Mars In Scorpio
Mars in Scorpio
You are extremely strong-willed and you pursue your goals and desires
with passionate dedication and determination. You are capable of
total concentration and tremendous discipline, and you are very
difficult to influence once your mind is made up. When you want
something, you can be very one-sided and almost obsessed with it. You
tend to be secretive and you do not want others to know what your
plans are. You tend to be instinctive, perceptive, determined,
strong-willed, stubborn and magnetic. You have deep emotions and may
occasionally show a primitive side. You need to learn self-discipline
or your desire nature will rule your life, probably causing great
sorrow in the end. You must learn to control your jealousy and
possessiveness in matters of love. A certain amount of detachment in
relationships would probably be good and this, of course, would
include your tendency to treat loved ones as possessions. You are
very forceful in a quiet and subtle way and others may have difficulty
in seeing or understanding your motives. You can manipulate people in
a way that is not obvious to them or others. Direct confrontation
with others is not your preferred style. You like operating behind the
scenes. In any case, you are a formidable opponent when riled. In
matters of health, there may be a tendency towards hemorrhoids.
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