Meaning Of Arudha

Arudha means the “risen one”. While one’s abilities and intelligence live inside one and one’s scores in examinations, awards and trophies etc “rise” in the material world out of the abilities and intelligence. The “risen ones” are what manifest materially and what the world can see. So the 5th house shows real abilities and intelligence, while the arudha of 5th shows awards, trophies and scores in contests etc. Arudha of each house shows what exists physically which the world can see and which rises from the matters of the house.
(1) Count signs from the sign containing the planet of interest to the stronger sign owned by it. Counting is in the zodiacal direction always. For example, if the planet we are interested in is Sun and he is Gemini, we count signs from Gemini to Leo and get 3.
(1) Count the same number of signs from the stronger sign owned and find the ending sign. In the above example, we count 3 signs from Leo and we end up in Libra.
(1) Exception: If the sign found thus in step (4) is in the 1st or 7th from the original sign containing the planet, then we take the 10th sign from the sign found in step (4). Otherwise we don’t make any change.

(1) The resulting sign contains the arudha pada of the planet of interest.

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