Planetary Angels

Planetary Angels.

Sun, Michael; Moon, Gabriel; Mercury, Raphael; Venus, Arnad; Mars, Samael; Jupiter, Zadkiel; Saturn, Cassiel; Uranus, Arvath.

Planetary Colors.

All authorities, though variously, associate the colors of the spectrum with specific planets. In fact there are almost as many versions as there are authorities. Nevertheless the following planetary associations represent a consensus of opinion:

Sun: Orange, gold, deep yellows.

Moon: White, pearl, opal, light, pale blues; iridescent and silvery hues.

Mercury: Insofar as Mercury can be said to have any appropriate colors of its own, slate color, spotted mixtures. Most authorities agree that Mercury generally assumes the color of that planet with which it is in nearest aspect.

Venus: Sky-blue to pale green, lemon yellow; and tints in general as contrasted to colors.

Mars: Red, scarlet, carmine.

Jupiter: Royal purple, violet, some blends of red and indigo, deep blue.

Uranus: Streaked mixtures, checks and plaids like Joseph's coat "of many colors."

Neptune: Lavender, sea-green, mauve, smoke-blue and possibly peculiar shades of gray.

Pluto. Luminous pigments, in unusual shades containing a large percentage of red.

Planetary Days.

Certain planets are by some deemed to have added strength on, or to exercise rulership over, certain days of the week, which was considered in the assignment of names to the days. (v. P. Hours.)

Planetary Flavors.

According to Sepharial, these are:

Sun: Sweet, pungent.

Moon: Odorless, insipid.

Mercury: Cold, mildly astringent.

Venus: Warm, sweet.

Mars: Sharp astringents, acids, pungent odors.

Jupiter: Fragrant, bland.

Saturn: Cold, sour, astringent.

Uranus: Cold, brackish, astringent.

Neptune: Subtile, seductive.

Pluto. The so-called aromatic flavors, in which solubility releases both taste and aroma.

Planetary Forms.

According to Sepharial, these are:

Sun: Circles, full curves, helical scrolls.

Moon: Irregular curves, crooked lines.

Mercury: Slender curves, short incisive lines.

Venus: Curved lines, rhythmic scrolls.

Mars: Sharp angles and barbs; fine straight lines.

Jupiter: Full generous curves.

Saturn: Cramped forms, straight short lines, sharp, clear-cut outlines.

Uranus: Mixed forms, broken lines.

Neptune: Curved lines, rhythmic curves, nebulous and chaotic forms.

Pluto. Heavy straight lines and sharp angles, in complex combinations.

Planetary Hours

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