Mars In Aries

Mars in Aries
You are aggressive, pioneering, adventurous, and always on the outlook
to start new projects. You hate restraint and don't like to be told
to do something or how to do it. You want to lead, not follow. At
times you can be headstrong, impulsive, and impatient. Waiting is not
something that appeals to you. You go after what you want with great
zeal and you do not take "no" for an answer. You love competition and
anything that allows you to test or prove yourself. Cooperation is not
your strong suit and you can be very self-willed, self-absorbed, and
selfish at times. The "me-first" attitude is strong in you. You are
self-reliant and hate depending or relying on others. You need to be
your own person and do things your way, even if it might not be the
best way. Your best talent is in getting things off the ground
quickly. If initial success does not come quickly, you may get tired
of that project and move to the next. Sustaining is not your strong
side. Long term efforts are not as appealing to you as quick, short
term affairs that you can finish with quickly so you can start
something else. Energy and enthusiasm are your strong side. Self-
control is important for you to learn so you don't burn out. Physical
activity and keeping in shape appeals to you. You may be prone to
accidents due to haste. You need to learn to stick to a project until
it is finished before rushing off on a new endeavor. You must learn to
control your temper and impulsiveness.

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