Moon In Cancer

Moon in Cancer
You very easily respond to the emotional environment in which you are
placed. You soak up feelings like a sponge. Perhaps this is why you
so easily become moody, irritable and inconstant in thought and
feeling. Learning to control your own moods may be very difficult, yet
necessary, for you. Your greatest need is to nurture and mother
someone or ones. You often appear irrational to others because you
can't always explain the reason or source of your feelings. Anyone
who lives with you must accept your ups and downs and appreciate your
need for times of withdrawal. You are also very sympathetic and
understand the unspoken feelings and needs of others. You take
slights very personally and though you may forgive a mistake by a
friend or loved one, you never forget it. Security is very important
to you and you look for it in your home and family life. Your senses
and emotions are quite strong and it would be wise for you to listen
to your intuitive side as you can be quite psychic. You are very
tenacious and you do not give up or let go of things or people easily.
Your mother is/was a strong influence for good or ill in your life.
You are basically an introvert, but will do whatever it takes to
protect and defend your family or loved ones. You tend to be a pack-
rat because everything has an emotional memory behind it and you find
security in all those memories. Nothing or no one is ever gone if they
leave their memory behind. Thus, you can become quite possessive. You
have the memory of an elephant, but you must learn to forgive and
forget past hurts.

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