Offshoot Of Yoga In The West Free Masonry

In the Occidental world, Free Masonry existed as a noble science and as a royal Art. Pythagorus was one of the founding fathers and Free Masonry was enhanced by scholars who were familiar with Oriental Wisdom. It originated from the Vedists of the East and its development was greatly influenced by Pythagorus. Similar to the Oriental belief of benign forces helpingan aspirant, there existed a belief (in Free Masonry) of a Grand Lodge in the heavens watching over the Masonic Israel on earth and superintending its development.

Our aim is the Union of East and West, of inner freedom and outer mastery. Isn't the Universe one perfect Whole and aren't we parts of that Whole? All Seers have seen that perfect Whole as nothing but Love!

Vedic Astrology - Lesson 8

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