Illness Removing

Removing Negative Energy

When a child is continue weeps,When mind of a female always in flicker,When you forget your usable things in home,When your telephone rings for the collections of money or dues from banks,When your mind thinks to move from world,it means there are something presented in your living or working area,it is negative energy ! for removing negative energy from house or working place,arrange sea salt,or sea water,fill that in the dark blue pot or plastic mug,put in dark place or corner in home or in the working place.See effects people of living area,start to fight,it means negative energy going out side.

Removing Black Magic

There are many diseases progressing in family,Everyone feels weakness,feeding is not proper,heavy tensions are presented,living house so cold,many burdens hits mind morning to evening,not proper sleep in rest time,sexualtiy increase,family members are silance,no laughing in home,everyone is thinking about talk of the family,abusing power increased of elder persons of family,wine and meat continue,children not want to stay in home,it means your home hiting by black magic.Take sea salt,and mix in water,wash home by the salty water,lit a green candle on alter,prey to God;

O God you have super power,
Give me strength,
Remove Black Magic from House,
Give health,wealth to family members.

Also burn a insense stick,open all the door and windows of home,feel the strength of God is entering in home,do this continuesly nind days.

Removing Disease

At time of Mid day,go near ill person,see his of her face,see full body like a doctor,feel in mind toes of illed person moving up and down,if toes start moving,it means you can remove illness of that person,toch his or her forhead by your ten fingers,of both hand,say with loud voice;
"Hastabhyam Das Shaakhyaabhyaam Jivha Vacha Purogavi,
Anamituniyabhyam Twap Tabhyam Tuyopi Sprsamashi"—Rigveda.

My both hands having ten fingers,
Those are ten branches of both hands,
Ten fingers like ten angles,
I have one toung
Toung saying words,
By touching forhead,
Illness pass-out from the body,
Body is the image of a holy soul,
O Holy Soul !
Wash out illness.

After saying these words,quick touch floor of that room from ten fingers,and feel illness is passing through your body.Do this ten times and see results.

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