Meena Pisces

People with Pisces rising tend to be sensitive, compassionate,
empathic, weak-willed, long-suffering, day-dreamy, procrastinating,
plastic, impressionable, impractical, indecisive, psychic,
sentimental, romantic, idealistic, affectionate, easy-going, lazy, not
concerned with the practical day-to-day affairs of life, absent-
minded, and in search for the Holy Grail. At times you are too absent
from focused awareness of the present. You may dream through life
rather than live it. There may be involvement in music or dance or
drugs. You may have a lonesomeness that nothing in the outer world
can remedy. Being alone at times is an absolute necessity for you.
The vibrations of this earth plane may be difficult at times for your
sensitive body and spirit to withstand. You are very sensitive to the
conditions of your surroundings and can be like a psychic sponge,
absorbing all that is around you, for good or ill. You are very
likeable, but you need to learn how to be more practical and down-to-
earth and how to concentrate your energies on the here and now. You
must serve others in this life, but must learn not to be taken
advantage of or fall for everyone's sob story. Spiritual lesson to
learn: Perseverance. Jupiter and Neptune both rule Pisces so Jupiter
and Neptune will be important in your chart.

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