Mundane Or International Astrology

The United States is ruled by Gemini, an intellectual and enterprising sign. Aries rules England. This is confirmed by Shakespeare who defined London as the seat of Mars!

This royal throne of kings, this sceptred isle,

This earth of majesty, this seat of Mars,

This demi-Eden, this semi-Paradise,

England, bound in with a triumphant sea,

Whose rocky shores beat back the envious seige

Of watery Neptune!

Aquarius rules Russia. It is ruled by Saturn, who, in the words of Cheiro, symbolises an unknown and unknowable power, Soviet Russia! Jupiter rules the Mongloid race (Asians). America's symbol is the Eagle, indicating that the US will have dominion over air!

The Law of Cosmic Interrelatedness

This Law points out that not only all parts of the Cosmos are interrelated but all sciences (as parts of the Whole) are interrelated.


Pythagorus saw that the Key to the Mystery of the Universe was held by numbers. Furthur researches in Astro-Numerology has shown that Combined Fadic, Name and Birth Numbers have effects along with the individual Fadic, Name & Birth Numbers.


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