs, the geographical divisions of the earth's surface to be affected; and the houses, the economic or political conditions of the people to be affected or activated.

Sun: Executive heads; governmental and legislative.

Moon: The proletariat, particularly the women; crowds; subjects or objects of popular interest; water transport conditions and occupations; land and crops.

Mercury: The intelligentsia, the literary world; the transportation and communications industry; the press, educators, speakers, news commentators; change.

Venus: Ambassadors of good will and preservers of the peace; artists, musicians; theatres and festivals; births, children; courtship and marriage. Unfavoring aspects bring plagues and pestilences.

Mars: Military leaders; surgeons; persons liable to die; engineers; agitators, incendiaries, criminals and crimes of violence; epidemics of infectious and contagious diseases; wars. Commotions are stirred up by Mars aspects to the Sun.

Jupiter: judiciary; ecclesiastical heads; industrialists and capitalists; philanthropists and philanthropic movements; influences in support of order; peace, prosperity and plenty. If afflicted, over-production.

Saturn: The minor state executives and law enforcement authorities; Civil Service employees; land owners and mine operators; elderly persons; public buildings, national calamities, scarcities.

Uranus: Air and rail transport; labor organizations, strikes and riots; civic organizations; anarchy, explosions, inventions; the electrical and radio industry.

Neptune: The little people; social movements; socialized medicine and hospitalization; charities; seditions; socialistic political movements; widespread unrest.

Pluto. Organized labor; chain store syndicates; group activities; mob psychology - whether the mob be capitalists drunk with power or unemployed crazed by hunger.

Planetary Spirits. In Occultism, the seven highest hierarchies, corresponding to the Christian archangels, which have passed through states of evolution in past cycles.

Planetary Vegetation and Herbs

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