We interface with our world through our five senses – hearing, smell, touch, sight and taste – but they have their limitations. Our sense of taste can only judge sour, bitter and sweet and that is no way exhaustive of the flavours in the world. Our sense of smell is no better. A dogs sense of smell is very acute and sensitive, it can pick out a scent left days ago by another animal, yet we cannot. Similarly our sense of hearing only aids us when a sound has a frequency of between 32 vibrations a second to around 40,000. There are innumerable sounds beyond both limits that we know nothing about. In the electro-magnetic spectrum the visible range is but a very small portion of it. We only know the shades and mixtures between the red and violet part, but the spectrum extends towards the infrared and radio waves in one direction and the ultraviolet and x-rays towards the other, the vast majority of it we will never know. The whole world as it is, seven–eights of it is beyond our senses and perception. And then, Guru Nanak Dev Ji said in the Japuji Sahib “There are hundreds upon thousands of nether and upper regions which ordinary humans cannot perceive, the Vedas and the Puranas have grown weary of trying to know them. But they ultimately agree that He Himself knoweth of these things who has created them.”

During the night when the physical body sleeps, man’s astral mind floats away. Distances mean nothing, gravity is ineffective as man’s astral body moves by desire, and the moment he desires to to someplace, he reaches it. When one sleeps and moves in the realm of Dharam Khand one may see relatives long dead who now occupy this plane. One finds that one can go any place just be desiring it, create things, meet people just by desiring it. Man can work and live in the physical world only as long as he has a physical body. Once the body dies his contact with the physical world is broken and his consciousness now passes to the next plane. Here the desires of his mind are still intact – sensual gratification, the pleasures of women, wine and wealth – all these desires still persist but since his physical body now does not exist the desires cannot be gratified. The more his attachment, desires and ignorance, the greater his pain, for man’s consciousness has not risen past material attachment. Guru Nanak Dev Ji writes, that man gets what he deserves according to his actions when in the physical world.

Karmi Karmi hoe vishar
Sucha aap sucha darbar
Tithai sohan panch parvan
Nadri karam pavai nishan
Kach pakai othai pai
Nanak gaya japai jae.
Pauri 34, Japuji Sahib.

Everybody is judged according to their actions. For He is true and His court is true – meaning that there is no favouritism or victimisation. Everyone gets is how due. In the very midst of worldly things, yet we cannot enjoy them. Here the elect are accepted and honoured, thereby they do not stay here long. Everyone is marked according to his actions, raw or cooked as one has prepared oneself , one will accordingly be judged.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji explains these realms or Khands in the morning prayer, Japuji Sahib.

Dharam Khand

This is the khand where our soul goes to after death. This is where Dharam Rai is stationed. Almost every religion explains this khand in some form or the other. Dharam Rai has an army of millions jammdoots who control the whole Dharam Khand. There are countless seasons, waters, fires, fires and low-lands like Pataal. Amidst such wide variety of things is the land of Dharam Khand. There countless kind of creatures reside. The length of ones stay in Dharam Khand is determined by the strength of the desires and attachments one possesses. Once the futility of holding on to earthly desires dawns, either through self experience or through the guidance of an enlightened soul one moves on into what some call Summerland but Guru Nanak Dev Ji calls Gian Khand.

Gian Khand

Gian Khand is also a place of desires, but the desires here are more abstract then material. The artist given to the painting of beauty, the musicians and poets who want earn fame and admiration and the devotees who are intensely desirous of meeting the objects of their worship and devotion. All these souls find here a fertile land for play and development of their imaginations. They shape their surroundings as they like just by desiring it. Everybody who resides here is a victim of his or her desires.

Kete pavan pani besantar kete kan mahaes
Kete Braham gharat ghariah, rupe rang kay vase
Ketia karam bhumi, mer kete kete dhu updhase
Kete ind chand, su kete kete mundel dhase
Kete sidhu buddha naath kete kete devi vase
Kete dev danav mun kete kete rattan samundh
Ketia khani ketia bani kete paat narind
Ketia surti sevek kete Nanak ant na ant.
Pauri 35, Japuji Sahib.

Gian khand meh gian parchand
Tithai naad binod kode anand.
Pauri36, Japuji Sahib.

In Gian Khand there are many waters, fires, mountains and lands. Many Krishnas and Shivas fashion the world with shapes and colours. There are many Sidhas, Buddhas and Nathas, there are many gods and saints. There are many who possess divine understanding and many who are only disciples. In Gian Khand it is knowledge that predominates. Here one hears songs that produce endless joy and pleasure. In these worlds there arenot just those who are evolving and progressing upwards but those who are fully evolved and possess full knowledge but come down to help and uplift the inhabitants. There are also many false gods, but there are also many Krishnas and Shivas too, who come down to help.

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