Mercury In 12 Signs

Mercury rules over

(1) education (2) horses (3) treasury (4) mathematics (5) wisdom (6) speech (7) Brahmin (8) infantry (9) writing (10) new garment 911) palatial building (12) green color (13) sculpture (14) astrology (15) pilgrimage to holy places (16) wise lectures (17) temple (18) trading (19) best ornaments (20) courteous speech (21) Vedanta philosophy (22) maternal grandfather (23) bad dreams (24) eunuch (25) facing North (26) skin (27) wet (28) bellmetal (29) renunciation (30) Ritu (season) (31) a beautiful house (32) doctor (33) neck (34) influencing through recitation of mantras (35) child (36) crooked look (37) heaven (38) modesty (39) paternal relation (40) fear (41) dancing (42) devotion (43) humorous temperament (44) powerful in the morning (45) Hemanta Ritu (46) stone to sharpen knives (47) tranquility (48) navel (49) family prosperity (50) mixed items (51) proficient in Telugu language (52) worship of lord Vishnu (53) Sudra (54) bird (55) after born (56) depth of a language (57) the Directions (58) Atharva Veda (59) religious action (60) tower (61) dust (62) garden (63) pudendum virile (64) even (65) benefic (66) moving in villages (67) impartial nature (68) fond of Northwest quarter (69) well versed in the legends of the past (70) specialist in grammar (71) expert in testing of the precious stones (72) a scholar (73) maternal uncle (74) sacred prayer (75) an amulet and (76) spells of a high order. [Jataka Parijata] Significations: speech, a young prince, has the lovely dark-green hue of Durva or bent grass, eunuch, benefic except when conjunct a malefic, a boy, the color green, alloy of metals, emerald, North, a pleasure-ground, mixed flavors, the element earth. Mercury has a person green as the blade of Durva or panic grass. He has a distinct articulation. He is spare and thin. He is the sovereign of those who are endowed with the quality of Rajas or passion. He is exceedingly fond of fun. He delights in damage. He has plenty of bile, phlegm and wind in his composition. He has a wealth of ready energy and is a sage. It is Mercury that influences one's learning, relatives in general, discrimination, maternal uncle, friends, speech and action. Mercury, when malefic, works much misery by producing wind imperceptibly in the regions of the privities and the stomach, by bringing of leprosy, indigestion, colic, diarrhoea and other diseases, and also through the instrumentality of spirits, the devoted servants of Vishnu of whom the leader is called Budha. Mercury is mighty in Kanya and Mithuna, in his weekday, in his own Varga, in Dhanus, when without the Sun, by day as well as by night, in his northern passage (that portion of the ecliptic which lies to the north of the Equator), and in the middle of a sign. He invariably promotes fame, strength and prosperity if he be in the rising sign. Mercury is the Karaka(significator) of the 4th and 10th house. Mercury is harmful when placed in the 4th house. The Sun and Venus are friends of Mercury. Saturn, Jupiter and Mars are his neutrals, and the Moon is his enemy.

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