Moon In Libra

Moon in Libra

You are kind, sympathetic, agreeable, optimistic, fair, and very fond
of social pleasures. You are a considerate and thoughtful friend, and
have a real flair for making others feel accepted and appreciated. At
the same time you probably possess good reasoning powers and the
ability to form correct judgments. There is love of art and music with
perhaps decided ability as a performer. You have a need for people and
relationships. You avoid personal confrontations or any expression of
intense, unpleasant behavior or emotion. You strive for peace,
harmony, and perfect balance. You feel unsuited for menial physical
labor and you hate to get your hands dirty. Your desire to be liked
by everyone may cause you to seek peace at any price, thus you can be
evasive on issues due to your desire to keep the peace. You can be
quite vacillating and indecisive. You are much more at odds with
yourself than people would guess by looking at you from the outside.
It is sometimes very difficult for you to make up your mind because
you see all sides of any issue and you always want to be fair. You
must learn to stand up for your principles.

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