Planetary Anatomy


Operates chiefly through the anterior pituitary gland(पीयूष ग्रन्थि जो शरीर के बढने और कामुकता का उदय करती है., to affect the circulation of the blood through the heart and the arteries; the tear ducts; the spinal cord.


The substance of the body, as distinguished from the vitality flowing through it; the alimentary canal; the child-bearing female organs and functions; the lymphsएक द्रव पदार्थ जो खून के सफ़ेद रुधिर कणिकाओं को सम्भालता है और शरीर में इन्फ़ेक्सन को रकता है; the sympathetic nervous system; the cerebellum, the lower ganglia.


The thyroid gland; the brain and the cerebro-spinal nervous system; the sense of sight; the tongue and the organs of speech; the hands as instruments of intelligence.


The thymus gland, the sense of touch; the throat, kidneys, and to some extent the generative system. Its influence has been said to operate through the solar plexus, upon the functions of digestion and nutrition. It has an indirect influence upon features, complexion, hair - in so far as those express beauty.


The cortex, or cortical portion of the adrenal glandगुर्दा; the head, externally; the sense of taste; the breasts and the maternal functions, and in part the generative organs; the motor nerves; the excretory organs; the red corpuscles of the blood.


The posterior pituitary gland; feet, thighs, liver, intestines, blood plasma, muscles, growth; also control of shoulders and arms, in motions that for effectiveness depend upon good timing.


The medullary portion of the adrenal gland; the skin and the secretive system; teeth; bones, joints and tendons-particularly the knee and the calf of the leg; the spleen; the organs and sense of hearing.


The parathyroid gland; the brain and nervous system; the electric and magnetic emanations.


The pineal gland, the organs of extra-sensory perception; intuitive and psychic receptivity.


The Pancreas, and the digestive glands; the enzymes which effect catalytic and hydrolitic transformations essential to proper metabolism.

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