Ketu In 12 Signs


(1) Worship of God Chandeesa, God Ganesha and many other gods (2) doctor (3) dog (4) a cock (5) vulture (6) salvation (7) all kinds of wealth (8) consumption (9) pain (10) fever (11) bathing in the Holy Ganges (12) great penance (13) wind (14) a Hunter (15) friendship (16) conferring of prosperity (17) stone (18) wound (19) witchcraft (20) inconstancy (21) knowledge of Brahma (22) belly (23) eye sore (24) stupidity (25) thorn (26) deer (27) knowledge (28) observing silence as a fast (29) philosophy (30) all sorts of luxuries (31) luck (32) trouble form enemies (33) loss of appetite (34) indifference to the world (35) paternal grandfather (36) hunger (37) severe stomachache (38) boils and the like skin troubles (39) revolving the orders of arrest and (42) the association of Sudra. [Jataka Parijata] Significations: Ketu has a variegated aspect, a person of a hundred years, turkois ,the corners of a house. And Ketu causes the affliction by the itch, by an outbreak of smallpox, by machinations of enemies, by diseases in general and by the instrumentality of low outcast hordes. One ought to guess about one's maternal grandfather through Ketu. Ketu dominates over the concluding portion of Kanya, Vrishabha, Dhanus, the nighttime generally and over a birth occurring at a period of any striking phenomenon such as an eclipse.

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