Moon In Leo

Moon in Leo

You are warm, generous, and loving in your affections and you bring
out great devotion and loyalty in your loved ones. You want to be
worshipped and adored like the king or queen you feel you are. You
want and need a partner you can be proud of and your own pride is very
important to you. You cannot love someone you don't respect and
aren't proud of. It is important to you that you feel recognized and
appreciated. Your feelings get hurt when you feel ignored. You
dislike emotional games and dishonesty. You are popular, generous,
dignified, loyal and ambitious and have a persevering, penetrating
mind with leadership and creative ability. You dramatize the events in
your life and your feelings. On the negative side, you may be ego-
oriented, vain and/or ostentatious with a tendency to wear your heart
on your sleeve.

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