How Win A Lottery

How we can win Lottery?

If we have our date of birth and time of birth with place of birth,then we can understand the time of wining lottery.There are four type of wining lottery,first by the self wining,second by spouse wining,third by helps of working fields,and fourth by the helps to making rituals,it all can we calculate by the helps of Vdic Astrology.

Who is responsable for providing money through lottery?

The second house is the house of physical or metrial wealth,from second fourth is fifth house is the quick money gains house,and 8th house always supports to take a risk about wining lottery,ninth related to luck,11th gives light to find situations.If there are second house reflacting with lord of fifth,and fifth lord having connectivities with lord of ninth house,then 11th gives situations about the money.It all we can find by the time of Kalchakra Dasha,this dasha (time of house) always runs by the time of birth sign,and birth sign related to body and name.if fifth lord in the time of fifth house by Kalchakra Dasha,in second house,and lord of fifth house in the house of 11th,it means sure time of wining lottery.

This formula can not fail !

Fifth house is the house of qucik gains,third house is the house of easy find money,second house is the house of metrial wealth,sixth house is the house of others money,eleventh house is the house of satishfaction.In horary astrology or in birth chart,make sign of lottery to fifth house,and from fifth house see the position of 6th,7th,10th,and 3rd.6th is the second of fifth,7th is the third of fifth,10th is the sixth of fifth,and 3rd house is the 11th house of the fifth.

Example of fifth house.

This chart is a Vedic Chart,YOu can count houses from right to left from Asc. the fifith house is the Asc of Lottery.

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