Neptune In Virgo

Strange things can happen at the workplace or to your health. You seek to serve and to perhaps nurse and take care of others. Sometimes it may be difficult for you to get started on your work or to work logically and systematically in order to get the job done. In your work, you may encounter people who are "two-faced", causing you pain and suffering. You are extremely sensitive to your workplace conditions and you need pleasant and peaceful surroundings. If these are not present, then you may experience unusual health difficulties, some of which may be real and some of which are only in your head.You are a psychic sponge that absorbs the atmosphere around you. Herbal healing or holistic techniques may work better for you than traditional medical techniques. You are capable of making great sacrifices in your work. Just don't play the martyr.

Money through Neptune

Virgo sing related to unknown diseases,and if every medical report start to make different report about the disease is unknown, it all by the effects of Neptune from sixth house.There many remedies like lighting white candle daily on evening time in the area of south-west side.Fix a water pot with mixing sea salt in blue glass of plastic pot.

Nature of Neptune in Virgo

Neptune is the soul and if person always makes activities like a soul and gives reasons those are not perfect in visual ways it means there are the high effects of Neptune.This type person not want much food not has interest in clothing living and physically always find weak by body and much strength if there are some tension.

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