Mars In 12 Signs


(1) Prowess (2) land (3) strength (4) carrying arms for the battle (5) kingship (6) loss of virility (7) thief (8) battle (9) hostility (10) enemy (11) generosity (12) love for deep red color things (13) owning a garden (14) sound of a trumpet (15) affection (16) quadruped (17) king (18) fool (19) anger (20) going to a foreign country (21) firmness (22) supporter (23) fire (24) controversy (25) bile (26) heat (27) wound (28) service under a ruler (29) day (30) sky (31) seeing (32) shortness (33) disease (34) fame (35) tin (36) sword (37) lance or spear (38) minister (39) fracture of a limb (40) jewel (41) praying to God Subrahmanya (42) youth (43) pungent (44) Dubar Hall (45) earthen pots (46) obstacles (47) flesheater (48) calumniating others (49) victory over enemy (50) bitter (51) strong at the end of the night (52) gold (53) summer season (54) valor (44) enemy's strength (56) profundity of character (57) strength (58) man (59) tendency (60) God Brahma (61) axe (62) forester (63) Village headman (64) state inspection (65) pain while passing urine (66) square (67) goldsmith (68) rogue (69) burnt place (70) good dinner (71) leanness (72) deft in archery (73) blood (74) copper (75) a beautiful cloth (76) facing South (77) inclining towards South (78) desire (79) anger (80) scandal (81) house (82) an army commander (83) Sataghni, a weapon (84) a tree (85) Sama Veda (86) brother (87) spade or hatchet (88) looking after the wild animals (89) independence (90) persistency (91) land (92) judge (93) serpent (94) world (95) speech (96) fickle mindness (97) mounting a vehicle (98) sight of blood (99) coagulation of blood, all these and many more things have been credited by the wise as belonging to Mars. [Jataka Parijata] Significations: strength, the commander-in-chief, male, strongly malefic, a child, the color reddish, gold, coral, South, a fire place, bitter, the element fire. Mars has fierce eyes, a youthful appearance and generous disposition. He has bile in his composition, and is exceedingly fickle. He has a slender waist. His limbs are fine and of a reddish hue. He is energetic and lustful, and his tendencies are towards the quality of Thamas or darkness. It is through Mars that a person can ascertain his own courage, disease, characteristic qualities, younger brother, lands, foes and blood (paternal) relations. Mars, when malefic, quickly causes fear by a swelling of the scrotum phlegm, weapons, fire, knotty tumors, boils and such diseases as are born of indigence, and also through the instrumentality of Siva's heroic hosts and the terrific forms of that deity. Mars has abundant strength in his own weekday, in his Navamsa, in his Drekkana, in the signs Meena, Vrischika, Kumbha, Makara and Mesha, during night time, in his retrograde movements, when he is in the southern quarter, and also in the initial portion of a sign. He gives property when he is in the 10th house from the Lagna and also when he is in Kataka. Mars is the Karaka(significator) of the 3rd and 6th house. Mars friends are the Sun, the Moon, and Jupiter. Mercury is his enemy. Venus and Saturn are neutrals to him.


It is Face of Mars

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