Lagan celebration is must before marriage.It celebrate before 15 or 7 days time before marriage.Relational members of girl side makes approach with boy side's family members and other friends and old persons.In the goods of lagan require one parat (Metal made big pot),11 nos. cloth bundles called Than,and much fruits,much sweets,much dry fruits kitchen ware and money as per before discussions with both side.
First family members of boy side gives full arrangement of breakfast and staying facilities to girl's side members.Then in the evening time full members from boy side called before, they start to come on the door of boy.Then tea coffee soft breakfast etc. serves to those members,after this all,members of girl's side present on door of boy,and start lagan.
Pandit gives supports of mantra chanting,some rituals as per vedic method complete and goods of lagan start to show by the members of girl's side members.The handover full goods to boy by the helps of other members of boy side.
In time when boy take goods from girl side,ladies of boy side start to sing lagan song "Mere Raghunandan phoole na samaay,lagan aayee hare hare" and after completing this work of lagan, head of the family members goes in side of home and they start to count money that given by girl side,if before settled money presented there,then lagan will declared by Barber,like "Ek thal gyarah than mithai phal do lakh rupya lagan me chadhe hain.,chandi ke bartan chandi se madha nariyal chandi se madhi supadi bhee shamil hain" by this talk means lagan expected by boys family members,and next program will start like feeding to members of both side by the sweets pudi vegitables and other type related food.

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