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Moon represents Mother, Vegetation, Flowers, Constituents of Blood, Water, and is a Cool Planet. In a Kundali the moons position indicates the Question or subject in mind. A debilitated Moon relates to Malaria, Moon in 10 th house causes continuous change in Jobs or Business or the persons tendency is such. Persons with moon in 10 th house regularly re-arrange things or articles in the house. Moon Rules : Stomach, Digestive System, Large & Small Intestine.Female genital system, Periods, swings in Mental outlook/Moods, Sadness/Joy, dejection, Bladder.

Moon with other Stars in first House

Moon, Mars: wicked, poor, talkative and not virtuous.

Moon, Mercury: good speech, rich, beautiful, passionate, modest and addicted to other women.

Moon, Jupiter: good-looking, long-lived, very famous, has attractive eyes and hair on the head.

Moon, Venus: interested in good affairs, beautiful face, affluent, interested in being virtuous and dear to king.

Moon, Saturn: earns money in bad ways, knows only bad things, mean-minded, be attached to others money, won by unsocial elements.
Moon, Mars, Mercury: has a fine house to live in, very wealthy, just, free from enemies and knowledge in scriptures.

Moon, Mars, Jupiter: happy, very prestigious, attached to his work, virtuous, many friends and a great person.

Moon, Mars, Venus: subjected to much grief, vices, highly placed relatives, very intelligent and bright in appearance.

Moon, Mars, Saturn: ever modest, fond of guests, donates liberally, very wise and stands to gain.

Moon, Mercury, Jupiter: king, attractive physique, valorous and be always happy.

Moon, Mercury, Venus: very efficacious, virtuous, no knowledge of arts and well versed in justice.

Moon, Jupiter, Venus: marries a highly placed lady, rich food to eat, very happy and donates liberally.

Moon, Jupiter, Saturn: not so efficacious (appealing physique-Hora Ratna), firm, eloquent, inimically disposed to the public, will have knowledge of poison and interested in bad deeds.

Moon, Venus, Saturn: has sons and money, maintains fasting and other religious observations, methodical planning, bright and good mind.
Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter: dark and long body, interested in fighting, suffers blood related disorders and poorly dress himself.

Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus: not having sons and wealth, ugly ears, teeth and eyes, a voracious eater, ascetic and wicked.

Moon, Mars, Mercury, Saturn: uneven legs, ugly hair and ugly teeth.

Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Venus: ugly physique, ugly nails and ugly sides, indulges in unacceptable deeds and will be a tale-bearer.

Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn: very famous, helpful to others, free from enemies, attached to his sons and affectionate to his preceptors.
Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus: interested in comforts, always pure and clean, interested in listening to auspicious stories (puranas), a beautiful body and leader of men.

Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn: good knees and feet, follows his elders in respect of fame, wealth and happiness, interested in performing sacrifices, worships etc.

Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Saturn: more gains, subjected to fear, venereal diseases due to union with poor women and wanderer.

Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn: endowed {with happiness, fleet of horses and many friends}, proud, dear to good people and will befriend elders.

Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn: loss of horses, practices self restraint, presents an artificial person while his inward nature is different (cunning, diplomatic, unreliable), pious and parents live with him.
Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn: has vices and various diseases.

Moon with other stars in 2nd House

Moon, Mars: ruled by the public, dejected wife, looks old, ungrateful, a servant, wicked and bright in appearance.

Moon, Mercury: very rich, free from vices and dear to king.

Moon, Jupiter: king, splendorous, virtues, destroys enemies, many sons and liked by the public.

Moon, Venus: virtuous, wealthy, either a king or a minister, many friends and attached to his son.

Moon, Saturn: no wealth, follows bad course, troubled by enemies, argumentative in nature and relatives perish.
Moon, Mars, Mercury: vicissitude, harsh in speech, scandalous in money matters, childless, much anger, diseases and forsaken by his relatives.

Moon, Mars, Jupiter: poor in status, devoid of wife, issue and wealth, very greedy and diseases.

Moon, Mars, Venus: diseases caused due to phlegmatic disorders, does not respect his preceptors, very justly disposed and banned from the purview of scriptures.

Moon, Mars, Saturn: naturally wicked, fond of alcohol, interested in gambling, dejected soul and forsaken by his relatives.

Moon, Mercury, Jupiter: a king, insulted much, beautiful and endowed with learning and riches.

Moon, Mercury, Venus: affluent, number of friends, learned in scriptures, virtuous, and always affectionate.

Moon, Mercury, Saturn: efficacious and helpful, spendthrift, grief on account of his wife, a donor and will cheat others.

Moon, Jupiter, Venus: happy, good ideals, a king, very famous, very wise and a questionable (mean) profession.

Moon, Jupiter, Saturn: free from anger, interested in good conduct, sweet in disposition, attractive and affectionate to his son.
Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter: dear to sages/good people, interested in scriptures and epics, devoted to Brahmins and pleasing to look at.

Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus: interested in visiting shrines, religious observations and scriptures, worshipped by others and equal to a king.

Moon, Mars, Mercury, Saturn: considers money as most important, agricultural profession, has a fleet of horses, gold, famous, poet, interested in giving donations/gifts and attractive in appearance.

Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Venus: calculative, a scholar and dear to Brahmins.

Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn: successful, virtuous children, affluent, honored even by kings, observes religious regulations, owns various kinds of horses, robes and things, free from diseases and virtuous.

Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus: interested in performing sacrifices of religious nature and serving the virtuous, able speaker, very wealthy and interested in scriptures.

Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn: dear to Brahmins, attractive body, speaks smilingly, always happy and dear to the king.

Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn: a chief with the king, respected even by his enemies, much wealth and donates liberally.

Moon, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn: chief among many men, respected by kings, is a minister, always happy and famous.
Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus: interested in working for his relatives, very wealthy, learned in scriptures and pure.

Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Saturn: good friends, modest, disinterested, does not have food to eat and suffers from lung disorders.

Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn: devoted to elders and Brahmins, good looking, liberal and skilful in divine undertakings, viz. Puja etc.
Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn: has the seas as boundaries of his kingdom, holds the flag of virtue aloft and very famous.

Moon is only supporter of human

Moon makes tensions when Rahu gives strength.Moon always freeze when Saturn gives strength.Moon always hot when Mars gives strength.Moon always mad when Mercury gives strength.Moon always donor when Jupiter gives strength,Moon always depends on others when Ketu gives strength,Moon always like machine when pluto gives strength,Moon always sycophant when Uranus gives strength,Moon always soul nature when Neptune gives strength.

Worship of Moon

Always worship of new Moon,always walk when full Moon present,always make relations when Moon is wax,always gives donations when Moon not present in night,always keep safety when Moon in 6th or 8th house,always make journey when Moon in front,always do hidden job when Moon in front.

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