Goodwill And Patronage Of Others

Jupiter is the master of knowledge, and if a person has good knowledge about world and can deals troubles of human life, always in helps to others and supports in matters those always make tensions to others,it means that person gains goodwill. Patronage means making helps to others,in the matters of food,in the matters of living,and in the matters of life saving things.You can know more about goodwill.
Fame is must for the goodwill,and you can know about fame by this calculation.

Calculation of goodwill by Jupiter.

Here is a birth chart of Leo ascendant is stated by the astrology as a man of high fame.The factors of fame are the lagana and the 10th house, and of course their lord together with Sun and Jupiter.This would be clear from the following shloka No. 103 from chapter 11 of Sarvarth Chintamani that:-
" Pape vilagne patau saraahau kendra sthiti karmani paap khete neech grahe lagn gateark driste dushkeertiyukt: sa bhavettadaaneem".

If the lord of lagana is associated with Rahu and a malefic planet,the 10th house or the horoscope is occupied by a malfic planet,and there is a neech planet in the lagana aspected by the Sun, The native gets defamed and dishonored.

It is obvious that when these factors are strong in a horoscope,the man or woman will be famous and honourd.Now a strong Jupiter and a stronger Moon influence of Jupiter and Moon on the 10th house and its lord. Thus all the factores for the fame and honour are strong and therefore, bestow these desirable qualities.The fact that Sun and Venus,lords of the 1st and 10th houses respectively are in their sign of debilitation should be ignored in view of the strong and benefic aspect of the friendly planets,for says parasar too.

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