Live Effects Of Stars

How stars make effects in life?

Find beauty of Wife

Ascendant is Taurus,Venus having place in 4th house,Mercury and Rahu in fifth house Sun in sixth house Mars in 8th house,Moon and Saturn in 9th house Jupiter in 10th house and Ketu in 11th house. This birth belongs to a person and we can find the beauty of his wife.For wife's beauty we have to examine the second (face) house from 7th (wife) i.e. the 8th house contains the red Mars and its lord Jupiter is fully aspect ed by the significator of beauty viz.,Venus.The 8th house from Moon also standing for the face of wife contains the beautiful Venus and aspected by benfic Jupiter who also fully aspects Sun by ninth Drishti.Lord of the fourth house.Benfic and beautifying influence on the face of the wife thus assures a good looking face to her.

Find Position of birth place.

Ascendant is Aries,Rahu having place in first house,Moon and Saturn in third house,Venus and ketu in 7th house,Sun in 8th house,Mercury and Mars in ninth house and Jupiter in 12th house.The birth of native took place near a government place.The surroundings at birth can reasonably by supposed to relate to the first house,sice that house deals with all matters connected with birth. Now government place is represented by two planets viz. Sun and Mercury.Here Mars the lord of the first house is simultaneously the lord of the sign occupied by Sun and as such is in touch with symbols of Government places. Mars located with Mercury again stressing the same fact.Mars aspects the Chandra Lagana and is also influencing Mercury,lord of the Chandra lagana thus with reference to Chandra lagana too birth denotes the influence of Government place.

Birth in Mother's house

Ascendant is Aries Sun and Venus in first house Mars and Mercury in 2nd house,Rahu in third house,Saturn in fourth house Moon in fifth house Jupiter and Ketu in Ninth house.This birth chart stated by prediction to have been born in his mother's house.This is again a matter where the problem require the study of the influence on Lagana factors.Mars lord of the Lagana fully aspects Moon (mohter) and the lord of the sign occupied by Moon influences Lagana by location.There is thus a mutual link between the first house (birth) and the 4th house (mother) indicating birth in mother's house.Considering the problem from the Chandra Lagana,we see that Mars lord of the 4th house aspects the Chandra Lagana while the lord of the Chandra Lagana i.e. Sun is in association with Venus,lord of the sign occupied by Mars.Here again intimate relation is eatablished between the birth house and the mother's house thereby confirming the truth of the statement in regard to the birth having taken place in the mother's house.

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