Functional Nature

We learnt that Jupiter, Venus, waxing Moon and well-associated Mercury are natural benefics. We learnt that Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, waning Moon and ill-associated Mercury are natural malefics. In addition, we have the concept of functional benefics and functional malefics.

The lords of trines from lagna are functional benefics. The lords of 3rd, 6th and 11th are functional malefics. The lord of a quadrant is a functional malefic if he is a natural benefic and functionally neutral if he is a natural malefic. The lords of 2nd, 8th and 12th are functionally neutral. Of these, the 8th house is more malefic than the other two.

Planet owning a quadrant and a trine becomes a yogakaraka (excellent planet).

In the case of planets owning two rasis, we need to judiciously combine the two indications. The list of yogakarakas, functional benefics, functional neutrals and functional malefics for each lagna is given in Table 10. Moon is not listed for movable rasis, because his functional nature depends on whether he is waxing or waning. Waxing Moon is a natural benefic and he becomes a functional malefic with quadrant ownership. Waning Moon, on the other hand, is a natural malefic and quadrant ownership makes him functionally neutral.

Table 10: Functional nature of planets

Lagna Yoga karaka Functional Benefics Functional neutrals Functional malefics
Ar — Sun, Mars, Jupiter — Mercury, Venus, Saturn
Ta Saturn Sun, Mercury, Saturn Mars Moon, Jupiter, Venus
Ge — Venus Moon, Mercury, Saturn Sun, Mars, Jupiter
Cn Mars Moon, Mars, Jupiter Sun, Saturn Mercury, Venus
Le Mars Sun, Mars, Jupiter Moon Mercury, Venus, Saturn
Vi — Mercury, Venus Sun, Saturn Moon, Mars, Jupiter
Li Saturn Mercury, Venus, Saturn — Sun, Mars, Jupiter
Sc — Moon, Jupiter Sun, Mars Mercury, Venus, Saturn
Sg — Sun, Mars Moon, Mercury, Jupiter Venus, Saturn
Cp Venus Venus, Mercury, Saturn Sun Mars, Jupiter
Aq Venus Venus, Saturn Sun, Mercury Moon, Mars, Jupiter
Pi — Moon, Mars Jupiter Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn
A functional benefic is a favorable planet in a chart. Placement of a functional benefic in quadrants (sustenance) and trines (prosperity) brings good results. Placement of a functional malefic in these houses is not good, unless it is very strong. A functional malefic placed in the 3rd house and dusthanas (6th, 8th and 12th houses) brings good results, by spoiling the significations of the bad houses.

If a planet aspects or conjoins or owns HL and lagna, it becomes a yogada (giver of yoga) in money matters. If a planet aspects or conjoins or owns GL and lagna, it becomes a yogada in the matters of power and authority. Irrespective of their functional nature, planets that become yogada bring goodluck. Similarly, planets involved in important yogas also bring good luck.

We should consider the inherent nature and the functional nature of planets. Whether a planet is a natural benefic or a natural malefic is analogous to whether a person is inherently good or bad. Whether a planet is a functional benefic or a functional malefic is analogous to whether a person does good or bad to one. Just as a nice person may harm one and a bad person may do good, natural benefics can become functional malefics and natural malefics can become functional benefics.

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