The Earth
The name of earth in the Vedas like Dhara,Dharati,Dharani,Prithvi,Seven parts described by Vedas,like Tala,Vitala,Sutala,Talatal,Mahatal,Patala,Rasatala.We are living on Tala,First lair of earth is Rasatala,(soil with water).Vital is Air area of earth,Mahatala is Sea area,Patala is Under soil area,Vitala is heated soiled area.45 elements (Devas) are always saving to earth,those are Agini (fire),Parjanya ( Humidity),Jayanta ( Prospirity),Indra (Luxury),Soorya (Sun),Satya (Truth),Bhrasha (softness),Akasha (Sky),Vayu (Air),Poosha (Megnetic rays of things),Anrata (Always in work),Grahakshata (Continue destrying power),Yama (Ruler of living and dead souls),Gandharva (Voice of world),Bhrangaraj ( Deep sound in body),Mriga ( Mind's trevele),Pitara (History),Dauvarika (Daily changing),Sugriva ( Comunications),Pukshaydanta ( Power),Varuna (Water),Asura ( Wastage feeder),Shesha (More works by one mind),Rajyakshama (Slowly destroying method for livings),Roga (discrasing Power),Ahi (Snake-Poisoned power),Aditi (Birth door of power),Diti (maintain power after birth).Lord of directions near by Gods are Ishana (Power of peace),Agni (Power of Heat),Nitriti (Power of stabilty),Vayavya (Power of wind),near sub Gods are presenting these Devas Aapa (Differnet type of water),Savitra (Different type of Soil),Jaya (different type of name),Rudra (Different type of death),The power of Brhma (Father of Nature),having these type cooperations,Aryama (Different types of light),Savita (Different images of Sun in different times),Vivaswaan (Different types of Souls),Vivudhipa (Different types of using water for blood),Mitra (different types helping things for livings),Rajyakshama (Different types illness for punishment of livings),Prthvidhara (Different types of land lord,for care nature),Apavatsa (different types of mixers of water in hidden ways like oxygen).

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