Jupiter In 12 Signs


(1) Brahmin (2) Guru (3) one's duty (4) Chariot (5) cow (6) infantry (7) savings (8) Meemamsa (9) treasure (10) horse (11) curd, etc. (12) large body (13) Valor (14) reputation (15) logic (16) astrology (17) son (18) grandson (19) dropsy (20) wealth of elephants (21) philosophy (22) great grand-fathers (23) palacial house (24) gems (25) eldest brother (26) grandfather (27) Lord Indra (28) cold season (29) wrath (30) jewel (31) merchant (32) physical health (33) a beautiful mansion (34) royal honor (35) thigh (36) Gods (37) penance (38) charity (39) religious duty (40) helping others (41) impartiality (42) facing North (43) circular (44) yellow color (45) moving in villages (46) North (47) close friend (48) swinging (49) orator (50) fat (51) old garment (52) a new house (53) happiness (54) old (55) Mantras (56) twice born (57) holy water (58) knee (59) movement in heaven (60) a house granting all comforts (61) intellect (62) proficiency in learning (63) literature (64) tower (65) charming an audience (66) throne (67) installation of God Brahma (68) strong at all times (69) month (70) Vessels (71) Lapis Lazuli (72) fruits of Agnisthoma rite (73) sweet juice (74) being Good (75) happiness (76) misery (77) length (78) gentleness (79) reading other's mind (80) gold (81) ornamentation (82) device (83) wind (84) phlegm (85) topaz (86) vedic text (87) brilliancy (88) softness (89) a stone (90) worship of lord Shiva (91) performing one's religious duties and (92) travelling in a well-decorated carriage, all these are assigned to Jupiter. [Jataka Parijata] Significations: knowledge and happiness, counselor, has a body of yellowish hue, male, benefic, a person of 30 years, the color yellowish,silver, topaz, North-East, a treasury, sweet, the element ether(space). Jupiter possesses a big-bellied body; his color is yellow. He is of a phlegmatic temperament. He possesses all virtues, and is endowed with an aptitude for every science. His eyes and hair are brown. He possesses the quality of goodness or purity. He is exceedingly intelligent. His person is graced with marks of royalty not to be despised. One ought to conjecture about one's own genius, wealth, physical development, sons and knowledge by referring to Jupiter. Jupiter, when malefic, causes sorrow due to the evil effects of maledictions uttered by preceptors, Gods, parents and such other venerable people and Brahmins as well as the disease of the spleen. Jupiter is powerful in Meena, Vrischika, Dhanus and Kataka, in his own Varga and weekday, at midday, in his passage to the north of the Equator, in the middle of a sign, in Jumbha, as also in his depression sign. He gives much wealth when in the rising sign, in the fourth as well as in the 10th house from the Lagna. Jupiter is the Karaka(significator) of the 2nd,5th,9th10th and 11th house. Jupiter is harmful when placed in the 5th house. The Sun, Mars and the Moon are the friends of Jupiter. His enemies are Venus and Mercury, Saturn is neutral to him.

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